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Primus (Earth-1010)
Primus 1010.png
General Information
Entity Type Planet
Habitability Habitable
Non-Native Species Sentient Ultimates
Voliticus Biopsis

Primus is an artificial planet made by Azmuth to contain the Codon Stream in Earth-1010.


The majority of the planet exists solely to contain, serve, and preserve the Codon Stream. As a result a reasonable amount of the planet is covered in black-rock mountains with bright green rivers containing countless samples of over a million sapient species from across the Sagittarius, Messier, and the Triangulum Galaxies.

The parts of the planet not dedicated to upholding the Codon Stream are covered in lush blue forests filled with rare and flourishing lifeforms from across the native galaxy.

More recently a unique lifeform has evolved within the Codon Stream. It has yet to be seen outside of the streams.


Primus was created, along with the Codon Stream, by Azmuth late into the creation of the original Prototype Omnitrix. He later invented the Voliticus Biopsis Drones to help maintain the database, before hiring Eunice and the Sentient Ultimates to maintain and improve the Codon Stream in a more direct manner.

Known Inhabitants

Non-Sapient Species

  • Voliticus Biopsis Drones


  • Eunice
  • Sentient Ultimates
    • Big Chill
    • Cannonbolt
    • Echo Echo
    • Fasttrack
    • Humungousaur
    • Spidermonkey
    • Swampfire
    • Upgrade
    • Way Big
    • Wildmutt

Notable Visitors