"OH AH AH!! Hey, Bet You Can't Catch Me With That Stupid Ray Gun!! IF you can." -Primate Spider.

Alex's (AL 12's ) Arachnichimp form.


Same appearance as Spidermonkey.

He wears a orange jacket.


He share the same personality as Alex.

His monkey side can make him make monkey sounds.


Web Generation: He can shoot webs out of his tail.

Wall Crawling: Since he is part spider, he can crawl on walls.

Agility: Since he his monkey skills.


Prehensile Tail: Can be use more than just shooting webs.

Enhanced Dexterity: His feet can be prehensile two to grab things with his foot.

Enhanced Hearing: Arachnichimps have superior hearing than humans.

Balance: Very good a being balanced.


His own webbing can be against him as his greatest weakness. Like being trapped by it, pulled by it when it's still attach to his tail and its not that strong enough to catch some foes. Plus it can be dissolved.


Only appears in Alien Warriors.




From AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

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