General Information
Species Fuge Insidiae
Home World Veneris
Body Venus Fly Trap
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Vine Extension

Venomous Teeth

First Appearance Into The Pit

Praplant is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Praplant's abilities include:

  • Vine Extension
  • Crushing Twist
  • Venomous Teeth
  • Sleep Powder
  • Enhanced Strength


Praplant is about 20 feet tall, and his head bears resemblance to a Venus Fly Trap, his body and arms appearing to be made of twisted vines. The vines that make up his arms each end in a tapered point. His base is a solid chunk of plant matter with four tiny 'legs.'


If left for too long without sunlight, Praplant will lose strength and begin to wither away. His base does not allow for much locomotion, making him very slow.

Planet and Species Information

Praplant is a Fuge Insidiae from the planet Veneris. Fuge Insidiae spend most of their lives rooted to the ground and lying untangled across busy pathways.

When prey is felt walking over their vines, the suddenly spring up and retwist the vines, crushing the prey into easily-digestible blobs. If prey is scarce, they can move around to hunt, though since they are very slow, they need to be sneaky and smart about their methods.



  • Praplant is the only explicitly predatory species on the SpecTrix.
  • Praplant's original design resembled a generic velociraptor made of some sort of plant material. This was eventually changed to the more interesting current design.

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