Primus is a planet serving as a DNA "back-up drive" for mainly the Milky Way Galaxy and a few planets of the Andromeda Galaxy.


With the newly created Omnitrix being given to Ben, Azmuth decided to return to work Primus, expanding it thoroughly.  Hoping to add DNA of flora, non-sentient fauna, and other life-forms, he created many small flying robots to collect the DNA harmlessly. 

So, no one could abuse the power of all species' DNA he has safely hidden in it in an obscure dust cloud. 

Currently, 5% of all species in the Milky Way Galaxy have been scanned.


Primus has three main rivers, the Codon Stream; for sentient fauna, the Ribos Canal; for non-sentient fauna,  and Estuary; for flora. The other waterbodies hold miscellaneous DNA

There are various large factories that sort and organize various DNA into their proper waterbodies.

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