Jack 10
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date 8/25/11
Written by Dan
Directed by See Writer
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Jack 10: The Movie
Prisoner 100 is Missing Part 2


An alien prisoner is sitting in his cell. He glows purple.

Prisoner: I've been saving my energy for this. I have enough energy to create a portal to escape, and when they find out I'm gone.

Four demon hands create, then they rip a whole in the diemention, creating a portal.

Prisoner, continuing: Prisoner 100 will be missing. (Evil Laugh)

Prisoner 100 walked into the portal, and it closed.

Theme song!

We see eleven year old Jack sitting in his room, listening to his Y-Pod.

Amanda: Jack! Dinner!

Jack: I'm commin'!

Jack dialed up Big Chill and slapped it down.

Big Chill: Big Chill!

Big Chill flew down stairs, then transformed back.

Amanda: Don't use your powers.

Jack: Sorry mom.

Steve: There hasn't been any alien activity since Jack's fight with The Warden.

Jack: That was one year ago! You mean there isn't any evil any more?

Steve: You could always help out with Earth. You could use Big Chill to freeze the Polar Caps.

Jack: I can use Humungousaur to tell people that Dinosaurs exist.

Steve laughs.

Amanda: Steve, something is happening. Prisoner 100 is Missing.

Jack: I'm back in the hero buisness!

Jack dialed up XLR8 and slapped it down.


XLR8 ran away.


Aliens Used

  • Big Chill
  • XLR8
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