Prometheus James Croftward
E-10, Professor Proff
General Information
Species Human
Affiliations Professor
Occupation Villain
Powers and abilities
Equipment Utility Belt
Alias Professor Proff
Voice Actor Corey Burton
First Appearance The Galvanic Mechamorph Crisis

Prometheus James Croftward AKA: Professor Proff, is one of Ethan's most common faced enemies.


His appearance resembles Surgeon from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. He is a middle aged man, who has gray bleached hair, who wears a lab coat with a jet pack carried around him like a backpack. He wears brown khaki's with dark boots and a utility belt carried with multiple weapons.




He carries a utility belt carrying many weapons. (List TBA)

Relationships with Other Characters

TBA until when more information of the series is provided.



  • Ebomnitrix intended this character to be a combination of both Dr. Drakken (from Kim Possible) and Dr. Animo (from Ben 10). He is also provided the voice of V.V. Argost to give him his own unique characteristic and personality.
  • Professor Proff's character is one of Ethan's infamous villains as he and Shego, have been in previous E-10 series prior to the BTFF Reboot.
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