Projection Transformations are a unique type of transformation featured in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Projection Transformations are quite literally projections formed from photonic matter that replicate the appearance and abilities of a given alien. They generally share the physical characteristics of their regular matter counterparts, but are notably not strictly bound to the laws of gravity. Wounds given to Projection Transformations will reveal an internal system made of blindingly bright solid light instead of the alien's regular flesh.

Projection Transformations are normally controlled by an advanced AI that can interact with the outside world according to various complex routines. This is not an absolute rule, however, as it has been demonstrated that they can be controlled directly via a third-party link to the user's brain or possessed by an external entity.


The base technology that would eventually develop into Projection Transformations was initially created over ten thousand years before the present day by a Galvan scientist, being a simple Photonic Matter Projector only capable of making thin, laser-like wires. The technology was created for use in a project coined "Project Hope", said project eventually leading to the creation of several androids with bodies made of photonic matter.

The finished androids were eventually put into stasis at some point after their creator died, leaving development in the field of photonic matter all but stagnant. However, the prototype android, known as Alpha, went into hiding and remained active over the next ten thousand years. Alpha would eventually make great leaps in advancing photonic matter technology, but remained secretive and elusive, keeping the fact that the technology even existed a secret to the outside world.

Eventually, the other three androids were brought out of stasis and sought out Alpha, and after a series of rather...aberrant events, Alpha eventually became an official Plumber officer and used her research to upgrade the other androids to modern standards.

During the creation of the StarTrix, Alpha was sought out to help implement a feature where aliens could be used separately from the user's body. This lead to Alpha inventing the Projection Transformation system using a combination of her knowledge on photonic matter research and the advanced technology available in the StarTrix. The system was later successfully implemented into the StarTrix.

Matrix Requirements

The Projection Transformation system is impressively small, theoretically allowing it to be installed in any standard-size Omnitrix; however, the system requires an insane amount of power and may overheat the Omnitrix in question, leading to potentially catastrophic internal damage. The StarTrix is only able to use it via being powered by a Star Connection Drive (which connects it directly to the sun), and its usage halves the time the StarTrix can remain active between cooldown phases.

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