Power-Hungry is an Eatik from the planet Hungrig in Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse.

General Information
Species Eatik
Home World Hungrig
Body Humanoid Robot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Is able to eat nearly anything, grows in size and strength when eating, limited electrokinesis
First Appearance The Ultimate Start


Power-Hungry is a humanoid robotic alien. He is five feet tall. His body is yellow with four pink stripes right before his waist. His waist is a black round orb, and two black stalks come from it to form his legs. His thighs are yellow with pink stripes, which have black stalks sticking from them, which then lead to his feet, which are yellow, except for the toes, they are pink. His shoulders are yellow, have a black stalk, and then lead to his shoulders, which are pink with three yellow stripes. His hands are small black orbs with four spikes coming from them to make fingers. His head is large and round. It is mainly yellow, with six pink thunder bolt like shapes on his forehead. His jaws are pink, and when opened, reveal a pink and bumpy tongue. His eyes are green and located where human eyes would be. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Ablities

Power-Hungry can eat nearly anything. The more he eats, the more powerful he gets, coming from his name Power-Hungry. He also grows in size and durability as he eats. Power-Hungry also never gets full, meaning he can keep on eating for almost forever, and just keep getting stronger. He also has limited electrokinesis.


Power-Hungry has an obsession with eating, making it slightly hard for Ben to handle his appetite. He also grows slower as he eats, and is open to attack while eating. His bright colors also easily make him stand out.


Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse

Ben 10: Super Omniverse

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