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You are teleported to the starting position of a Free-for-all battle.

Tank: You've joined a Free-for-All Battle. Just wait here in the lobby for a few seconds, and youre match will start.

In the Free-for-All Battle[]

Tank: Welcome to the battle arena! When you spawn into a battle, you are surrounded by a forcefield.

Tank: Every fictionsuit has a forcefield that lasts longer, depending on it's defense system. Use this to your'e advantadge so you can own without being damadged.

Tank: Before we start shooting, let me remind you if you join a battle on the tournaments page, you must sign out of it if you want BEFORE the battle, as you can't quit when a battle has begun.

Tank: OK! Now keep these rules in mind:

  1. NO GODMODDING. The only things you can do are backflips, jump, shoot with youre weapon, do fighting moves, barrel rolls, using you're jetpack, throwing grenades (limited) and walking. These are specific rules so some bots don't be too powerfull above others.
  2. NO TRANSFORMING. Transforming is an absolute no-no. However, there will be seperate bots for some aliens.
  3. NO SIGNING UP FOR A BATTLE IN QUITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. As said earlier, you must sign out if you want BEFORE the battle, as you can't quit when a battle has begun. If you quit when a battle has begun, this will create havoc.
  4. NO ABUSING FORCEFIELDS. Forcefields can only be up for a LIMITED TIME. The 'time' is every sentence. Thus meaning, every sentence is a second.
  5. YOU CAN'T AUTOMATICALLY USE GRENADES. Grenades must be earned respectfully by winning battles. Some bot's come with grenades- however, these grenades from bot's are to be used only ONCE.
  6. YOU CANT UNLIMITEDLY USE JETPACKS. Jetpack fuel will be earned by waiting. You start a round with a full bar of jetpack energy. It runs out after you've used it in five sentences. By waiting another five sentences, you're jetpack energy will be re-filled.

Tank: Thanks for listening! Now let's get to the top where we will have more room for jetpack practicing.

(at the top)

Tank: While in air, you can perform a air-dash. Air-dashing uses some extra jetpack energy, but it's a great way to move quickly.