Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 11
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
Power of Love is the 41st episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in space focusing on a rusty cargo ship. On board, two alien scientists are seen experimenting with a liquid sample. A door then opens horizontally and a figure wearing red enters the room.

Figure, in female voice: Peasants.

The scientists turn around and bow to the figure.

Figure, standing before them: You may rise.

They then stand back up. The view then moves up from the bottom of a red gown and moves upwards, revealing Kalina.

Kalina: Any progress on my thing so far?

Alien Scientist: No, your highness. We've been working for quite a while now and, well, something that you request could take a long time.

Kalina: I don't have time for that, peasant. I came to you, didn't I?

Alien Scientist 2: Yes, your highness.

Kalina: Then I expect results. This is really important to me. After those bad people tried to take me away from a very important person, I just had to get away so I'm grateful you came to my call and helped me escape.

Alien Scientist 2: The people of Disputis have helped us in the past and we are more than willing to help for their cause.

Alien Scientist: Is this a weapon?

Kalina, sensing something in his words: In a way, I suppose.

Alien Scientist: Has King Sovach agreed to this?

Kalina: Are you questioning my authority?

Alien Scientist, bowing: No, your highness.

Kalina: Then explain yourself.

Alien Sceintist, bowing: I just believe that this product would not be effective for the Datarians, your highness.

Kalina then looks down at the scientist which a mad expression and kicks the scientist into the table which the chemicals are rested upon. A beaker than spills all over him. The alien scientist then yells out as smoke produces from his body. The other alien scientist backs away, looking in horror. When the liquid stops pouring from the beaker, the smoke stops a short moment later. Kalina and the other scientist look at the scientist who gets up with his back to the view.

Alien Scientist 2: Uh- Are you feeling alright?

Alien Scientist: Princess Kalina, I offer you my heart. I am bestowed to you. Accept me. ACCEPT ME!

Kalina: What is this?

Alien Scientist 2: It must be the chemicals. I need to fix the formula.

Kalina: No. I think this would work just nicely. (smirks deviously)

Theme Song

After the titles, the team is seen at the Juice Shack. Brandon is seen drinking a milkshake as well as Coco, Sarah is just sitting there and Jenny is looking at a milkshake that she's holding.

Brandon, putting his milkshake done: Hey Jenny, you're not going to drink yours?

Jenny: I didn't really enjoy the last one I had.

Brandon: That's okay. I got you something you might like.

Jenny looks unsure at first then looks at Brandon who has this silly smile on his face. Jenny then smiles slightly and looks back at the milkshake.

Jenny: Okay...

Jenny then drinks the milkshake and looks surprised after drinking it.

Coco, noticing: Gross, right?

Jenny: It's- It's- Great!

Sarah: What flavor did you get her?

Brandon, leaning back, proudly: Marshmallow.

Sarah: Can't believe that's a flavor. (sips milkshake)

Coco: Out of all the ridiculous flavors I've been seeing him drink, that one seems very very normal.

Brandon: I can't help it if they sell tasty flavors.

Coco: Ugh. Whatever you say.

Jenny: Is there anything else that you do aside from saving the world?

Brandon: I would show you but I've got a date tonight. Amy and I are going to Burger Hut later on.

Coco: I don't get why couples date when they're already together.

Sarah: It spices up the romance.

Jenny: I wouldn't know. (drinks milkshake again)

Brandon: What? You don't have someone special in your love life?

Jenny: No. I just- I haven't given that much thought.

Brandon: Well, I don't know about you guys but I think I'm going to have a pretty great date so far.

Suddenly a shadow overcomes the Juice Shack along with a rustling wind which blows over Brandon's milkshake cup off of the table. The team looks up and see the rusty cargo ship flying overhead.

Sarah: You were saying.

Coco: That looks like a freight ship. They're mainly used for transport for heavy cargo and equipment.

Jenny: What type of equipment?

Coco: Mainly alien tech. Sometimes weapons and stuff.

Sarah: Looks like it's landing nearby.

Brandon: Let's go.

The scene then cuts over to the ship which is parked in the middle of a street. Coco's Car drives up to and stops a couple of feet away. The team exit the car and approach the ship which already has its hangar door open.

Brandon: Looks like someone was trying to get out.

Coco: Impossible. We would have saw them on our way in.

Sarah: So they're still inside. Maybe they need some type of assistance.

Brandon: We'll never know if we stay out here. Come on.

They enter the ship and look around, seeing crates stacked on various shelves. They walk past them and enter a corridor leading in two directions.

Sarah: Looks like it leads off into two different directions.

Coco: Split Up?

Brandon: Dude, you want to split up in a creepy abandoned spaceship?

Coco: Of course not. I want to split up in a creepy possibly abandoned spaceship.

Brandon: Oh... right... Alright you guys go down that way. Me and Jenny will take this side.

Sarah: Right. We'll meet back here if we don't find anything.

Coco and Sarah go down the right side while Brandon and Jenny go down the left side. Brandon and Jenny look around and see lab equipment.

Brandon: Looks like some type of laboratory.

Jenny: On a transport ship? Why?

Brandon: I dunno. Maybe they were transporting chemicals and stuff like that. (shrugs and looks around some more)

Brandon then across a stacked pile of crates next to another table of lab equipment. A faint giggle in heard. Brandon notices this and looks up at the stacked crates, seeing Kalina sitting on top looking down at Brandon.

Kalina: Greeting lover.

Brandon, surprised: Kalina?!

Kalina then jumps down from the stacked crates and lands in front of Brandon, standing extremely close to his face.

Kalina: I've been waiting so long to see you again. I just couldn't wait to get my hands all over you.

Brandon, backing away: How did you get out of prison?

Kalina: I was pardoned.

Brandon, not believing that: Really?

Kalina: I was a good girl.

Brandon: "Was" is the keyword.

Kalina: Just give me another chance. All I want is for us to be together.

Brandon: What are you even doing on Earth in a rusty old spaceship? Hardly seems like you.

Kalina: Aw. You pay attention. How sweet. (grabs his arm)

Brandon: It just observation. Ugh! (takes arm back) Answer the question, Kalina.

Kalina, annoyed: I called for help and help came. I heard that the legendary Brandon 10 was found on Earth so I decided to come here. "Legendary". A title makes you even more attractive than before.

Jenny, walking over: I could not find anything import- (seeing Kalina) You.

Kalina: What? (to Brandon) Who is she?

Brandon: None of your concern.

Kalina: Did you find someone else, Brandon? Someone that I can beat in furious battle in order to honor my beloved.

Brandon: No, Kalina. I'm going to play your game anymore. I know how you work now so your tricks won't work on me.

Kalina: I don't play on using any tricks. I know I may have in the past but it was for good reason. I needed to convince my father to lend me his kingdom. With a kingdom, I can have the power to win over your heart.

Brandon: I doubt it.

Kalina: Fine then. I don't need a kingdom. I want it but I don't need it because I'm not here to bother you or the other Humans.

Brandon: Then why are you here?

Kalina: I need help.

Brandon: You need help?

Kalina: Yes. I constructed a device to contact my father but it still needs adjusting. All I want is to be accepted again.

Brandon looks at Kalina carefully then looks away.

Brandon: Fine. Where's your device thing?

Kalina: In the other room. (points)

Brandon walks into the other room and sees a small device designed like a podium with a metallic ball with holes at the tip.

Brandon: This is the device?

Kalina: It's one of the pieces I need in order to be accepted again. Allow me to activate it.

Brandon: Nice try, Kalina but I'll activate it.

Kalina: I like a globnard who shows off how strong he is.

Brandon, rolling his eyes: Ugh. (to Jenny who is still standing outside of the room in surprise) Jenny.

No response.

Brandon, repeating himself: Jenny.

Jenny then snaps out of it and looks at Brandon.

Jenny: Huh?

Brandon: Watch her, alright?

Jenny nods.

Brandon: You alright?

Jenny: I'm... okay.

Kalina glares at her while Brandon looks back at the device. He then activates it which causes an energy pulse to move throughout the device. Kalina then pulls out a small device from her gown and places it on her face which covers her nose and mouth.

Brandon, noticing this: What are you-

Suddenly a massive red gas is released from the device causing Brandon to cough consistently.

Jenny: Brandon?

Jenny then starts coughing to and falls over. Kalina looks at them both and approaches Brandon. She grabs his shoulders and looks him in the face.

Kalina: Look at me. LOOK AT ME!

Brandon opens his eyes and sees Kalina.

Kalina: Yes... Look at me...

Brandon, weakly: Kalina... (coughs and falls over)

Kalina then gets up and walks away. Meanwhile, Coco and Sarah are looking around the ship.

Sarah: Doesn't look like anything unusual is on this side.

Coco: Maybe they found something instead.

The ship then rocks a little.

Sarah: Um... What was that?

Coco: The engines. This thing is taking off.

Sarah: Brandon and Jenny.

Coco: Get out of here. I've got them.

Sarah: But-

Coco: I've got it. Go, please.

Sarah nods and runs off. Coco then runs off another way. Back in the room filled with gas, Brandon and Jenny are seen on the floor. Coco then approaches the room and sees the gas coming out. He coughs once then looks around and sees a metallic crate. He grabs it and absorbs it, becoming his metal form. He then forms a metal respirator around his mouth. He then runs in there and grabs Jenny, lifting her over his shoulder. He then sees Brandon, grabs him and places him over his other shoulder. Sarah then exits the ship as it starts to take off from the ground.

Sarah: NO!

Sarah's eyes then turn pink and she uses his energy to grab onto the ship with pink energy beams, slowing it down. She struggles to keep the ship contained. Coco then jumps out from the open hangar door, carrying both Brandon and Jenny right when Sarah's energy beams break and she falls on her knees after yelling out. Coco then sets the two down as he leans against a tan-colored car, loosing his metal form. Brandon then coughs and leans forwards, breathing for air.

Sarah, getting up from the ground: Brandon. Are you alright?

Brandon, raspy: Fine. (coughs)

Sarah: What happened in there?

Brandon: I uh- I don't remember. I was with Jenny and Kalina was there and-

Sarah: Wait. Kalina was there? As in Princess Kalina from Disputis?

Brandon: Wait where's- (sees Jenny) Jenny? Jenny, are you okay? Talk to me, Jenny.

Jenny then coughs and opens her eyes weakly. She looks at Brandon.

Brandon: Hey. Hey. You okay?

Jenny: I am now...

Brandon helps Jenny up while Coco continues leaning on the car.

Sarah, noticing this: Coco? Something wrong?

Coco, looking at Sarah: No. I'm just- a little out of breath. Phew.

Sarah: Well the ship got away.

Brandon: I've got it.

Sarah: No. No you don't. You're not feeling well and you have a date later on. I'll look into it and we'll all go when you guys are feeling better.

Brandon: Right yeah. Good- Good idea.

Everyone then enters Coco's Car but Sarah looks up at the sky where the ship was. The scene then transitions to Burger Hut, in the evening. The Mach 10 is seen pulling up in the parking lot. The scene then cuts to inside where Amy is seen looking at a plastic menu. A bell on the door is then heard. She looks up from her menu and sees Brandon walking in and approaching her. She then looks back at her menu. Brandon sits across from her.

Brandon: Hey, Amy. Sorry I'm late.

Amy, putting down her menu: It's been 20 minutes, Brandon.

Brandon: I know. I know. I wasn't feeling good.

Amy, concerned: Are you alright?

Brandon: Yeah just some alien stuff I was doing earlier.

Amy: Uh huh.

Brandon: What?

Amy: Nothing. It's just that- you're always doing alien stuff.

Brandon: Yeah?

Amy: And you never really make any time for me.

Brandon: That's not true.

Amy: Oh really?

Brandon: We've been seeing each other a lot lately.

Amy: Yeah because you always happen to be there when I'm there. That's not the same thing as hanging out or going on a date. I'm your girlfriend, Brandon. I need attention and care but most of all, I need you.

Brandon is seen looking out of the window.

Amy: Brandon?

Brandon, looking out of the window: Mhm?

Amy: Am I boring you or something?

Brandon: What? No. I'm just- thinking about someone.

Amy: Someone?

Brandon, snapping out of it: Something. (looking at Amy) I meant to say something.

Amy looks a little upset and puts her plastic menu back up, covering her face. A sigh is then heard.

Amy, behind the menu: Brandon?

Brandon: Yeah?

Amy, behind the menu: You think we can just be- (puts menu down) normal for once?

Brandon: Yeah. Sure.

Amy, touching his hand: I'd like that.

Brandon then takes his hand back.

Amy: Brandon?

Brandon: Uh- I've gotta go.

Amy: But you just got here.

Brandon: I know I just-

Brandon then runs out of the restaurant leaving Amy by herself. The scene then cuts over to Coco's Warehouse where Sarah is seen on Coco's computer while Coco is leaning on her chair, looking at the monitor.

Coco: Whatcha doin'?

Sarah: Looking up the model of the ship on this database.

Coco: I've got the model.

Sarah: Well I doubt you know every single thing about it. I'm just double checking.

Coco: I love it when you double check stuff.

Sarah: Yeah well someone has to around here.

Coco then kisses Sarah who was not expecting that.

Sarah: Whoa. What was that for?

Coco: Does there need to be a reason?

Sarah smirks and kisses Coco again, lasting longer than before. The view then moves towards the right side of the Warehouse, showing the Interceptor. On board, Jenny is seen sitting by her computer station, looking out of the window. She's watching Coco and Sarah make out. She then turns back to the computer which is showing a Mechanic file of Brandon. Jenny reaches her hand towards the screen but takes it back and turns from the screen.

Jenny, to herself: What is happening to me? I feel these thoughts. New thoughts. Thoughts I haven't felt before. Thoughts that I feel in others when they- when they- Why do I feel this way? Is this normal? Is this- Uh! (holds her head) I need to think... I need to think...

The scene then cuts over to the Mach 10 driving down the road. Brandon is seen behind the steering wheel, driving.

Brandon, to himself, driving: She was all over me. I can't believe it. I need to focus on something else. Someone else. Kalina. She escaped and I need to focus on finding her and her nice orange hair with her shiny blue eyes and beautiful face. I can almost smell her when she touched me.

Brandon then lets go of the wheel and grabs his jacket. He then smells it. The Mach 10 curves off the road and comes to a stop, halfway off of the road and halfway into a forest. Back inside the car, Brandon is still smelling his jacket. He then looks up from it and sighs in relief. He then sees a strand of orange hair on his jacket. He grabs it and admires it.

Brandon, feeling it: Feels so smooth. (thinking) Maybe I can track her with this.

Brandon gets out of the car and places the strand on the ground. He pulls down his sleeve and activates the Ultimatrix. He slaps down the face plate and transforms into Wildpup.

Wildpup: (barks)

Wildpup then sniffs the strand of hair and looks up. He then walks off into the forest. The scene then transitions to Wildpup making his way through the forest until he arrives as the rusty spaceship which landed in the middle of it, knocking over some trees in order to make room.

Wildpup, happily: (barks twice)

Wildpup then transforms back into Brandon who approaches the spaceship. Inside the ship, a knock is heard. Kalina then approaches the hangar door and opens it, seeing Brandon standing there with a big smile.

Brandon: Hey Honey, I'm home.

The scene then cuts to Coco's Warehouse. Inside, Coco smooches Sarah on the cheek but she seems slightly annoyed.

Sarah: Alright, Coco. That's enough. You're wearing me out.

Coco: But I have to show you how affectionate you are to me.

Sarah: Believe me you already did.

Coco goes in for another kiss but Sarah puts her hand out to stop him.

Sarah: Is this some sort of prank or something?

Coco stops but pushes harder only for Sarah to keep him at bay stronger.

Sarah: Seriously, Coco, enough.

Coco: I will show you.

Sarah: Yeah, some other time.

Coco: No! I'll show you now!

Sarah: What is your deal? I said back off, alright?

Sarah pushes Coco back. Coco then looks at her grimly and pushes her off of the chair and onto the floor.

Sarah: Hey! What are you-

Coco, launching at her: You are going to love me, Sarah!

Sarah creates an energy shield around her, knocking Coco onto the ground.

Sarah: What has gotten into you?!

Coco then leans up and rubs his nose. He then places both hands on the ground and absorbs the material, gaining a concrete form. He then forms sledge hammers as his hands and jumps at Sarah's shield, slamming his hammer fists against it, weakening the shield.

Coco, every time he hits the shield: Love! (hits) Me! (hits) Love! (hits) Me! (hits) Love! (hits) Me! (hits)

Sarah is struggling to keep the shield up. Her eyes then glow pink and she expands the shield, throwing Coco into the air and hitting the wall. He then falls from the wall and onto the ground, face first. Sarah then drops the energy shield and catches her breath. She looks up and sees Coco lying there on the floor, still in concrete form.

Sarah, concerned: Coco? Coco!

Sarah gets up from the floor and runs over to Coco. She turns him over so that he's facing her. His eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly open.

Sarah: Coco, are you alright?

There is no response. Suddenly Coco's eyes then open and he grabs Sarah by the throat with his arm. He gets up, almost robotic like, and pins her against the wall. He then forms his other hand into a scythe.

Sarah, choking: Coco!

Coco then raises his scythe hand while increasing his grip on Sarah's neck. Jenny then exits the Interceptor, holding her head, looking confused and at the ground. She looks up, still holding her head and sees Coco pinning Sarah against the wall. 

Jenny, surprised: Sarah!

Jenny then, as a instant reflex, forms a small gesture with her hands, floating them around each other, and releases a telepathic attack on Coco which forces him to fall over, releasing his grip on Sarah. Sarah then coughs and breaths for air as Coco lays on the floor. He then looses his concrete form.

Sarah, holding her neck: What did you do to him?

Jenny: I- I don't know. I just- It was just a reflex. I-

Sarah kneels down and checks Coco's pulse. She then sighs in relief.

Sarah: He's still breathing. Just unconscious. I didn't know you could do that.

Jenny: I also did not know. What happened?

Sarah: I don't know. He just- attacked me because I wasn't giving him any love.

Jenny: Love. As in- uh- what you were doing a short time ago?

Sarah: I guess so. I'm not sure.

Jenny: That is odd.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Jenny: I was having the same thoughts.

Sarah: When did they start?

Jenny: As soon as we escaped the spaceship from earlier.

Sarah: He was acting strange ever since then too. (pulls out cell phone from pocket)

Jenny: What are you doing?

Sarah: Calling Brandon. If I'm right, then he should be affected too.

Brandon, over the phone: Hey! This is Brandon. Can't come to the phone right now because I'm dealing with an alien invasion or something so leave a message and I'll get back to y- (alien growl noise) No! No! No! Not the face! Not the face! (phone beeps)

Sarah, hanging up the phone: He's not picking up and I'm far too weak to track him with my energy.

Jenny: What do we do?

Sarah: Are you track down his location using your telepathy?

Jenny: I might be able to but I won't.

Sarah: Why not?

Jenny: Because I know Kalina and she knows me. I won't face her again. She knows something about me.

Sarah: Whatever that is, it doesn't matter right now. We're talking about Brandon, here. He could be in danger and if he is just like Coco back there then everyone around him could be in danger too.

Jenny, to herself: Brandon... (looks at Sarah) Okay. I will track him.

Jenny then closes her eyes and concentrates. When she opens her eyes again, they are glowing blue.

Jenny: I can barely sense him. He's a great distance away. We will need transport.

Jenny and Sarah look at each other then turn to look at Coco's Car. The scene then cuts to the road. Amy is seen riding down the road on a bicycle. She looks like she's in thought, while riding. She then squints at something and looks surprised. She then stops riding and sees the Mach 10, halfway off the street with its door wide open.

Amy, to herself: Brandon?

Amy then gets off of her bike, letting it fall on the road. She then runs over to the car and looks inside, seeing no one. She then looks at the forest and goes inside of it. The scene then cuts over to later on where Coco's Car driving wildly down the street. Inside, Sarah is seen driving while Jenny is tracking down Brandon using her telepathy.

Sarah, driving: How close are we?

Jenny, using telepathy: Not too far away.

Coco's Car then hits a bump very hard.

Jenny, holding the side of the car: How is the driving?

Sarah, driving: Not too far off.

Jenny smiles but is interrupted by a sudden blue flash in her eyes.

Jenny: Stop!

Sarah hits the brakes sharply and the car comes to a stop. A thud is heard in the back.

Jenny: He's close.

Sarah: Great. I've actually never drove a car before.

Jenny: You mentioned that earlier. Also, what was that noise I heard?

Sarah: Coco.

Jenny: Hm?

Sarah: He just slid off the back seat.

Jenny: Oh.

The girls then get out of the car and see the Mach 10 with its driver's side door wide open.

Jenny: He's in there (points to the forest)

The girls then proceed to enter the forest. When they emerge into an opening, they see the rusty spaceship.

Sarah: It's Kalina's Ship.

Jenny looks nervous.

Sarah, noticing: You can do this.

Jenny nods and they proceed to enter the spaceship. They walk past the crates and enter the corridor from earlier. They see a faint glowing down one of the ends. They look at each other then continue down that end. Once they enter the room, they look up in surprise as they see a large device being constructed with large scrap pieces levitating into place.

Kalina, off screen: Well, it seems (on screen) that we have guests.

Sarah: Kalina...

Kalina: It's Princess Kalina.

Sarah: Last time I checked, you weren't a princess anymore.

Kalina: Things have changed now. I have the means to regain my kingdom.

Sarah: With a big machine?

Kalina: More or less. How did you find me?

Sarah: It's not important.

Kalina: Oh but I think it is. You see, when I want to be alone with someone, I tend to make sure that I stay alone.

Sarah: This isn't your kingdom anymore, Kalina.

Jenny: Wait- someone?

Kalina: Yes. Someone. (looking upwards) Yoohoo!

Sarah and Jenny look upwards as well and see Telecraft levitating downwards towards them.

Sarah: Brandon?

Telecraft then lands next to Kalina who then hugs his arm as he looks at Sarah and Jenny robotic-like.

Kalina: Isn't he just a dream come true?

Jenny: What did you do to him? ...What did you do to us?

Kalina: I just decided to test a new chemical I was working on.

Sarah: Chemical?

Kalina: I was in charge of the science labs back on Disputis. A small fraction of power from my father which wasn't enough for myself. But as I longed for the throne, I grew quite close with science. I started to understand its functions and when I learned of the contents of this vessel, I knew that I could create a theorized formula to make someone, anyone, beg you for their love.

Sarah: So you broke from prison to create a love potion? What exactly does this have to do with your rise to power?

Kalina: That's what the machine is for. It's to send the same formula to Disputis where everyone on the planet, including my father's kingdom, will be under my influence, or at least weakened enough for my- (holds onto Telecraft) my lover to remove any threats to my new leadership. You would do that for me, wouldn't you?

Telecraft: For you? (looks at her sweetly) Anything.

Sarah: Brandon, you have to snap out of it. She's manipulating you.

Telecraft then turns grimly to Sarah and pushes her away with his mind.

Telecraft: Don't disrespect her.

Kalina: That's a good prince. Now finish the machine so I can be your queen. (looking at Jenny) I have to deal with this one.

Telecraft: Yes, my queen.

Telecraft then flies off to finish the machine. Kalina then walks over to Jenny who looks scared.

Kalina: I have seen you before. Somewhere. I can see it in your eyes. You know me. From where?

Jenny: Nowhere.

Kalina: Do not waste my time.

Jenny: How do I reverse this?

Kalina: I will never tell you.

Jenny: Please do.

Kalina: (chuckles) No.

Kalina then draws her energy sword.

Kalina: You were with him earlier when you boarded this vessel. He had a lot of interest in you. Maybe if I destroy you as violently as I can imagine, he would finally be able to tell me that he loves me.

Jenny: Please just tell me.

Kalina approaches Jenny slowly.

Jenny: (breathing out) I did not want to do this but you left me no choice.

Jenny's eyes then glow blue and he hits Kalina in the face. Jenny's eyes then revert back to normal.

Jenny: There is an antidote.

Sarah gets up from the floor and holds her arm. Jenny notices this and looks at her.

Jenny: The antidote. It's in the laboratories where it all started.

Sarah nods then runs off. Meanwhile, Telecraft places the final pieces into place, smiles then looks down, seeing Kalina holding her face with the energy sword on the ground while Jenny is looking down at her.

Telecraft, concerned: Princess Kalina!

Telecraft then flies down and grabs Jenny. He pins her against a wall.

Jenny: Uh! (looking at Brandon) Brandon, listen to me, she is controlling you. You need to fight it.

Telecraft, aggressively: You hurt her.

Telecraft raises his fist and attempts to strike Jenny but Jenny uses her telekinesis to stop his fist but Telecraft looks at his fist then looks at Jenny. He pushes harder and his fist starts to move closer and closer to Jenny's face as Jenny tries harder and harder to keep his fist suspended. When it's about an inch away from her face, a glass shattering noise is heard and Telecraft falls over. Sarah is seen standing behind him, holding her arm. On the floor, glass is seen as long as a blue liquid. Telecraft then transforms back into Brandon who lies there with his eyes closed. Jenny then breaths out in relief.

Sarah: Brandon? I hope it worked.

Brandon, groaning: What? I keep hearing ringing sounds and I'm trying to get some sleep.

Sarah: Well he's not trying to kill us so that's something.

Brandon, getting up: Huh? What- What happened?

Sarah: You don't remember?

Brandon: It's a little fuzzy but I remember some things like building something.

Jenny: It is a machine. Kalina wanted to construct it for her so she can operate it on Disputis.

Sarah: It's meant to fire the same formula she used on you, Coco and Jenny. I grabbed spare antidotes from her lab.

Brandon, noticing Sarah holding her arm: What happened to your arm?

Sarah, looking at her arm: That's- (looks at Brandon) that's not important right now.

Brandon then turns and looks at Jenny who looks a little roughed up but remaining calm. He then looks down and then looks up, looking upset.

Sarah: Brandon?

Brandon: I remember now. (looking around) Where is she?

Jenny: She must have escaped.

Brandon: Not if I can help it. Get those antidotes to Coco. I've got Kalina.

Brandon runs off as Sarah and Jenny head for the exit. Amy then moves out of a hidden area in the corridor as Sarah and Jenny passed her. She then follows after Brandon hesitantly. The scene then cuts to Sarah opening Coco's Car door with him lying on the floor. Sarah then gives him the antidote when a rust of wind and a roaring noise is heard. Sarah and Jenny turn and see the ship taking off.

Coco, waking up: Huh? What'd I miss?

The scene then cuts over to the control room, where Kalina is piloting the ship. Outside of the control room, Brandon attempts to open the door but its locked.

Brandon: Open the door, Kalina. I know you're in there.

Kalina: The door is reinforced. They cured you. You can not be in here.

Brandon: No. They didn't. I took care of them for you.

Kalina: Care of them?

Brandon: ...They aren't on the ship anymore. It's just you and me. Together.

Amy watches Brandon from a distance, listening in. The door then unlocks and opens. Brandon then enters the control room.

Kalina: My love, we can finally escape and use the machine on my father's kingdom.

Brandon, upset: I am not your love.

Kalina: My love, I do not understand.

Brandon, upset, storming up to her: You used me!

Kalina then draws her energy sword.

Kalina: Yes. I needed to.

Brandon: I would have let this go but you made me hurt them.

Kalina: But they are just weak Human creatures. You are more powerful then them. Well, one of them at least.

Brandon: What are you talking about?

Kalina: I know. (playfully) I know.

Brandon, strict: Know what?

Kalina: I know her secret. I know why she is hiding. She can not be trusted. Ja'Nene.

Brandon looks a little surprised.

Kalina: She can not have you. I claimed you first.

Brandon: What secret, Kalina?

Kalina: She tried to read my mind but as she learned my secrets, I looked into her mind as well and I saw who she really was. She was not a Human creature. She was a person of high power. I met her before, on her home world. For trade. She went into hiding because she knew that I would know her and that I would tell you who she really is.

Brandon: Stop talking and land the ship.

Kalina: No. I will activate my device and I will gain my power of the throne. I could always pick you up later.

Brandon: There isn't going to be a later, Kalina.

Kalina: If you want to do things like this-

Kalina then grabs her gown and rips it off, leaving only the torso to the waist on, resembling a dress.

Kalina: -then so be it.

Kalina grips her energy sword and the handle glows bright orange/yellow. Pieces of armor then fly from under the control panels and attach onto Kalina, forming her battle armor suit. Brandon then activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate, transforming into Crusher.

Crusher: CRUSHER!

Kalina then runs over to Crusher, slashing at him with her energy sword which leaves behind thick cuts on his layered skin. Crusher, who was blocking the attacks with his arms, unfolds them quickly, hitting Kalina into the control panel. She then falls off the panel and onto the floor. The panel then sparks up and the ship turns sharply, heading downwards.

Kalina, getting up: What have you done?

On the streets, the citizens are walking around like usual when a couple of them look up and point. Some of them scream and run off. The ship is then seen crashing down towards them. Kalina presses a button on one of the panels which opens up a hatch, dropping the machine and a few cargo onto the street. The ship then crashes a little further down the street, sliding across until it's halted by the broken up road it burried itself in. A moment later, a circle is carved from the side of the ship. The outlined portion is then kicked off and Kalina, wielding her energy sword, pounces from the hole, onto the street. She then runs towards the machine which is rested down the streets. Crusher then grabs the sides of the hole and expands it, making his way through. He then runs after Kalina until Amy runs in front of him.

Amy: Brandon!

Crusher, stopping: Amy? What are you doing here?

Amy: I was on board, Brandon. I heard everything.

Crusher: I can't do this right now, Amy.

Amy: No. You can and you will. We need to talk.

Crusher: She's getting away!

Amy: No, she's not. Because if you're the person I know you are, then you can do anything. So right now I need you to explain this to me. Just the littlest thing. I honestly don't care. I just- I just need to know if I still matter.

Crusher: Amy-

Amy: Brandon, please just-

Crusher: Amy, it's not safe here. You need to get out of here.

Amy: Not until you talk to me.

Crusher: Amy, just go.

Amy: I just need you to-

Crusher, yelling: GO! Amy is quiet. Everyone is quiet. Crusher's yell is still echoing throughout the street. Amy then looks as if she's about to cry. Amy then runs off. Crusher then looks ahead and sees Kalina already priming the device. Crusher then slams his fist against the Ultimatrix symbol and undergoes an evolution transformation. He transforms into Ultimate Crusher.

Ultimate Crusher: ULTIMATE CRUSHER!

Ultimate Crusher then runs towards the machine. He extends his hand out and, using his geokinesis, forms a large arm from the ground, made out of rock, which is uses as a ramp to run across and jump off of the tip. The rock arm then grabs hold of the machine while Ultimate Crusher attempts to slam his fists into the transmitter. However, Kalina hits the button and the transmitter activates, firing a large beam, with a shockwave that sends Ultimate Crusher crashing towards the ground. The windows of various building in the area shatter. The transmitter continues sending out the beam.

Kalina: Yes! My plans were a success.

Ultimate Crusher: I don't think so.

Ultimate Crusher then lifts his hand causing the rock hand to lift upwards as well. Ultimate Crusher then slams his hand against the ground causing the rock to crash into the transmitter in a hard way, causing the device to fall apart, ending the beam transmission.

Kalina: NO!

The rubble then falls on Kalina, knocking her out and knocking her energy sword out of her hand, in front of Ultimate Crusher who looks down at her. The scene then cuts to The Mechanics taking an arrested Kalina on board their ship.

Brandon: What's going to happen to, Kalina?

Mechanic Officer: We're taking her back to the prison she escaped from except we're increasing her containment, taking away her phone call rights is a good start but we've still got tons of work to do after this.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Mechanic Officer: It's a possible Level 8 situation. We're currently at Level 7 in Omega Stage, hanging in close.

Jenny: Level 7?

Mechanic Officer: It's a code we use to describe war-like behaviors on planets.

Coco: How did it happen?

Mechanic Officer: I dunno. Apparently whatever Kalina fired from her beam ended up hitting Disputis and while all it did was make them weak minded, it provided many opportunities for them to be manipulated to practically fighting each other. So we're assigned to assess that as soon as possible. In fact, it might take us about a month just to fix it. Lots of Mechanic forces at work. You guys can handle Sector 10 on your own, right?

Brandon: I guess we'll just have to work something out.

Mechanic Officer, removing a Capture Zone Projector from his side compartment: Here. Take this. (gives to Brandon) You're gonna need it more than I am. When we're done, we'll just sort out the mess you left for us.

The Mechanic Officer then heads into the back of the ship which closes the door. Once the door is closed, the ship takes off and flies off into space. The team look up and see the ship soar. Amy then slowly walks over to Brandon. Brandon looks down and sees Amy approaching him.

Brandon: Amy. I'm glad you stuck around. I was thinking maybe we could make up that date with something better like-

Amy, timidly: Brandon-

Brandon, not hearing her: I dunno, the movies or something else, whatever it's up to-

Amy, impatiently: Brandon!

Brandon, now noticing: What?

Amy: I- I don't think I can do this anymore.

Brandon: ...What are you saying?

Amy: It's just- everything that's been going on. You've done some pretty stupid things while we were together and even before that and I have always had your back. I would have gone to the end of the line for you but this. This is unacceptable.

Brandon: Amy, I'm sorry. It was the formula and it had-

Amy: I wasn't talking about the formula.

Brandon: Oh.

Amy: ...Brandon, you yelled at me today. You yelled at me. Never in my life, has someone, anyone, that I cared for, someone who I thought cared for me, someone who I trusted, yelled at me. And it wasn't just a yell, Brandon. It was a roar. It took me some time, the first time, when we first met. To get used to these alien forms you keep changing into but I've gotten used to it. Because no matter who you turned into, I still saw you there all the time. But this time, all I saw was this- this thing. I can't keep doing this if one day you'll just snap and hurt me.

Brandon: I would never hurt you.

Amy: Well you did. I've been dealing with you ignoring me, chasing after aliens, chasing after other girls but I forgave for that. A hole in my house and loosing my parents' trust, is something that can be fixed instantly but this? This will take a lot longer to walk away from.

Brandon: Amy, I'm sorry I didn't mean to-

Amy: Save it. I just- I need some space.

Brandon: What are you trying to say?

Amy: I'm saying that maybe it's time we went our separate ways. It's over, Brandon.

Amy then walks off.

Brandon: Amy...

Brandon attempts to walk over to her but Coco puts his hand on his shoulder. Brandon looks at him and Coco shakes his head. Brandon then looks at Amy, walking away, again then looks down at the ground, defeated. The scene then shows the entire street cleared, with a few citizens on the sidewalks, and the team standing near the crash site. The scene then transitions to the inside of some sort of facility. A woman walks down a metal hallway. She's wearing a leather black jacket over a white graphic shirt, blue jean shorts, ripped, and is holding a knapsack over her shoulder. She stops before a metal door which slides open. A barely seen figure stands in front of her.

Figure, in cybernetic voice: What did you find?

Woman: The space police won't be around the planet for quite some time, dealing with some issue on some planet. Point is, Earth is ripe for the taking.

Figure, in cybernetic voice: Don't simplify our purpose here. We're not here to take the Earth, we're here to save it.

Woman: Hey, as long as I can do the things you promised I can do, you can call it whatever you want.

Figure, in cybernetic voice: I like you. Your fresh with new ideas. Ideas that I am excited to try in the field but you shouldn't simplify your purpose either.

Woman: Yes, of course.

Figure, in cybernetic voice: Anything else to report?

Woman: The brat got cut loose from his girlfriend. I saw it, he's devastated.

Figure, in cybernetic voice: Yes... This will work just nicely.

The figure seemingly turns around and walks off.

Woman: What about me?

Figure, unseen, in cybernetic voice: What about you?

The scene then shows the figure who turns around to reveal that he's the Extreme Biker King.

Extreme Biker King: You're already one of us.

Woman, kneeling: Thank you, my king. I'm honored to fight aside you.

Extreme Biker King: Come. We've got work to do.




Aliens Used


  • The title of the episode was based off of the Huey Lewis and the News song with the same title.
    • In fact, some of the dialogue in the episode was meant to be based on the lyrics to the song when the actual actions taken place in the episode seem similar to the lyrics of the song. For example: "that's the power that makes the world go round" could be referring to the power of love, being the formula Kalina made, being used to affect her home world, Disputis.
  • This episode serves as the breakup point for Brandon and Amy's relationship which has been building up since her debut in Ultimate Hero, with the exception of some episodes.
  • Originally, Brandon was going to use a flying alien to get to the ship before the team but accidentally gets Wildpup and uses his sense of smell to track it down. But it made better sense to have them all together at the time.
    • Wildpup was however used later on for that exact purpose.
  • The file of Brandon that Jenny reads on board the Interceptor is the same file viewed in Galactic Law.
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