Psychopomp is a Pearlsapien from pitch black planet called Terraina. Pearlsapiens are speed creatures. They teleport them from one place to another. Terraina develops an ability to orbit the star at a ultra-speed like Kinet. Pearlsapien are like Rath, they fight. Ben is able to control Pearlsapien's appoplexy. He is the seventh alien to be used.


Psychopomp is a metallic alien which can teleport, gifted with the Book of Nature. HE has wheels like XLR8 and pincers like Brainstorm's.


Prestopomp appears more like XLRwolf. He can go in create speed and howl.

Ultimate Psychopomp

After the Season 2 finale, Ben gains Ultratrix and gains Ultimate Psychopomp.


As a speed creature, He can travel in great speed or teleport. He can also cause tornadoes in a split second revealed in Episode of "Split Second". He is also able to fire multiple rocks.


He can't stand a chance against Vilgax, he was hit almost shattered to pieces. He lacks agility and can only speed up.

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