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Presto is a tadpole version of Prestrog. Presto is a Microbatrachian from Planet Ampfibia. Prestrog is a Batrachion from Planet Ampfibia. He first appeared in Copycat. Presto is not named actually later, in the end of Copycat, Ben names it Presto.


  • Shapeshifting - Limit - 5
  • Uncontrollable Levitation


  • If he changes over 5 aliens, he will become awkward or go in delirium.

Abilities as Prestrog

  • Super-speed
  • Agility
  • Can absorb Abilities that the aliens that he shapeshifts
  • Shapeshifting into 10 aliens
  • Super-swimmer
  • Super-strength


Ben first tried to transform Fire-Lizard but ends up as Presto. Unknown what to do, he shapeshifts into Fire-Lizard later, after changing into 5 aliens, - Fire-Lizard, Benmummy, Freezer and Spidermonkey. Later, as Spidermonkey, he goes in a rampages and attacks Gwen thinking it as Vilgax. After, defeating him, he reverts back into Ben. Unsure what to call him, Gwen gives an idea - Troublemaker, Kevin, Craze, Thanatos, 55, Max, Presto later, Ben accepts Max's idea and name him Presto.

Prestrog first appear in Frogged where he becomes upgraded.


Presto is a child-sized tadpole alien with green scales. His tail is blue sometimes or white, in his full power. Prestrog is about adult-sized frog alien with purple scales, he speaks in a serpent like voice.