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Prototrix is a machine in The Omni-Knights that was used by Paul to transform into aliens.

The Prototrix


Azmuth created it as the first prototype of the Omnitrix. It was stolen by Troconnuese and it landed in Medieval England. A wimp named Paul found it and he could transform into 6 aliens.


Prototrix is a primitive version of the Omnitrix, due to it being a prototype. It can only transform into aliens, not any other functions. Unlike the Omnitrix symbol, the Prototrix symbol has a diamond instead of a hourglass, which appears on other aliens too.

  • Can transform into 20 aliens (6 unlocked)
  • After the episode Dark Forces, a bit of the dark energy was left in the Prototrix. Azmuth fixed it up so that when Paul presses the Prototrix symbol, it would "darken" the aliens and give them Dark Forms. Only three aliens can do that.


  1. Flying Fish
  2. Lava Lamp
  3. Velocityraptor
  4. Electromagnet
  5. Icescream
  6. Forcefield
  7. Unknown Omni-Knights alien (he will appear in the season 1 final)
  8. Airbug (confirmed for season 2)
  9. Biohazard (confirmed for season 2)
  10. Mindswap (confirmed for season 2)
  11. Destroyer (confirmed for season 2)
  12. Driller (confirmed for season 3)
  13. Dimensional (confirmed for season 2)
  14. Cannonbolt (appeared in Arburia Attack, and will appear in season 3 too)
  15. Ditto (confirmed to appear in season 3)
  16. ChamAlien (confirmed to appear in season 3)
  17. Woodtail (confirmed to appear in season 3, also in Prisoner Vilgax)
  18. Unknown
  19. Unknown
  20. Unknown

Dark Forms

  1. Dark Forcefield
  2. Dark Icescream
  3. Dark Velocityraptor
  4. Dark Cannonbolt
  5. Dark Ditto (also confirmed for season 3)
  6. Dark Airbug (confirmed for season 2)
  7. Dark Unknown Alien (confirmed for season 2)

Absorbed aliens

These aliens were absorbed by the Prototrix, and are usable by Paul.

  1. Buzzshock (absorbed from a Megawhatt)


  • Every episode