Projectionist is the Model-X's DNA Sample of Jigyosapien from the planet Dimis.


Projectionist has a slim frame, most of his organic features hidden by his attire. Projectionist's most prominent feature and reason for his name is the metallic helmet that encases his head, a singular, giant circular eye on the front. The eye emits light, almost like an old projector. Through the back of the helmet, wire-like "hair" can be seen, styled almost like dreadlocks.

Projectionist's attire consists of black and white clothing that covers most of his body, notable exceptions being his elbows and the back of his ankles. Around these areas are the only area Projectionist's wire-like body is seen. A filmstrip-like sash stretching from Projectionist's right shoulder down to his hip, where the word "PROJECTIONIST" is printed across.

On Projectionist's hands and ankles are a pair of copper-colored wristlets and anklets. Glowing yellow orbs are present in them, giving off luminous energy similar to the one from Projectionist's head. Projectionist has wire-like fingers and exposed wire-like toes.

His Model-X symbol is located on his left shoulder.


  • Light-Based Attacks: Projectionist's main ability to generate powerful light-based attacks from his head, hands, and anklets. This is usually done through beams and projectiles, but Projectionist can also make a steady stream of light and use it as a blade of sorts.
    • Hardlight Constructs: Projectionist is also able to create hard light constructs such as shields, platforms and even weapons.
  • Teleportation: Projectionist is able to teleport through areas, although the range of said teleportation is limited to where Projectionist can see.
  • Flight: Projectionist is able to levitate through the air.


  • Frail Body: Projectionist's body isn't very sturdy and a powerful enough hit could put him out of commission.
  • Teleportation Blockage: Projectionist's teleportation is limited to where he can see, so if his vision is ever blocked or obscured his teleporting would cease to function.
  • Restricted Vision: Because of his singular eye, Projectionist has a lack of depth perception.

History and Appearances



  • Projectionist has many sources of inspiration. His name and main design aspect come from The Project, an enemy within Bendy and the Ink Machine. His powers are also inspired by Dagger from the superhero pair Cloak and Dagger.
  • Natural versions of Projectionist's species look nothing like how he does. Projectionist's current appearance was generated because of the Model-X.
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