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Primal 10
Creator Primal
Co-Writers Nobody
Art Designer(s) and Others Nobody
Seasons 10
Episodes 10
Created on 11/2/16
Rating 5/5 otherwise you are literally hitler!!! literally!!!
Preceeded By n/a
Succeeded by Primal 10: Dawn of the Return of the Fan

Primal 10 is a series by Primal that follows Primal as he fights people. It is supposed to have 10 seasons, and it was created on 11/2/16.

(This is entirely satire/parody and should not be taken seriously. Instead, play along with the joke and think it's so cool, because you are literally hitler if not.)


A kid named Primal (I swear he looks nothing like his cousin Ben Tennyson!) finds a watch that turns him into aliens, so he decides to fight people. That's it.


  1. Primal Finds a Watch!
  2. Primal Meets People!
  3. Primal Has a Fan!
  4. Primal Gets Hunted!
  5. Primal Beats Up the Hunter!
  6. Primal vs Lamirp Pt. 1!
  7. Primal vs Lamirp Pt. 2!
  8. (please crossover with me)
  9. Primal Goes to School!
  10. Primal Breaks the Fourth Wall!


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