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Prelude of the Unleashed is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open from the perspective of Benmummy in a dark room. Benmummy opens his eyes wide and attempts to observe his surroundings, but the room is just too dim. He attempts to smack down on the Omnitrix on his shoulder, but the dial is missing from both that part of his body as well as from the rest of his body. He jumps onto his feet and shakes the door knob in an attempt to open the door, but the knob is easily ripped off. He drops the knob on the floor and proceeds to slip his papery hands through the cracks above and below the door. He removes the entire door and slowly and lays it on the floor in the room. He steps out of his dark room and into a bright, long and narrow hallway. Looking to his right, he spots two Thep Khufans in the distance facing the direction opposite him. Still watching them, he rushes in the opposite direction. He smacks into something and flips around, finding two Thep Khufans there before Benmummy.]

Benmummy: Step away. I know, uhh, moves!
Thep Khufan #1: Commander Tennyson, we were looking to see if you were finally awake. It's time to finally make the victory speech.
Benmummy: Victory speech?
Thep Khufan #1: Yes, we've already prepared one for you. Your brother is conducting the preamble. As soon as we're given the signal, you need to get out there, but at this moment, we need to get you ready.
Benmummy: But--
Thep Khufan #1: With respect, it's best we don't waste any time. Come. The second Thep Khufan places green robes that match the green clothing Benmummy is wearing. The Thep Khufans shove Benmummy down the hall. They arrive at a door labeled "Authorized Personnel only." Go ahead, Commander.
Benmummy: Go ahead and what?
Thep Khufan #1: Apologies, Commander. If it pleases the throne, would you grant us access to the stage?
Benmummy:, exactly?

The first Thep Khufan points to a blue holographic display projected over the wall.

Thep Khufan #1: Press your hand on the screen, Commander.

Benmummy shrugs and slowly moves his hand to the display. Immediately upon touching it, he feels a tingling sensation as his hand is analyzed. The scanner's display turns green, then the door next to it opens.

Thep Khufan #1: Come on, Commander!
Benmummy: Err, of course. But who is my brother?
Thep Khufan #1: Who else? Kevin Ethan Levin. Your relation may be as stepbrothers, but you too seem like you'd be best friends even if you had no familial relation. Is there something wrong, Commander? You seem off.
Benmummy: I--

A loud beeping starts coming from both Thep Khufans. The first Thep Khufan makes a device on his wrist visible. He quickly overlooks the beeping and stops it. He looks up to Benmummy.

Thep Khufan #1: No time now, Commander. It's showtime.

The Thep Khufans push Benmummy through the stage door. They find themselves behind a white curtain. A voice much like Kevin can be heard across the entire backstage and the room beyond.

Kevin's Voice: Just as our father wanted, we are finally on top. The Levin side of the family has spoken, now it's time for the leader of the Armada to make himself known. Commander?
Thep Khufan #2 (to Benmummy): That's our cue.

One of the Thep Khufans that escorted Benmummy to the backstage parts the curtain and makes the stage visible for Benmummy to step out onto. Benmummy first spots a Thep Khufan with dark gray highlights, as opposed to Benmummy's green, at the podium who was the source of the Kevin-like voice. The Thep Khufan is staring at Benmummy, discretely gesturing Benmummy over to the stand behind his back.

Thep Khufan Kevin (into the mic on the podium): Meet Thep Khufan Commander Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. He's the reason why I--Kevin Ethan Levin--am now that much higher in the ranks. Whispering to Ben. Don't blow this, Tennyson. It took my guys days to prepare this opening.

The Thep Khufan Kevin moves away from the podium and stands right in front of the curtains to watch Ben and observe the audience. Benmummy steps up to the mic and looks out to the audience of Thep Khufans. Benmummy looks down to his victory speech and begins to read it aloud.

Benmummy (into the mic, reading the speech): The end is over. The Armada has met with victory...(he pauses to read the speech, squinting at some parts as he questions their meaning)...and we have effectively rid humans of the entire universe. And...wait, what?
Thep Khufan Kevin (whispering to Benmummy): Keep reading, Commander.
Benmummy (mouth still close to the mic, attempting to whisper to Kevin but simply having his voice boom and echo around the room): What is this about?

The Thep Khufan version of Kevin walks up to the podium, shoving Benmummy aside. Conversation immediately stirs in the onlooking crowd.

Thep Khufan Kevin: Apologies, ladies and gentlemen. We're having a few technical difficulties, so we'll be taking a very brief intermission. He turns around and shoves Benmummy behind the curtain to speak to him. Tennyson, what are you doing? I know you've been out for the last few days, but if you aren't up for this, give the word, and I'll do the speech on your behalf.
Benmummy: Kevin, what happened while I was out? Why are we like this? And what happened to the Commander?
Thep Khufan Kevin: Are you playing games, Commander?
Benmummy: And stop calling me "Commander." Scarogus, Tersce, and Mistress are still at large.
Thep Khufan Kevin: Ben, when you destroyed Earth, those pesky humans went, too. That Omnitrix using, so-called "Hero of Heroes" human Tersce was vanquished by yours truly after you went out. I had to keep the public hype up, what with rumors going around that you had fallen...permanently...
Benmummy: What are you talking about? Tersce and Scarogus are Thep Khufans. You got it right with Mistress being human, but that's all.
Thep Khufan Kevin: That's it. You're not well. Gwen! Benmummy slams the second-in-command Thep Khufan--Kevin--into the wall. Whoa, Tennyson, what's wrong with you?
Benmummy: What's wrong with *me*? What's wrong with you? The Commander killed Gwen--your girlfriend--before I was knocked out. Why are you shouting her name?
Thep Khufan Kevin: My girlfriend?!

Another Thep Khufan arrives at the scene. A female with pink highlighting the majority of her body and pink robes that bring full attention to her feminine figure arrives at the scene.

Female Thep Khufan: What's going on?
Benmummy: Who are you?
Female Thep Khufan: You don't recognize your own cousin, Ben? Kevin, what's wrong with Ben?
Benmummy: Which cousin are you?
Female Thep Khufan: Gwen, who else? You know Chelsey couldn't make it today, and my brother is working closely with General Tennyson.
Benmummy: General Tennyson?
Thep Khufan Gwen/Female Thep Khufan: You know? Grandpa Max? Benmummy releases Kevin, who falls onto his butt on the floor. Ben, are you alright? Are you sick? Do you know who we are? Having amnesia?
Benmummy: No, this isn't real, this isn't real!

Benmummy turns around and rushes down a short flight of stairs to the stage door exit-entrance. The Thep Khufan counterparts of Gwen and Kevin go on to try and call him back as he runs away.

Thep Khufan Gwen and Thep Khufan Kevin (in unison, repeating): Ben! Ben!

Benmummy finds the exit-entrance door. He opens it and sees a bright white light. He rushes through the doorway.

[Our view changes to the pitch black view from the inside of our eyelids.]

Ben's Voice (mumbling):, this isn't happening...
Julie's Voice: Ben, Ben, are you awake?
Ben's Voice: Huh...what?

Our eyes--Ben's eyes--are opened. Standing over Ben who is lying on a comfortable bed is Julie. She looks a bit older than when Ben had last seen her, appearing taller and having very slightly wider hips.

Ben: Julie, is that you?
Julie (smiling): Yeah, Ben. It's been a while. It's great to finally see you again. I thought you'd never wake up.
Ben: Well, I'm awake n--wait, what was that about it being a while? How long have I been out?
Julie: Umm...(her smile turns into a straightened out pair of lips) ten years.
Ben: What?! He lifts his hand in front of his face, finding slightly longer and more muscular arms on him. No...all that time...and the Commander.
Julie: Yeah, Ben...I'm so sorry.
Ben: Julie, what happened? Over the last few years?
Julie (dropping her head): The Thep Khufan Commander took over Earth and blew it all up. We're the last people in the galaxy.
Ben: What? and dad...Grandpa...
Julie (looking up at Ben, smiling): Well, you still have me.
Ben: I guess,, this can't be happening either. This has to be another dream. I have to be in a coma or something. I didn't think I was that beat up...but wait, I shouldn't know I'm in a dream, should I?
Julie: Err, I...uh...
Tetrax's Voice: Ahh, it went on long enough.

Julie wipes her forehead.

Julie: Oh, thank you.

A door opens at the front of the room. Tetrax steps in from it.

Ben: Tetrax, oh, it's great to see you. At least you're still around.
Tetrax: Haha, no, Ben. All of your family, all of Earth, it's perfectly fine.
Ben: Really? So in the last ten years, the Commander didn't do anything?
Tetrax: No, Ben, you're not understanding. He pulls out a remote, and with the press of a button, the entire area turns into a dark room similar to the base of the holographic room in Tetrax's ship, the Resolute. Julie becomes younger looking, like she had looked at 17. Ben's arm also becomes as thin as it was when he was the same age. He lowers his hand to his side. Ten years haven't passed. It's only been a few days. It was a joke, get it?
Ben: Oh...dude, don't...don't scare me like that.
Tetrax: I'm sorry. Knowing who you've lost, I thought I'd put into perspective how lucky you still are. Guess it didn't really work, did it?
Ben: Not really...
Tetrax: Well, you've still got your family, most of it, that is.
Ben: But not the biggest parts of it...

Tetrax walks over to Ben and places his hand on his shoulder.

Tetrax (smiling): Ben, the Tennyson spans all around. Chelsey wasn't the only one in her family who knew how to work her Anodite powers. She's got four sisters, you know?
Ben: I know...and she won't even get to see any of them anymore...
Tetrax: Ben, the loss of someone you love is what strengthens you. What should keep strengthening you is knowing that much of your family is still alive. It should push you to prevent what Julie said from actually happening to your whole family and the rest of the Earth. Am I right?
Ben:, you're...(sighs) yes, you're completely right.
Tetrax: I've been in your position before. I lost my whole planet...and it was all my fault. You care more for your people than I did when I was your age. You still have the chance to save your people.
Ben (getting up out of bed): Yeah...yeah, I do...
Tetrax (smiling): That's the spirit.
Julie: You can do this, Ben. I believe in you. She kisses Ben on his left cheek. And soon, so will everybody else.
Ben (smiling): Thanks, Julie.
Tetrax: And...?
Ben: Err, thanks to you, too, Tetrax. So what are we doing on your ship?
Tetrax: Oh, this isn't my ship.
Ben: It isn't? But this room...?
Tetrax: Yeah, Azmuth had it built into here. Guess it turned out to have a purpose after all.
Ben: Is Azmuth here?
Tetrax: No, but your friend Levin is. I'm not sure that he's going to even come out of his room, though.
Ben: Levin? You mean, Kevin Levin? Kevin's alright?
Tetrax: Yes. Azmuth managed to whip up a quick healing solution.
Ben: He must not have given it to me. I still feel a bit of pain.
Tetrax: It applied only to Osmosians, Ben. If you know that you've got some Osmosian in you, then we'll give it to you, but otherwise, it's best we not do some experimentation--which is what it'll turn into--on you.
Ben: Alright, then. You're going to have to tell me what I actually missed for the last few days. After you bring me to Kevin.
Tetrax: That's if Kevin doesn't tell you first.

[We move to in front of a door in a blue living room in the middle of the ship. Tetrax and Ben step in front of it. Tetrax knocks.]

Tetrax: Be careful what you say around him.

Tetrax steps away. Ben stays at the door, listening for someone coming towards the door. There is nothing. He knocks three times. He hears someone jump towards the door this time, quickly unlocking several locks on the back of the door. The door opens like a sliding door, but only barely, allowing a part of Kevin's head to become visible. The darkness in the background of his room can be seen.

Kevin: Ben...
Ben: Yeah, Kevin, is everything alright? I heard I was out for the last few days and thought I'd just stop by.
Kevin: It''s great see you that you're alright.
Ben: Is that Kevin Levin? Sounds more like Lovely Dovey.
Kevin: Shut it, Tennyson. Forget I said anything then...(he proceeds to close the door, but Ben puts his bare foot in the doorway) Move, Tennyson.
Ben: Kevin, what's going on? I know you want to keep to yourself, but this is a little much, right?
Kevin: Tennyson, have you ever had your girlfriend die? Did you have the news broken to you over the phone? And then did you have your best friend nearly die, too?
Ben: Well, no...wait, best friend? Kevin, shucks, that's swe--
Kevin: You couldn't be serious if the Earth was about to be destroyed. We have the upper hand over that Commander guy, yet we're still gonna be doomed because of you. And so will everybody else we know on Earth.

Kevin tries to slam the door despite Ben's foot being there.

Ben: Kevin, stop, I'm sorry. C'mon, man.
Kevin: Ugh...what do you want?
Ben: I want to know what happened, in the last few days.
Kevin: The Commander took over the Earth. He said he was looking for you.
Ben: Why would he be looking for me?
Kevin: I dunno.
Azmuth's Voice: But I *do*.

Azmuth appears on one of many fluffy chairs in the living room behind Ben, but the only one of them all facing Ben's direction.

Kevin: Oh, good, he's here.
Ben: You really don't want to see me, huh?
Kevin: Dude, I'm...I'm just not in the mood, alright?
Ben: Alright. See you later, then?
Kevin: Of course, man.

Kevin makes his fist visible in the gap between the door and the wall. Ben pounds it, then removes his foot from the door. Kevin shuts it and walks back into the room, but the sound of the locks being relocked isn't heard as he returns.

Azmuth: That boy sure has matured over the past few years. Some could even say he was a man now. There is a brief pause. Swinging his hand down in the air in what can be called a "peeshaw" motion, he continues to speak. Just not me, of course.
Ben: Azmuth, why is the Commander going after you?
Azmuth: Hmm...come, Tennyson. He jumps off of the chair and proceeds to walk down a narrow hallway near Ben's room. Ben shrugs and follows him. They arrive at a dead end where a black rectangular patch is seen on the back wall. Observe. The black section of the wall becomes transparent, shedding light on an area beyond what turns out to be a window. On the other side is a dark green crystal sitting on a white table in a gray room. Presenting the Primugen crystal, what otherwise would be powering your Omnimatrix right now.


Part II

[We open on the ship, with Azmuth and Ben standing before the glass-protected Primugen.]

Ben: So this is the battery in the Omnitrix?
Azmuth: Yes.
Ben: But I saw Future Ben's Omntirix. It had some large chip inside as a battery.
Azmuth:'s possible. I've been working for years on alternative methods of powering the Assault Omnimatrix. Either that is an alternate timeline's Azmuth who has already devised this alternative, or it's our future and I'm bound to make a breakthrough.
Ben: Okay, but...that means there's nothing in the Omnitrix?
Azmuth: Well of course there's something inside. You've got the dial and about 4100 processors working together to power that device along the tower under the dial.
Ben: Whoa...I wish I knew what that meant.
Azmuth: Me too, for then I'd have some conversation to engage you in. Well, I guess I must be off, th--
Ben: Wait! What about the reason why the Commander needs me?
Azmuth: Ahh, I forgot your comprehension skills aren't the best. Well, you see, The Unleashed is the result of the combination of all of these legendary crystals.
Ben: Legendary crystals?
Azmuth: Yes. Approximately a millennia ago, rumors spread about three crystals that when used in tandem could bring unforeseen power.
Ben: Yeah, and that Commander guy has them now.
Azmuth: You're not listening, Tennyson. In truth, for all this time, a fourth crystal has been in the wild but no one has known about for some members of the Galvan race. I am one of those members. You see, the Primugen crystal--which I've been working to be renamed Omnigen for its predominant presence in the iterations of the Omnimatrix--is a naturally occurring mineral first and only found on Galvan Prime almost a millennium. After much work, we have found that this occurrence wasn't by any supernatural means, as opposed to how the other crystals that form the "Tritadagen" had come about. Now, you see, the Primugen was once used to power everything. It was like the coal of my home world, but soon we found more efficient methods that weren't being constantly mined for by other members of the species. I was persistent, though. The Primugen, when not being harnessed by almost the whole population of Galvans, was quite useful. Through the combination of several Primugen crystals, I created this version of it, the one powers the Omnimatrix. It has an almost infinite charge. Trying to replicate that has proved to be quite the difficult task.
Ben: Wait, it has an "almost infinite charge?" But then why do I have to recharge it like every day?
Azmuth: That is because you are using the main battery. There are three batteries in the Omnitrix: of course, the main one; the backup battery, and the Primugen crystal. The Primugen crystal is always active, since it takes more power to keep it offline than it does to keep it on. It's not in use, though, unless one is using the Master Control.
Ben: So...why have three batteries when you just need one?
Azmuth: Because constant use of the Omnimatrix--which use of the Master Control can induce on its user--is like a disease. It's almost impossible to combat on one's own, especially by you. I've witnessed several possible futures for yourself, and one of them you have actually met. He was an overwhelmed Ben Tennyson, who no longer saw light, but only darkness in the world. It was constant crime-fighting and almost no time to sleep in his life. His family had no recollection of his human appearance from any time past the age of 15. It's already obvious that this future can no longer occur, but that does not mean a similar one cannot.
Ben:'re never actually going to give me Master Control?
Azmuth: One day, I believe you'll be ready for the Master Control, just as that future had eventually become. I feel as those you'll be ready much earlier. You won't be pressured as he was.
Ben: So...18?
Azmuth: There's an Earth saying about how it's best not to speak your wish aloud. There is another that says you shouldn't count your chicks before they hatch. Shall I go on with these wise proverbs?
Ben: I guess not.
Azmuth: Good. Now, I suggest you go change into something fitting. I'll return to regale you with the details on the Commander's invasion of Earth, the story you truly wish to hear.
Ben: What do you mean? Azmuth points to Ben's shirt. Ben looks down and realizes he is wearing nothing but his plain black tee and a pair of boxers. Gah! What happened to my other shirt? Have I been wearing this this whole time?!
Azmuth: Yes. I'd assumed you'd noticed.
Ben: I didn't! My girlfriend saw me in these!
Azmuth: Well, it had to happen sooner or--
Ben: Stop. Sighs. I'll go change. Ben proceeds to walk down the hall. He searches endlessly for something, passing a few rooms along the way. He finally comes across Tetrax and asks him for the location of aforementioned thing. Err, Tetrax--
Tetrax: Save it. Azmuth made the room up for you. Look for room B17.
Ben: Oh, yeah, I knew that. I was just going to ask for the...uhh...--
Tetrax: Just go, Ben.
Ben: Err, yeah. Thanks, Tetrax. He turns back and looks at all of the doors on the way. He spots an assortment of names accompanied by letters on each door, such as "C22." He finally arrives at B17, which is immediately adjacent to C22. Guess this is my room. He walks in the door expect it to be pushed open by his hand, but the door stays where it is. Err, sliding door, right. He simply stands there for a moment, but the door doesn't move. sesame?
Female Voice: You having trouble there, Tennyson?

Ben looks to his left and sees Gwen.

Ben (shedding a few tears): Gwen (wipes his eyes)'re alive!
Female Voice: No, pea-brain.

Tetrax steps into view behind Gwen.

Tetrax: Ben, I believe you're familiar with this human from Ledgerdomain. Her name is Charmcaster--
Charmcaster/Female Voice: Hope...
Tetrax: Err, yes, and she'll be joining us in the final battle.


Part III

[We open with Tetrax standing behind Charmcaster Gwen with one of his hands over her left shoulder.]

Ben: Charmcaster? With us? No, it's not happening.
Charmcaster Gwen: That's nice, Tennyson. I'm already on the team.
Ben: Tetrax, take her off the team, now.
Tetrax: Sorry, Ben, but after your cousins were, err, lost in battle, we needed replacements. With her strength, we can make up for both of them.
Ben: You just replaced Gwen and Chelsey? Just like that? You didn't even ask me?
Tetrax: While you were out, she was there to help us. Along with Julie and Levin, she was the strongest out there and stood her ground even when there was almost no hope for her. My weaknesses had been noted and used by the Commander's men. I was defeated almost instantaneously when they arrived on Earth. Because of the nature of their partial belonging to more than a single species, though, your friends proved to be a match for the Commander's men. Charmcaster was no different.
Ben: But...(sighs) Okay, why are you disguised as Gwen, then?
Charmcaster Gwen: I'm stuck in your cousin's body. When she swapped our bodies, a spell permanently bound me to...this.
Ben: Don't you dare make fun of how she looked! And besides, why did you want to swap bodies with her anyway if you're just going to complain about it in the end? Oh...oh, I get it! You were so jealous, and you knew that she could beat you while you couldn't do the same to her! you killed her own body, with her own powers. Forget the Commander, (he pushes a button on the Assault Omnitrix and the dark, unpowered tower pops up) it's hero time!
Tetrax: Ben, no!

Ben smacks down on the Omnitrix, but nothing results from this.

Ben: Oh yeah...
Charmcaster Gwen: Calm yourself. It was her decision to swap bodies...I was going to sacrifice myself, but both Chelsey and Little Miss Goody-Goody wanted to be in my place. She bows her head and wipes her face. Because of me, I lost my best friend. I'm sorry, Tenny--err, Ben.
Ben: You should--(he realizes Charmcaster's head is bowed once more; he sighs) I guess you said it's not your fault. he walks over to Charmcaster Gwen and pats her on the back. You're on the 10 Squad, Charmcaster. We're going to avenge Gwen and Chelsey. I just want you to make this clear...the Commander is the one who killed them, right?
Charmcaster Gwen: Some guy who worked for him, yeah.
Ben: Who?
Charmcaster: Some heartbreaker. I don't remember his name, but it's not important. She lifts her head and wipes a downwards-flowing river of tears from her eyes. She sniffles. We're going after them, for your cousin and my best friend.
Azmuth's Voice: Are you two finished yet? Ben searches frantically for the source of Azmuth's voice. To your left!

Ben looks on the floor and finds Azmuth.

Ben: Sorry, I don't usually look that far down.
Azmuth: Save it. Why are you questioning my decision to have Hope on this team?
Ben: I--
Azmuth: Oh, I don't care. Everything appears to be settled here. Why aren't you wearing your uniform yet?
Ben: I couldn't get into my room.
Azmuth: How disappointing...Step up to the door. Ben walks up to the door. Now the entrance code is "Access B17 - Code 10." I would tihnk this kind of thing would be obvious by this point.
Ben: Err, sorry. Access B17 - Code 10?
Female Computer Voice: Access Granted.

The door fades to nothing.

Azmuth: Step inside. Turn on the lights. I think you should at least know how to do that by now.
Ben: I got this. Ben steps inside. Access lights - Code--
Azmuth: No! My word, Benjamin. You may have to wait a few decades for Master Control access at this rate. Azmuth steps in the room, jumps up on the wall to the side of the door, and flicks a switch. Step in one of the pods. They'll clothe you. Just make sure you step in the proper way, and try not to walk smack into a wall while you're in there.
Ben: Wait, what pods?
Azmuth (sighing): Those.

Azmuth points out the bare bones contents of the room: Two large tubes in the back left and right corners of the room. Ben walks over to the one in the back left corner. A door appears and shuts, locking him in. His green "10" sweater drops from above and is put on properly for him. His blue jeans proceed to shoot up from the floor, and a white belt is wrapped around his waist. The belt features a Plumber badge dead center and several black bolts along the middle. Socks are shot up onto Ben's feet, followed by his shoes. The pod door opens, letting Ben go.

Ben: Azmuth, these are my old clothes. What happened to the ones I was wearing before I turned into Benmummy?
Azmuth: The thep Khufan? Ben nods. It was the only set of clothing we could find for your decoy.
Ben: Decoy?
Azmuth: Yes. Your colleague Mr. Daniels felt it would be appropriate to create a robotic copy of you with the directive of calming the Earth public in these pressing times. He's lured many to underground facilities where they are safe from the Thep Khufans who hold the belief that you're being harbored, which is practically illegal now.
Ben: So...nobody thinks I'm dead, right?
Azmuth: correct, but there are those skeptics who question the decoy's authenticity, especially with it completely neglecting its Omnimatrix.
Ben: Wait, he has a working Omnitrix? Azmuth, you--
Azmuth: I am no imbecile, though. The Omnitrix he wears is a mere alien toy that serves no function. The tower can be activated, and his full playlist can be seen, but trying to use any of the other functions is pointless and none of them are even implemented. The recharge mode does work, though, and it's one of the few reasons peope believe my Omnimatrix is functional and is being used in secret to keep the planet's inhabitants safe. Now, abut that belt. It's merely a way to constantly have your Plumber's badge and suit at the ready. There is a buttom combination to activate your suit, and a pocket with a powerful weapon you should use only in case of emergency. One use only. I predict you'll try to use it in the final battle, but maybe you should wait. Your foes are becoming stronger and more cunning. Just look at your current threat.
Ben: Okay. So what exactly happened?
Azmuth: In the time while you were unconscious? In the last few days?
Ben: Yeah.
Azmuth: It's a long story better left somewhat condensed. It all began on Chronospect, just after you had fallen alongside your future self. The Plumbers had assumed that as "Benmummy" you were healing faster, but it induced a longer period of sleep due to your condition. You were ready to fight by nightfall, but you weren't awake, nor were you able to be forcefully woken. So you were broguht to continue healing in your home. I was assured that the Commander wouldn't learn of the existence of the Primugen in the meantime, so I supported the idea of letting you return home. The next morning, however, while I was working on Galvan Prime, a full analysis bug report was sent for the Assault Omnimatrix. I quickly looked it over, and while doing so, I picked upon a nearby Plumber distress call. The Plumbers had found the Thep Khufan Commander's ship orbiting Earth. Only moments later, the Commander sent down 17 of his best men and completely cut off Earth connections to space as well as to other parts of the planet. Chaos broke out in first-world countries and third-world countries alike, but in your town and general area, things were safe. You--or at least, Cooper's android--was keeping the public calm and sported clothing from Cooper's wardrobe. I arrived on Earth via teleport, being unable to transport you or any on the planet to Prime. I took your clothes, had your mother redress you in what you're currently wearing underneath that outfit of yours, and took you and myself on a ship from the below surface Plumber headquarters to fly back to Prime. I intend to leave with you and myself alone, but as I flew over your hometown, I saw countless lives being lost to some of the Commander's men. There was worse to come, though. Your home was being defended by three brave souls: Hope, the strongest who had been able to fight back more than I would have felt necessary to count; Julie, who used her apparent fusion with Mechamorph DNA to merge with and destroy the Thep Khufans' technology; and the Osmosian boy, who was using the terrain and the substance it was composed of to his advantage. They had all been outnumbered from the moment I joined them, but it was only getting worse as I slowed down my ship to observe.
Ben: And what about Tetrax?
Azmuth: Ahh, yes. I counted him not into the ones defending since he hadn't been apparent to me just yet. After I picked up Hope, Julie, and the Osmosian, they told me he was under some of the rubble in the ship. You may not entirely recall this, but you woke up at this point. You transformed into Wildmutt, and as I cruised very closely to the ground, you searched for your Petrosapien friend. When you found him, with Thep Khufans swarming, Levin reached down for you from my ship and brought you in. Shortly after, though, you had fallen back to sleep. We thought it was something brief, but it seemed to be an aftereffect of the use of the Thep Khufan transformation's enhanced healing capabilities in your weakened state. There is about a 1% chance that you will experience one more of these for about a day in the near future, but afterwards, the aftereffects will have worn off entirely.
Ben: Wow...what else?
Azmuth: Before we left the planet, I had discovered that the Commander's men had been following us through the active Primugen in the Omnimatrix. I quickly removed it and deactivated both of the existing batteries in the Omnimatrix. The plan after this was to get as far away from the Tertiary Wing as possible and keep our distance until you had woken up, but I realized that the ship was far too high-tech as well as small in battery to be brought outside of the galaxy without either being traced or completely losing battery. We were already headed to Prime, but now it was pivotal. We spent a day there. I had several of my Galvanic Mechamorph guards quickly assemble a low-tech, high-battery ship based on quickly made blueprints. We left the planet immediately. Azmuth teleports himself and Ben to the dashboard of the ship, which is just in front of the living room. Outside the windshield is just space, with few stars visible in the area. As he continues to speak, now with his eyes closed, while standing on the dashboard with Ben gazing outside, a shadow begins to take over from outside, slowly casting a large shadow in the ship. And that brings us to here, the edge of the galaxy, where are ship should be entirely untrackable by the advanced scanners that have completely abandoned tracking for archaic ships, such as this should seem to those scanners.
Ben: Azmuth, I think I'm gonna need the Primugen.
Azmuth (opening his eyes): Why? He realizes that everyone onboard the ship--Tetrax, Kevin, Julie, and Hope--is gathered behind the dashboard looking out the window. Azmuth steps over to look outside the windshield and finds the Tertiary Wing coming to a slow stop far overhead. Oh, no.


Part IV

[We open in the cockpit of the ship. Azmuth is standing on the dashboard looking up at the Tertiary Wing.]

Azmuth: There is a chance that they are unaware of our presence. The ship--called the Little Trion, if you were wondering--is severely low-tech, to the point where it's maybe a year or two ahead of current Human advancements. Little Trion's Intercom: Incoming unencrypted message.
Kevin: Who's it from?
Azmuth: Again, the ship is severely low-tech. Identifying a message's sender took several more years of advancing to do, and it breaks the "low-tech" definition.
Kevin: So are we going to pick up?
Little Trion's Intercom: Master Control granted to third-party. Call answered. Voice (over Little Trion's intercom): This is Thep Khufan Second-in--err, Third-in-Command Scarogus. You are piloting an unidentified vessel in uncharted uninhabitable space. We demand to board your ship to check if everything is alright. We ask only that you pledge your allegiance to the Thep Khufans and our cause.
Ben: That's not going to ha--
Azmuth (into the intercom): One moment. Presses a button on the dashboard that mutes the caller as well as the ship's microphone. Benjamin, head to the Primugen hold. Look for a holocodec. When you're there, dial in-- Ben: Wait, look for a what?
Kevin: A keypad that's invisible until you touch it.
Azmuth: Yes. Dial in 03141 as the first code, 10 dash 5 for the second, and Inventor for the third. If you feel you'll have an issue...Ms. Yamamoto, bring me the young Galvanic Mechamorph.
Julie: You mean Ship?
Azmuth: Yes, I mean "Ship."
Ben: I really won't need him. I can do this on my own.
Azmuth: Well, bring him anyway.

Julie removes a strapless backpack with Galvanic Mechamorph patterns from her back. She holds it flat in her hands.

Julie: Go, Ship! The backpack takes on the shape of Ship's body. He barks at the shadow. Calm down, Ship. Go to Azmuth. Ship transforms into a small RC helicopter and flies over to Azmuth. He lands on the dashboard and reverts to his small somewhat dog-esque form. Don't hurt him.
Azmuth: I am advancing one of my own. At worst, he'll feel the Mechamorph equivalent of a sting.

Azmuth taps several points on Ship's back. Ship collapses into a puddle.

Julie: Ship! Azmuth, what did you do?
Azmuth: Give me a moment...He continues to tinker with Ship in his new form. After only a few seconds, he is finished with the job. Up, "Ship." Ship slowly reverts from his puddle form to his normal one. Care to test your new abilities? Ship nods. He stares in the direction of Julie as parts of his body extend and touch parts of the dashboard, hacking into them and modifying the internals. He removes the tendrils that had extended from his body and retract them into himself. Benjamin, take him with you. His new power has the code for the holocodec built in.

Ben nods and walks over to Ship, who jumps in his hand. As Ben proceeds to walk off in the direction of the Primugen's hold, Julie stops him.

Julie: You'll be okay, right? You don't want me to come with you?
Ben: No, I'll be--He catches Kevin giving him a look behind Julie. Err, actually, it's your choice. Do you want to come?
Julie: Really, Ben, my choice? Is something wrong? Are you sick?
Ben: No, I'm just fine. Now, are you coming?
Julie: Definitely.
Ship: Ship ship ship ship!

Ship jumps onto Julie and slips down onto her back. He transforms into a backpack and sticks himself to her once more.

Ben (with his back facing Azmuth): I'm taking Julie with me. Hold off Scarogus a bit, will you?
Azmuth: That was my intention, but yes, I will.
Ben: Great, let's go, Julie.

We watch as Ben and Julie rush off towards the hallway at the end of which the Primugen is being held. We continue to focus on Azmuth, who unmutes his microphone as well as the call from the other side.

Azmuth: I'm sorry. There was an, err, emergency on the ship.
Scarogus: Should we come check up on you?
Azmuth: Err, no, no, no. We are absolutely fine.
Scarogus: You're seeming a bit suspicious...
Azmuth: I assure you, the Little Trion is in perfect shape now and there shall be no reason to board.
Scarogus: I'm sorry. Did I hear "Little Trion?"
Azmuth (whispering to himself): Oh, my...they're going to manage to piece together...Aloud. Umm, yes, actually, I need help. Would you please board? I promise to pledge my allegiance to your cause and its leader.
Scarogus: Alright. One of our men will be boarding shortly.

The call ends. Outside the windshield of the ship, the Tertiary Wing can be spotted taking on a bit of velocity again as it heads towards the Little Trion.

Azmuth: Do any of you have means by which I can contact Ben?
Kevin: I've got something. He removes a smartphone from his backpocket. I don't know if he has his phone on, but once his Omnitrix is on, I think the call will go straight to there.
Azmuth: Quaint, but it will surely do. Now let's just hope the boy will power the device in time...

[We transition to the Primugen hold wall. Ben and Julie are placing their hands on random points on the wall. Finally, Ship reverts to his normal form and hops off of Julie's back down onto the floor. When he lands, he fuses himself with the wall, then immediately detaches himself.]

Julie: Ship, what'd you do?

Ship simply points ahead at the wall with his left paw. The holocodec--a holographic keypad that floats just over a spot just inches below the barrier protecting the Primugen--appears.

Ben: Ship, you know what to do?

Ship nods and proceeds to rapidly tap in the code for the holocodec, unlocking the barrier between the hallway and the Primugen hold in just seconds.

Julie (petting Ship): Good boy, Ship.
Ben: Yeah, great job.

Ship shakes off Julie's hand from his head and looks up at Ben, whimpering.

Julie: I think he wants you to pet him, too.
Ben: But he's not a real dog. I mean...
Julie: C'mon, Ben. You know he won't bite.

Ben puts a smile on his face and rolls his eyes.

Ben: Alright. He bends over and pets Ship's head, stroking it from a pattern that spans the center of his entire body. Good boy, Ship. Ship shakes Ben's hand off of his head next. What now?

Ship jumps up into the Primugen's hold and grabs the Primugen. He jumps back out and lands in front of Ben.

Ship: Ship, ship, ship, ship! Ben turns his head, questioning what Ship wants him to do. Ship puts the Primugen down and transforms into an Assault Omnitrix look-a-like then back to his normal form. Oh.

Ben leans over and puts the wrist-attached Assault Omnitrix in front of Ship. Ship picks up the Primugen once more and squirms under Ben's watch. The back panel falls off onto the floor as Ship installs the Primugen. Ship replaces the back panel and steps away. There is a large green flash from the Omnitrix as it is reactivated.

Omnitrix: Recalibration aborted. Reboot complete. Warning: All playlists have been reacquired, but could not be set up as before. Certain samples may be misplaced. Also, one voice message from Azmuth.
Ben: From Azmuth? From how long ago?
Omnitrix: Voice message from Azmuth dates back one minute.
Julie: It might be important.
Ben: No, Julie, it has to be.

Ben presses down on the Omnitrix's tower to play the message.

Azmuth (Omnitrix voice message): Ben, I've allowed the Thep Khufans to board us--
Ben: What?!
Azmuth (Omnitrix voice message): Now listen closely, I have a plan.

[No more than two minutes later, we find ourself back in the living room. A rectangular piece of the wall tall enough for a ten-foot person to walk through is bashed down onto the floor. Through the rectangular hole that is made, a long black bridge that is connected to the Tertiary Wing and is completed protected from the depths of space outside. A Thep Khufan with dark blue robes steps inside. He greets Benmummy at the hole, who has covered his Omnitrix symbol, as well as a majority of his arm, in a green shirt sleeve.]

Thep Khufan (in dark blue robes): Greetings, fellow Thep Khufan. What is your name or if you prefer, an alias I can refer to you as?
Benmummy: Umm...B--Coughing can be heard in the background. Uhh, Neb.
Thep Khufan: I'll take that as an alias, then. Neb, are you alone on this ship?
Benmummy: Uhh...yeah, I am. I'm just, err, on the way to the Forge of Creation.
Thep Khufan: The Forge of Creation? That's just a myth, soldier, but if you'd like to disprove me, go ahead.
Benmummy: I'm pretty sure it's real. One of my, err, friends has been there.
Thep Khufan: I bet they, you said you needed help, Thep Khufan?
Benmummy: Err, yeah. One of my engines broken down, and I'm stuck here at the universe. I was starting to think we'd be stuck here forever.
Thep Khufan: Well, rest assured, the Armada is at your side, and hopefully you'll be at ours for our cause.
Benmummy: Definitely. By the way, what's your name? Like, for reference...
Thep Khufan: Oh, yes. You may refer to me as Corporal Avery.
Benmummy: Awesome. Come on, to the engine room. Benmummy proceeds to lead Corporal Avery to the end of the hallway of personal rooms. They pass by rooms such as AZM, belonging to Azmuth; B17, belonging to Ben; C22, belonging to Charmcaster; and J17, belonging to Julie. They finally arrive at a room labeled E2000. This is the place.

The sound of people walking through a room can be heard just across the hall, at room F8.

Corporal Avery/Thep Khufan: What was that sound?
Benmummy (nervously): What sound? I didn't hear any sound.

Several people shoving and loudly shushing each other can be heard at F8 again.

Corporal Avery: There it goes again.
Benmummy: It must be nothing.
Corporal Avery (squinting at Benmummy): There's something going on here. Go in that room.
Benmummy: I'm telling you that that's absolutely unnecessary.
Corporal Avery: I will have my men in here in seconds if you don't open that door.
Benmummy (shakes with nervousness, then sighs and stops shaking): Okay. He walks over to the door to the F8 room. A circular camera appears over the door. Benmummy looks up at it, with it scanning his retina. One guest, FCV.
Female Computer Voice: Access granted.

The door opens, revealing a dark room behind it.

Benmummy: You first.
Corporal Avery: There's something peculiar going on here. You first.
Benmummy: I insi--'Corporal Avery reveals a walkie-talkie like device strapped onto a belt along his waist. Err, yeah, I'll go first.
Corporal Avery: Lead the way. Benmummy slowly steps inside. He flips on a switch in the room, shedding light on a room that's empty aside from a square walkie-talkie sitting in the back left corner of the room, where the shushes can be heard. It's a trap!

Corporal Avery bangs on his belt, setting off his walkie-talkie device's alarm to the Thep Khuafns on the Tertiary Wing. Still standing in the doorway, Corporal Avery falls over on his back as a Petrosapien crystal pierces his body. Tetrax, standing on his hoverboard with his helmet on, is made visible behind the corporal.

Tetrax: Head to their ship. Use caution, they know you're coming now. Benmummy: That's when it's the most fun. Make sure this guy's alright. I'm not about to take a life, at least, not an innocent one. He rushes back up through the center hallway of rooms in the Little Trion. He arrives at the black bridge to the Tertiary Wing. He runs through the long path. As he reaches the end, though, the Tertiary Wing detaches the bridge. He is quick to extend his arm and grapple onto the ledge of the Tertiary Wing, proceeding to launch himself right inside the first room of the ship. He watches behind him as the bridge falls off of both the Tertiary Wing and the Little Trion. He gets up onto his feet and looks around. He finds a sole Thep Khufan with a blaster pointed at him. Sarcastic. Oh, no, don't shoot!
Thep Khufan (holding a gun): Don't move, Ben Tennyson. I may be one, but as Major D. McDuffie, I'm the best man for this job.
Benmummy: Well, it sounds like you're the best man for talking out loud. Now, just let me go to the Commander. We have differences to settle.

Benmummy walks around Major D. McDuffie, who proceeds to use his blaster. The blaster, though, doesn't blast any form of beam. Instead, a sonic wave is shot in Benmummy's direction. His movement is disrupted, and he begins to feel as if he is being torn apart. The paper on his stomach opens up, revealing the Primugen inside.

Major D. McDuffie: The grand prize. Am I about to get that promotion or what?
Benmummy: N-n-n-ot--gonna happen!

Benmummy is barely able to extend paper from his shoulder to touch the Omnitrix symbol, but upon doing so, there is a large green flash, and XLR8 takes his place.

Major D. McDuffie: You've just made my job a lot easier. Shouting. Deploy Kineceleran defenses!
XLR8: What?! He tries to run away from the Major, but the floor underneath turns to ice with each and every step he makes, to the point where the floor is ahead of his movements. He finally ends up slipping. Unable to control his movement, he slides onto his face on the ice and into the next room over a small gap in the floor. In this room, XLR8 stands up. Directly in front of him is the Commander, his robe laying on the floor behind him. I was wondering if I should bring my sweater or not, but if you're taking off your robe, I don't even think I need my tee shirt.
Thep Khufan Commander: The fact that you continually make a joke out of every situation will be the reason why when you fall, you will fall with not an ounce of remorse nor respect from me. You may have eluded me once, but each and every time I see you, my respect dwindles. There is nothing for left for you, Tennyson. He removes the Tritadagen crystal behind his back. I'm sure you haven't acquainted yourself with the incomplete Tritadagen crystal, otherwise known as the Unleashed key or the Tritadagen staff. Hopefully the close contact you're about to have shall make you more than great friends with it.
XLR8: I'll pass, Commander.

XLR8 smacks his Omnitrix. Following a large green glow, the blowfish-like Spitter appears. Spitter immediately puffs up, releasing his breath as he discharges a sizable amount of goo from his mouth. The Commander creates a shield using the Tritadagen crystal that drops the goo onto the floor. The Commander proceeds to blast Spitter's Omnitrix, locking Ben as Spitter.

Thep Khufan Commander: Deploy Spheroid defense mechanisms. A large cork is dropped onto the floor from the ceiling. Spitter prepares another sizable discharge, but just as Spitter exhales, the cork is levitated into Spitter's mouth, sending that goo back into his stomach. Spitter audibly swallows, then reverts to human, on his knees. He wipes his mouth of goo. Oh, where did my cork go? Ben coughs out a regular-sized cork. There goes the amount of money that thing costed. But it's no matter. He rushes over to Ben and smacks down the foot of the incomplete Tritadagen staff onto the tower of Ben's Assault Omnitrix. Flying through the Omnitrix, cutting it off and dropping the watch in half onto the floor, is the Primugen crystal. It sticks itself onto the bottom of the Tritadagen crystal, but immediately falls off. I was hoping that would force it to fuse, but no matter. Now watch, Tennyson. He snaps his finger. Scarogus steps into the room, wheeling the device that connected the Rexahegen, Tetragen, and Chronogen before. Thank you, Scarogus.
Scarogus: You are welcome, Commander. For Tennyson's death, I will do anything. Oh, and the Professor warned that you should add Cyogen crystals to the concoction or it won't work.
Thep Khufan Commander: Alright, thank you, Scarogus. Your services have been much appreciated. Scarogus nods, then leaves the room. The Commander stares at Ben with a devious smile on. He then turns around to the Tritadagen fusing wall. He places what of the staff had already been formed onto a rack where the staff is held. He then walks back over to Ben, picks up the Primugen, and places it in a random crystal holder in the Tritadagen fusing wall. He removes two more Cyogen crystals from his pockets and places them on the wall. The Commander snaps his finger. In mere seconds, the Primugen and Cyogen crystals are converted into the last piece of the Tritadagen crystal. A glowing green piece is added to the base of the Tritadagen, completing the four-piece set. The Commander removes the staff from the wall then holds it up height-wise. And so we are just so close to the end. Prepare for The Unleashed, Tennyson.

The Commander smacks down the staff on the floor, and the Tritadagen breaks itself into its four base components once more. A white intangible beam shoots from the floor to the ceiling. The component crystals align themselves from left to right in this order: Tetragen, Rexahegen, Chronogen, and Primugen. After alignment, the crystals slowly revert to their staff form. They then gradually make their way into the white beam. When the beam disappears, a Thep Khufan with black paper and a purple glow appears. The Tritadagen staff floats over to the hands of the dark Thep Khufan. The Thep Khufan's purple eyes open. He looks down at the Commander, who bows at his side.

Dark Thep Khufan: Who are you? The Commander raises his head and faces the dark Thep Khufan. Rise. The Commander stands upon receiving the command. The Unleashed has risen.
Thep Khufan Commander: The Unleashed has risen.
The Unleashed/Dark Thep Khufan: And my goal is complete. It's nice to see you again, Tersce. It's been 800 years already. Seems like just yesterday, the plan was just beginning to shape up...
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes. I don't have the greatest memory of back then, but yes. And it's come so far.
The Unleashed: Yes it has, yes it has. Now it is time to take over the universe, as father and son.
Ben: two aren't related, that's not possible.
The Unleashed: Oh, but it is. Tersce, where is your brother? I want him to join us.
Thep Khufan Commander: Of course, father. I shall be only a moment to contact him.

The Commander exits the room by way of the entrance, following a similar path as Scarogus in his departure. The Unleashed simply squints at Ben, who kneels with nothing more to say.

[We find ourselves in the Commander's throne room. The Commander enters the room. Before walking over to his throne, he stops just after entering the room.]

Thep Khufan Commander: No need to close the door. I'll only be a second.
Tertiary Wing AI: Noted. Automatic door function in "Throne Room" disabled.

The Commander walks over to his throne and seats himself. He turns the seat around and faces the window to the outside. Before pressing a button on the left armrest of the chair that activates the holographic display, he admires the nearly blank space outside, the space that will soon be his own property. Somebody steps into the door behind him. The automatic door's keypad can be heard being pressed, followed by the door immediately shutting.

Thep Khufan Commander: Hmm...
Tertiary Wing AI: Automatic door has been closed. Automatic function reenabled.

The sound of an Omnitrix going off in the room can be heard.

Thep Khufan Commander: Is that you, Albedo?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's Voice: Yes.
Thep Khufan Commander: I thought as much...
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's Voice: If you did, then you know why I'm here.
Thep Khufan Commander: For a long while I've known why you'd be here. I never thought the process would work, you know?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's Voice: Then you turned out to be right. The sound of him arming his rockets can be heard. Any last words?
Thep Khufan Commander: You know, Albedo, I think you need to realize something.
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's Voice: What? And if this is a trick, I'll blow this whole ship to pieces?
Thep Khufan Commander: No. A good villain doesn't die easy. A great villain doesn't die without a fight. And an excellent villain...he doesn't die without a secret. How much do you know?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's Voice: Just...enough.




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Benmummy (x2; first time: dream)
  • XLR8
  • Spitter (first re-appearance)

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Ultimate Humungousaur
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