General Information
Species Psioknight
Home World Psionith
Body Short, Horned Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Psychokinesis
Enhanced Speed
Classification Fauna
First Appearance Introduction

Psikick is an alien from Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed.


Psikick's abilities include:

  • Psychokinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Strong Kicks


Psikick is a short, orange and red alien with four fingers, long legs, and a ball-shaped head. He has four horns, and a single eye split into three separate sections, each having its own pupil.


Aside from his legs, Psikick isn't particularly strong or durable, and his arms are practically useless for anything other than balancing.

Planet and Species Information

Psikick is a Psioknight from the planet Psionith. Psioknights are a rather unsociable species, preferring to be left alone to their research, and are often quite hostile towards anyone who interrupts their work. Their drive for knowledge is strong to a fault, even going so far as to genetically engineer their legs so that they could get from project to project faster.

Psionith itself is an ancient planet, one of the oldest in the galaxy, and has had more than its fair share of catastrophic impacts. To prevent the planet from coming apart, the Psioknights implemented a metal 'skeleton' under the planet's crust, holding it together by force. The surface of the planet was once rather rocky and barren, but has been terraformed by the Psioknights into a modernistic garden of sorts. The wide variety of plants produce a large amount of oxygen, keeping the Psioknights' muscles and brain in peak condition, though a human spending too long in the atmosphere would most likely get oxygen poisoning.

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