Protection is the thirteenth comic of Young Plumbers and third issue of Set 2.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 2, Issue 3
Production Code: B03
Release Date: December 24, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 2 List
"A Small, Small World"
"Auld Lang Syne"


Plumbers' Academy
December 10, 2012, 5:14 AM EST

[Hornbok runs down the hall with Aevan following him.]

[Aevan]: Why do I have to do this?

[Hornbok]: Because you were the one that was awake at the time. Now let's keep going!

[They makes it to a barrack and open the door. Hornbok takes out a megaphone and screams through it, waking up Sci and Paper.]

[Sci]: What do you... Hornbok?

[Paper]: What gives?

[Hornbok]: Primus gives... Let's go...

[Sci]: Primus?

[Hornbok]: It's Psychobos... JUST FOLLOW ME!

[Sci]: Okay...

[Paper and Sci follow Hornbok and Aevan down the hallway. On the next page, Psychobos is walking down a dark hallway. Khyber is following behind him.]

December 11, 2012, 6:19 AM EST

[Khyber]: All we have to do is get the Codon cores and we're done, right?

[Psychobos]: That is all I have to do... I have a better task for you... The recruits are coming... finish them off... I can't have them interfering with my plans any longer. With them gone I can take the Nemetrix and get my plans really rolling...

[Khyber]: Where should I go to do that...

[Psychobos]: Go outside and wait... They will surely be there eventually...

[Psychobos walks on as Khyber turns around. Psychobos eventually gets into a room with Azmuth in it.]

[Azmuth]: Psychobos?

[Psychobos]: Hello Azmuth, ready to surrender your precious Codon cores?

[Azmuth]: I knew this day would come, which is why I prepared for it.

[He presses a button as hundreds of defense guns spring up and aim at Psychobos.]

[Psychobos]: Oh it's on...


[On the next page, a Plumber's ship arrives on Primus. Paper, Sci, and Aevan get out, but Hornbok stays in the doorway.]

[Hornbok]: I'll stay here just in case, but I think everything should be pretty easy...

[Paper]: Okay guys, let's head on out...

[The three recruits begin to walk towards the labs. They observe all the wildlife including plants and animals. They also see the Codon stream itself.]

[Aevan]: What's that?

[Sci]: It's the Codon stream, the location of all the DNA samples located in the Omnitrix. Psychobos must want to steal the technology and make the Nemetrix run in the same way.

[Paper]: Who says it doesn't already, what if we just wants to destroy Primus?

[Sci]: I think he would have brought a larger force...

[Aevan]: It looks more like lava to me...

[Sci]: It does look a lot like lava...

[They make it to a dense forest area. A swarm of flying creatures passes in front of them and spooks them, but they continue on walking.]

[Paper]: You know for such a brilliant idea Azmuth did manage to make this place beautiful...

[Sci]: Uh oh guys, looks like we got company!

[The recruits turn and notice Khyber standing in front of them.]


[Khyber]: Hello recruits... You're not going to get any further!

[Aevan]: Oh yes we are!

[Aevan launches his shadow at Khyber. He avoids and takes out his hunting rifle. He blasts it at the recruits as they scatter.]

[Paper]: I have a feeling this isn't a coincidence!

[He charges at Khyber and knocks him back. Sci divebombs Khyber with a blast of fire and knocks him back. Hornbok kicks Paper away and then kicks Aevan's shadow away.]

[Sci]: You think?

[Sci blasts a typhoon at Khyber, but he jumps over it and then kicks Sci to the ground. Paper fires an exploding arrow at Khyber, knocking him onto his back.]

[Aevan]: Let's go!

[The recruits run past as Khyber looks on. He holds up a communicator.]

[Khyber]: They beat me...


[On the next page, Psychobos is avoiding Azmuth's lasers.]

[Azmuth]: Impressive...

[Psychobos]: I can keep this up all day!

[Azmuth]: I highly doubt that!

[The recruits arrive in the room and find the two scientists.]

[Psychobos]: Oh hello there!

[Psychobos takes out a mirror and reflects one of the lasers at the recruits. He electrocutes Aevan and then heads for Azmuth. Sci creates a wall of earth, but Psychobos electrocutes Sci and runs around it. Paper jumps in his way but Psychobos electrocutes him, too.]

[Psychobos]: Hand over the Codon cores!

[Azmuth]: Never!

[Psychobos]: Then I'll just have to find them myself!

[He looks around and finds a large tank of a green, lava-like substance on the counter.]

[Psychobos]: Bingo!

[He fills a bunch of cores with Codon and then begins to leave.]

[Psychobos]: Thanks for the Codon, although I do have to say I am a bit surprised you didn't try and stop me!

[Paper]: Oh but we will!

[The recruits are standing in front of him.]

[Psychobos]: I highly doubt that!

[He quickly electrocutes him and then runs on. The recruits get up and begins to chase him.]


[Azmuth]: You have to get those Codon cores back!

[Sci]: Don't worry, we will!

[The recruits run off and begin to chase Psychobos. On the next page, Psychobos is walking back with Khyber.]

[Khyber]: Now that you have those, do you mind explaining to me why you need them?

[Psychobos]: The transfer mechanism in the Nemetrix is flawed. Using these samples of Codon, I should be able to a perfect a new system entirely far superior to that of the Omnitrix... My ultimate goal is to build the ultimate weapon...

[Khyber]: And my goal is to help you...

[Psychobos]: Yes, but first you need to take care of those peksy brats, they're running up behind us!

[Khyber turns around and fires his rifle behind him. The recruits are nowhere to be found.]

[Psychobos]: At ease, Khyber. I was merely testing your reflexes.

[Khyber]: Yes very well...


[All of the sudden, the recruits tackle Khyber from behind. Dr. Psychobos bursts forward and turns around.]

[Psychobos]: Stop them!

[Khyber]: A little help?

[Psychobos]: No, the codon is more important!

[Khyber]: Fine, I'll do it myself.

[The recruits are able to tackle Khyber to the ground. Sci creates a wall of earth around him that Khyber tries to punch through. The recruits turn around and begin to chase Psychobos.]

[Aevan]: After him!

[Hornbok]: No, we have to get out of here!

[Sci]: Why? We can stop him!

[Psychobos]: I highly doubt that!

[He suddenly electrocutes the recruits and forces them to the ground. He is seen running off deeper into the forests of the planet.]

[Hornbok]: We don't have time to chase him, we need to get back to the Academy immediately...

[Paper]: Why?

[Hornbok]: You'll see...


[On the next page, Hornbok is meeting with Azmuth.]

[Hornbok]: Psychobos got the Codon cores...

[Azmuth]: He doesn't suspect a thing...

[The recruits walk in.]

[Paper]: I'm assuming that's why you didn't want us stopping him? He stole fake Codon?

[Hornbok]: Not just fake Codon, acid Codon. It will destroy all his equipment...

[Sci]: That's the oldest trick in the book and he didn't think to check...

[Hornbok]: I highly doubted that he would... He may be a genius, but he's not smart...

[Azmuth]: The best things I've heard all day...

[Hornbok]: Why, did something bad happen?

[Azmuth]: If by bad, you mean that one of my most powerful creations is missing, then yes...

[Hornbok]: Most powerful creations?

[Azmuth]: Yes, the sword, and I have a feeling I know who took it!

[The End]

A Small, Small World

Young Plumbers Comics Set 2
Auld Lang Syne

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