Project Inferno
General Information

Evolved Pyronite

Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Injuring Helpless Galvans
Goal: Destroying Galvan Mark II (formerly)
Abilities: Pyrokinesis
Energy Source
Limited Terrakinesis
1st appearance: Infernosphere
Arch-enemy: Azmuth
Henchmen/Leader: None

Project Inferno, self-dubbed Inferno, was an abandoned project of Azmuth's. It was left in a stasis chamber so it could no longer properly function. It first appeared in the Back in Action: Alien Universe episode Infernosphere, where it was unintentionally killed by Rath.


"1,000 years ago, approximately, I was born on Pyros. When I was young, Azmuth took me from my poor and slowly dying family. He would improve me, so my DNA would be used for the Pyronite DNA in the Codon Stream, as well as for the reproduction of an enhanced era of Pyronites. The project went horribly wrong, creating hundreds of Pyronites with far better abilities than average. Pyronites from the galaxy over were losing jobs as Plumbers and other occupations. Azmuth was the one responsible, and it was me who had to irradicate them. My emotions got the best of me, and I wanted to control them as an army. I don't understand my reasoning anymore, or where my human emotions came from. All I know is Azmuth had to put me, and all the other enhanced Pyronites down. After hundreds of years of upgrade, my emotions were repaired. Azmuth would use me as an assistant, as well as 'lab rat,' as you humans call it, and when I wasn't needed, I would be put in stasis."
           -Project Inferno (Infernosphere)


  • While formally referred to as an "it", Project Inferno is confirmed to be a male Pyronite.
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