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Prototype: Genesis
Prototype Genesis
Type Miniseries
Creators ZeVikingSif
The Awesome Jack
Sci100 (story)
Migster7 (concept)
Episodes 9
Original Run August 12, 2015 - ???
Prototype: Genesis is a nine-episode mini-series serving as a reboot of the original Prototype. The show is part of Earth-12011. The series will air on August 12, 2015. It was created by ZeVikingSif, The Awesome Jack, and Cartoon44, with Sci100 serving as story editors, producers, advisors and staff writers.
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Early in Genesis's development, the series was stuck in "development hell" for a period of time. After the original Prototype was cancelled, ZeVikingSif tried to sell the rights. However, no one but Monitor071 wanted the franchise - Sif sold the rights to Monitor071, but only to see it fail. Months later, Sif contacted Monitor071 and decided to go back to the project. 

The series underent several revisions, even reusing ideas from the original Prototype. The series also had an alternative title, "Prototype: Genesys" in reference to the upcoming Terminator film. eventually Monitor071 was fired from the project. Cartoon44 was brought on as a replacement, resulting in more early ideas. Following the course of several months, the series appeared to be going nowhere with the ideas deemed inadequate.

Around April–May, Cartoon44 and ZeVikingSif had a conversation discussing the future of the franchise, and the options that the series could take. Sif brought up the idea of bringing Sci100 on board, but Cartoon44 disagreed. The next day after the meeting, Sif sought out Sci100, requesting him to "save" the franchise. Prototype: Genesis was discussed and fully planned as a nine-episode miniseries. After the details were fully planned, Sif approached and offered The Awesome Jack the chance to write Genesis, which he agreed to. Production started June 6, 2015 and is ongoing

On August 12, 2015 Sif released the pilot.


Hell is now your home... welcome home. You are gifted, we all are. The words "man" and "woman" mean nothing to you now. What you can do is above and beyond what came before you... but what did come before you? The answer is nothing. Nothing ever happened on any given day or time. You were born the moment you woke up here. Your mind is a blank slate controlling a god's body. You know nothing... but you can do everything. Have fun and stay in the dome.

This is the first chapter of the Prototype saga: Prototype: GENESIS

Long Synopsis



Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Dee Bradley Baker as "The Electric Man"
  • Michael B. Jordan as an unspecified character.
  • Melissa Hutchison as an unspecified character.

So far, these are the chapter airing and ending dates planned, and the episode table.

Chapter Episodes Chapter Premiere Chapter Finale
1 9 August 12, 2015 TBA
Series ep. # Chapter ep. # Title Written by Directed by Produced by

Original air date

01 1x01 "Pilot"

Story: ZeVikingSif, Cartoon44, The Awesome Jack & Sci100
Teleplay: ZeVikingSif, Cartoon44 & The Awesome Jack

ZeVikingSif Sci100 August 12, 2015
02 1x02 "No Man's Land" TBR TBR Sci100 TBR
03 1x03 TBR TBR TBR Sci100 TBR
04 1x04 TBR TBR TBR Sci100 TBR
05 1x05 TBR TBR TBR Sci100 TBR
06 1x06 TBR TBR TBR Sci100 TBR
07 1x07 TBR TBR TBR


08 1x08 TBR TBR TBR Sci100 TBR
09 1x09 TBR


TBR Sci100 TBR
  • An official twitter page had been created on August 24, 2015. 
Prototype Genesis - Title Card 1

Prototype Genesis - Title Card 1


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