Prypiatosian-B is the race that for some reason have Russian accents to which P'andor belongs. In P'andor and Honkey's quest for energy-onions, when Prypiatosian-Bs in their full power, they able to be extremely unstoppable and the song "Jukebox by Wawa" is heard, plus able to burn planets with ease   


True form of a Prypiatosian-B


Prypiatosian-Bs are humanoid aliens which radiate pure, red, radioactive energy around their bodies.

Powers and Abilities

The energy Prypiatosian-Bs radiate enables them to generate intense heat, and melt through solid metal and rock by merely touching it. They are capable of firing highly radioactive energy beams which can corrode and melt metallic objects. They can channel heat through the ground, resulting in a massive geyser of lava.

Prypiatosian-Bs can fly at high speeds.


A Prypiatosian-B's power is greatly reduced whilst they are in containment suit.

Prypiatosian-Bs constantly give off radiation, making them dangerous to teammates.


Prypiatosian-Bs feed by absorbing energy and the more they absorb, the bigger and stronger they become.

P'andor was shown actually eating uranium too.

Known Prypiatosians-B

Evolved Prypiatosian-B

Notable Prypiatosian-B Hybrids

  • Toxic Reapa 1/4 Mutant Prypiatosian-B
  • Dream Lord (in chimera form, 1/7 Prypiatosian-B)
  • Ultimate Aggergor (part Prypiatosian-B)
  • Ultimate Kevin (part Prypiatosian-B)


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