"What are YOU looking at, smiley?!" -Bomb Beetle VS Psycho Spider.

Psycho Spider is part of Terroranchula's Species.

It can only be used from the Nemetrix.


Shares the same appearance as Terroranchula.

A four limbed hairy legged arachnid with a long abdomen, a head with a feline-like mouth jaw, four pincers, the lower pincers and upper pincers are both different.


Forcefield Webs: Prevents explosive slime balls from rolling towards it. The webbing dissolves the sphere in contact.

Sharp Claws


Wall Climbing



Webbing can be neutralized by electric absorbing aliens.

Stronger Aliens



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  • The reason why I named my Terroranchula Psycho Spider is because, well have you seen its face.
  • Steve Blum has done snarling animals before.
  • I thought giving it Hyena sounds effects make it REALLY creepy.

From AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

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