Primus (Dimension 93) is a multiverse traveling planet that collects DNA of all of the Dimensions in the Multivesre species. It also collects other dimensions versions of a species. It is synced to a Omnitrix Azmuth is working on.

Number of Species Collected

It has collected a Googleplex of Dimensions' DNA Samples.

Known Timelines, Dimensions, and Universes collected from

Null Void


Dimension 12

Dimension 23

Diagon's Dimension


Vilgax Attacks Timeline

Forge of Creation

99 other Dimensions enslaved by Diagon

Dimension 10 (Main Timeline)

Dimension 93

Dimension 10,000

Rex's Universe

Animorphs'  Universe

Omniverse Video Game Timeline

Dimension 23 - 50

Dimension 26

Dimension 23 - 54

Alternate Ben 10,000 Timeline

Gwen Alters the Past Timeline

Gwen 10 Timeline

Race Against Time Timeline

Paradox's Failure Timeline

Protector of Earth Timeline

Alien Force Video Game Timeline

Rise of Hex Timeline

Cosmic Destruction Timeline

Zs'Skayr took over Ben Timeline

Evul Ben Timeline

Eon took over Ben Timeline

The Dimension of Oz

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