General Information
Species Human-Mutant
Age 19
Residence New Haven (Destroyed)
Class 3
Status Alive
Affiliations New Haven/Mutant Kind (Formerly)
Occupations Assassin (Formerly)
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Energy Manipulation
Slight Durability
Mental Deception
Relatives Faith's Mother (Deceased)
Faith's Father (Unknown)
Friends Shadow Hound
First Appearance A Rainy Day
Voice Actor Grey DeLisle

Psyche is a character in the series, Mutant Drake.


Psyche appears as a young woman with black hair and pale green eyes. She wears a worn out red coat over a black dress with a thin belt strapped around her waist. The bottom of the dress' skirt is shredded and she has ripped, black stockings above her tall, black boots.


Psyche, at first, had a regular-toned personality. Her behavior seemed balanced and she was a bit snarky in her dialogue. When she started doing tasks on her own, she felt more open and started acting more true to her own nature, or at least, the nature she believed she had which was wicked and overall pretty wild. She's also very manipulative, using her personal issues against her opponents despite being emotional weakened by her tragic situation. She could also come off as flirty which only further complicates her. However, after releasing her true self and letting go of Ryden's grasp over her, she let go of her more sociopathic tendencies and focused on being her true self. 

Powers and Abilities

Being a Mutant, Psyche has special abilities that gives her the power of energy manipulation which can act in several different ways. One of them being offensive which, upon impact, harms the object she's aiming at, while another could be used defensively, protecting her from attacks. Psyche also has the ability to manipulate others, both naturally and with her powers. Naturally, she can manipulate someone using her own personal tragedies against her opponents but, with her powers, she can use her energy manipulation to cause a small mental deception, providing enough details to convince others that she is someone else; this can be used as a stealthy disguise to blend in or a way to decieve others.



During the Incident


Traveling with Oscar

On the Run

Working with Ryden

Ryden's Assault

Bitter Companions

Becoming Unstable



Mutant Drake


  • Psyche's appearance was based off of Scarlet Witch's appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Her name, Psyche, was meant to be similar to Jinx.
  • Pscyhe was meant to have a crush on Drake upon meeting him at first but it wasn't really added in as it seemed to have conflicted with her possibly being a young adult and him definitely being a teenager. She does, however, flirt with Drake on some occasions.
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