Professor Paradox is a prominent Timekeeper, a time traveler who keeps events across multiple timelines in check, who appears in Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Paradox reprises his white lab-coated outfit, featuring a brown button-up and black pants with dressy loafers. For protection during experiments, he also sports goggles that are typically hanging around his neck.

Beginning with Foreverlasting, Paradox dons a safari outfit.


Professor Paradox exudes an omnipotent being's grasp of the universe, in all that happens and will happen, but he is not in control of it. He uses quick wits typically to deflect from discussing events to come but also to distract from events he's been forced to make unfold by higher-ups among the Timekeepers, an organization of time travelers keeping the peace across every timeline.

He does not typically enjoy engaging in any form of combat, at most assisting others or nonviolently tiring foes. On rare occasions, he threatens with weapons that are only capable of damaging inorganic material (such as suits of armor).

Powers and Abilities

A natural genius, Paradox's unending quest for knowledge has earned him an exceptional grasp of where almost everything will be and when. As such, his time traveling abilities allow him to accurately be anywhere at any time.

He is able to slow, even to a halt, the passage of time to create the illusion of teleportation, as well as slit portals open into any space that lead elsewhere.

With the snap of his finger he can shift the positions and ages of any form of matter.

He is extremely agile with the stamina of the strongest runners, capable of simply exhausting combatants into defeat instead of fighting with actual attacks (as he lacks any actual weapons).

Though lacking physical weapons, Paradox is capable of converting elements of time itself into weapons, as was performed in his fight with Altrazon in Ultimate Solution and Aion in Foreverlasting. He reveals here that these manifestations of time are only capable of damaging inorganic material (such as Altrazon's suit or Aion's helmet).


Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • He is a fan of gumballs for their ageless traits, often trying to subscribe others to his love of them. As revealed in Foreverlasting, he can even sense when and where someone is toying with gumballs.
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