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Power-Up is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Upmusc from the planet Powelanti. Power-Up was created by Igrão Dias.


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Power-Up looks as basic as a strong purple alien can get, but his appearance actually changes as he grows stronger, gaining metal plates around his arms, brass knuckles on his hands and also metal spikes on the entirety of his torso. Power-Up wears a green sleeveless shirt with a black stripe on the middle, a golden belt where The Omnitrix is located, alongside black pants with green details and green-and-gold shoes which are a part of his pants. He has yellow eyes with orange irises and his nose is located on his forehead.

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Power-Up has the 'show-off' syndrome.

Powers and Abilities

Power-Up has the ability to grow in mass and strength as he is being hit. His arms start getting ripped before getting split open by the metal plates, which increase his power and durability.


When he is in his final plated form, Power-Up reaches the limit of his powering ability, leaving him susceptible to the most powerful attacks. Power-Up's body also only grows his abilities if he is hit by a direct physical attack, so if he is hit by a projectile or an energy attack, Power-Up will stay on his basic form.


Power-Up was first used on the second issue of the comic, where he was used by Ben to fight against Galord. Due to his strength, he also caused quakes that destroyed the caverns underneath him.


  1. Quicksand


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