General Information
Species Chemahomach
Home World Rhoyack Komarr
Body Insect Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility

Stretchable Legs
Energy Rays
Drill Tail
Heat Sense
180 Degree Vision

First Appearance Present Origins

Protosect is the Ne-O's DNA sample of a Chemahomach from the planet Rhoyack Komarr. He is one of the aliens in Genesis: Chronocle.


Protosect has the appearance of a humanoid bug. He is relatively tall, about 6'5. He has an oval-shaped head with the upper part colored red and the lower white. He has two bug-like mechanical eyes. He has a white vest-like torso with the part under being a dark green color. He has two white and curved arms with their lower halves being read and ending with two green claws on each hand. He has a dark grey turbine-like tail with a gray stripe in the middle. He has two long and curved legs which end with various shapes. He has a jetpack-like structure on his back.

In his original design, Protosect had blue energy cables connecting his back to his tail.

Powers and Abilities

Protosect has the ability to stretch his legs almost endlessly, allowing him to wrap his targets or reach high distances by swinging. Because of his stretchable legs, his agility is enhanced.

He can project thin streams of concentrated green energy from between his claws.

His bug-like eyes give him full 180 Degree vision, allowing him to see everything in front of him.

He can detect objects and living beings by sensing their heat trail.

His turbine-like tail can be used as to tackle down enemies or as a drill.


Protosect is not suited for physical combat, despite his ability to wrap other creatures with his legs. This is due to his lack of physical strength.

His energy rays cannot travel through fluids and can be reflected by reflective surfaces.


  • Present Origins
    • Protosect first appeared in a flashback as the first alien Nick ever uses. He was used to knock out the rogue Chronosapien. In the present, Nick transformed into him to fight a lizard-like creature.
  • Past and Present
    • Protosect was used by Nick to safely land on the ground.
  • Enter: The Plumbers
    • Protosect was briefly used by Nick to illuminate his way in the forest. He later changed into Wind-Up.
  • The Breakout: Part 2
    • Nick used Protosect in order to fight off the Exilists while attempting to escape from their fortress.
    • Later, Nick used Protosect again in order to knock out the remaining Exilists in the control room.



  • Protosect has a robotic voice like Upgrade, which is also high-pitched, similar to that of Goop.


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