General Information
Species Hypno-Reapo
Home World Diactolysus
Body humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities telepathy
mind control
retractable blades
astral projection

Pscythe is a Hypno-Reapo from the planet Diactolysus.It is unknown in which series he appears,but he is likely to appear in the series Weird William.


Pscythe has a humanoid body,with blades that resemble scythes,instead of hands.Spikes protrude from his arms,waist and larger ones from his back.He is blue and black in color.He has two normal eyes and a third eye made up of psychic energy.To describe him briefly,he surely is a weird alien.

Powers and Abilities

As his name suggests,he has psychic abilities and two retractable blades,which looks like scythes.He has the ability to read the minds of others and can also communicate with them mentally.He can leviate objects
Pscythe diff pose

Pscythe in action

as well as living beings.He can teleport quickly,as he'll be gone in less than a blink of the eye!He can also make his opponents' soul, go to the astral plane and also controls the astral plane.He himself can go to the astral plane if needed,as they say that he "doesn't have a soul".Other than his psychic abilities,he has the two retractable blades that can slash even the hardest of substance and also any intangible being.


  • Pscythe is likely to appear in the Weird william series.
  • His name is the play of the two words 'psychic' and 'scythe'.
  • He is the alien fit for both physical and psychological problems.
  • He has a somewhat 'frail' body-type.
  • It is stated that he '"doesn't have a soul" ,and is probably the only alien in the universe to exist like that.
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