Prisner is Missing is an episode of Sem 2.10.

Sem 2.10
Season 2, Episode 6
Written by Ancy
Directed by Ancy
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Somewhere, in a tiny glass cell, a purple creature named Prisner is seen sitting silently with his eyes closed. Suddenly, he opens his eyes, raises his hands, and suddenly opens a portal out of nowhere. He stands up, walks into it and vanishes.

We then see the team talking to Alan Albright in a hologram.

(Alan): One of the Area 51 prisoners escaped his cell 30 minutes ago.

(Sem): How? Area 51 is known for keeping aliens prisoner for years.

(Alan): His species has the power of teleporting. He spend years charging his energy for a portal strong enough to get him out of there.

(Sem): How will we find him if he can be teleporting himself as we speak?

(Alan): By downloading the DNA sample we took from him into the DNAtrix.

He did.

(DNAtrix): Alien species unlocked. Arlursapien. Teleportal able for usage.

(Alan): If you find him, you can use this copy of him to close his portals. But lets use the map option for now.

We then see a map coming out of DNAtrix.

(Sem): He's at the harbor! Lets go!

The ship flies over to the harbor. Above it, Sem climbs on top of the ship.

(Sem): Goop!

He jumps off the ships and lands right before Prisner.

(Sem): Alright, hands where I can see them!

(Prisner): Ofcourse, officer.

He raises his hands, but makes a portal, steps in it, and comes back behind Sem and kicks him in the back.

(Sem): Seems like you want do this the hard way.

Epic Amazing Form transformation....

(Sem): Amazing Goop! Time for me to kick your can!

He jumped onto Prisner and became solid.

(Prisner): What? I can't move!

(Sem): And we're staying right here until the ship finds a place to land.

(Prisner): Never! I will not return to that horrible place.

(Sem): What's so bad about it?

(Prisner): I spend all my time watching miserable lifeforms rot away in their own rage or sadness. I sat there charging my power with the thought my planet would be destroyed. I came to Earth for help, and they locked me up. All I want is my family, my children....

Sem came off him and turned back.

(Sem): Wow. All that time I thought you were a criminal....

(Prisner): This planet is full of misery. I shall get my revenge and destroy this miserable planet!

(Sem): Leave Earth out of this!

(Prisner): My planet is completely destroyed and I will not let this slide!

He tried to tackle Prisner, but he dodged it by rolling into a portal. We then cut to Sem back on the ship.

(Danic): What did you do to him?

(Sem): All I know is that he wants revenge on what Earth did to him by destroying it.

(Xion): We canot let that happen!

(Sem): And we're not going to! But we need a plan. I need an alien strong enough to defeat him. And I think I know who.....

We then cut to Prisner at a nuclear power plant.

(Sem): Prisner!

(Prisner): Not now! I shall throw this bom through a portal into the power plant!

(Xion): Shakespeare.

(Prisner): SILENCE!

(Sem): How about I let you do the talking?

(Prisner): Si...Wait, what?

(Sem): (transform) Teleportal!

He closed Prisner's portal! Prisner tried to make portal after portal, but it didn't work.

(Prisner): Stop it, you fool!

(Sem): Alright, I'll you make this one!

He made a portal, and Xion and Danic pushed him into it. He then fell from the ceiling.

(Danic): Well, he's unconscious.

We then cut (again) to Prisner being picked up by Plumbers.

(Plumber): Don't worry, we have energy sucking necklaces back at the lab at Incarcecon.

(Sem): Good. Also...

(Plumber): What?

(Sem): You kinda want to put him into therapy.


AncientMinisterz about Prisner is Missing

This was probably my favorite episode to write, and I really like Prisner's personality. He'll probably return sometime, but for now, he's at Incarcecon therapy. I began this episode as just some introduction for Teleportal, but it turned out as probably my favorite episode.

- AncientMinisterz

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