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General Information
Species Colony-Class Faratin Dreadnought
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
Weaknesses Electromagnetic Vulnerability
No Voice
Submersion Vulnerability
Used By Ben Prime
Appears in Ben 10: Road Trip

Powerhouse, known as Faratin Colony Alpha prior to being inserted into the Omnitrix, is the T2 Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Colony-Class Faratin Dreadnought in Earth-1010. He is piloted by a colony of three Faratin pilots.


Powerhouse is a tall, heavily built humanoid robot by appearance. His forearms and head are bright orange, with orange bands around his biceps. A small rectangular screen takes the place of his 'mouth' displaying soundwaves of the noises he makes. He has two silver antennae.

The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest. According to Faratin Colony Sigma the Omnitrix symbol is covering his 'designation', which would've been an alpha symbol.

Powers and Abilities

Powerhouse's main ability is his electrokinesis, allowing him to generate and manipulate electricity.

Being mechanical, he is highly durable and possesses great strength.

Powerhouse possesses the ability to alter his vision to allow himself to see the flow of electricity around him, which has proven useful in low visibility areas. This ability also allows him to see the flow of electrical signals in the brains of organic species.


Powerhouse's most obvious weakness is his inability to communicate vocally.

He is also vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses.

Although he can move underwater, he can short-circuit himself is he attempts to use his electrokinesis while submerged.

As revealed by Ozai in The Only Good Necroterran, Powerhouse is not totally immune to electrokinetic attacks.


Ben 10: Road Trip

Powerhouse debuted in Burning Bridges, where he terrorised Pakmar into telling him, Kevin, and Gwen about The Blacksmith. He discovered that he could not talk, but also quickly learned of his electrokinetic abilities, using them to burn some of Pakmar's plants. He was used again in In The Shadow Of Vilgax to rescue a young girl from a burning building, however was sent offline after jumping out of the building through a wall. When he came back online he discovered that he was being piloted by several autonomous beings, before getting sidetracked in trying to prevent Artraxx from being elected president of Vilgaxia.

He was used again in The Only Good Necroterran. Ben tried to use him to fight Electrockutioner, however Ozai forced him to use Frankenstrike instead. Powerhouse ambushed Albedo later, but was outmatched by Espionage and Ben was forced to switch to Fanfare. He was used in Dead London to fight the tomb creature, but was easily defeated and knocked unconscious. Powerhouse was used twice in Life On Mars. The first time was by accident, Ben wanted Frankenstrike but even Ozai didn't understand why Ben received Powerhouse instead. Ozai detected a signal coming from Mars while Ben had briefly used the alien, so they headed there. Ozai changed Ben into Powerhouse when they reached Mars and he jumped out of his spaceship without a spacesuit.

In Tides of War, Powerhouse was used alongside MindMatter, Hightide, and Triedge to help rescue and revitalise the T'zun Army political prisoner Marinium.


Ben 10: Road Trip

Ben Prime


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