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Mutant Drake
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date 6/29/19
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
The Invasion Part 2

Postbellum is the thirty-fourth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, a later day, the sky is dark with light clouds drifting about. The buildings stand tall as the view slowly descends from the evening view to the street level, where a faint alarm grows louder and clearer. The streets appear to be clear of most citizens with a bank stationed at a street corner taking most of the focus in the short distance.

New York City
One Year and a Half Later

April 15, 22:10 EDT

The bank’s windows suddenly shatter with glass spreading out into the dark streets, as a loud and explosive force is set off inside the establishment. The scene cuts over to the bank’s entrance where the smoke starts to clear and a group of masked criminals start to step out from within the bank. They’re all dressed in black but their masks are different colors with different expressions as well. The man at the center of the group- wearing the red, angry mask- holds up two money bags, one in each hand.

Robber with Angry, Red Mask: Woo! And they say crime doesn't pay. Heh heh.

Robber with Frowning, Blue Mask: Knock it off. We don’t have much time now thanks to that little stunt back there!

Robber with Smiling, Yellow Mask: Hey, we needed to get that door open and your guy was taking too long!

Robber with Tired, Green Mask: Are you tryin’ to say something?!

Robber with Surprised, Orange Mask: Look, the cops are coming either way. We need to get out of here. Now.

Robber with Blue Mask: Agreed. You all know the plan?

Robber with Red Mask: Split up, each with a bag of dough. Then meet back up at the hideout and share our piece. We know the plan. We’ve been over it like a thousand times.

Robber with Blue Mask: Then get to it.

Robber with Red Mask: Hey, just remember who’s in charge, alright? Now then… let’s break off and meet back up as rich men, alright?

The robbers then split apart the bags of money they’ve collected from the bank and run off into different directions. All while a humanoid figure watches them from the shadows before moving off from the rooftop. The scene continues in an alleyway where one of the bank robbers- the one orange- runs off on foot. He then stops against a few trash cans and moves them aside, showing a motorcycle hidden behind them. He then starts to hop on the bike when a ball of fire flies ahead, blasting him away from the vehicle.

Robber with Orange Mask: AGH!

He looks up from the floor and sees a fiery fist approaching him.

Robber with Orange Mask: No way… it’s you.

The fist then comes down on him, knocking him out. The scene then cuts over to a white van at the side of the street. Two of the robbers, the one in green and the one in yellow, run towards the van before getting into the driver and passenger’s seats.

Robber with Yellow Mask, starting the van: Nice. Looks like everything is going according to plan.

Robber with Green Mask: Just get this thing moving. The last thing I want is to be caught with you by the cops or-

Before the robber with finish his sentence, a figure drops down onto the van’s roof, crushing it slightly with the weight and force of the figure.

Robber with Green Mask: What the-?! What was that?!

Robber with Yellow Mask: Whatever it is. It’s dead meat for ruining my van.

The robber with the yellow mask steps out of the van, pulling out a gun. But as he opens the door and leans to step outside, he’s grabbed from overhead and pulled up- right out of the vehicle. The robber in the green mask jumps back and struggles to open the door before falling out the van, himself. The figure at the top of the van drops down, robber in one hand, and slams him against the street. The force is enough to knock him cold. The green robber looks back only for a brief moment and bolts away from the van on foot. As he hurries ahead, he looks back- stopping ever so slightly just to catch his breath. A sudden breeze then blows past him, slightly pushing him back. The robber then looks around, surprised, before turning back to continue running off. However, he stops in his tracks as he sees a pair of goggles emanate through the darkness before him. The figure before him then runs ahead, causes the scene then cut once more. The robber in the blue mask smashes the glass window for a nearby shop and makes his way inside. He looks outside, checking if the coast is clear, then makes his way over to the counter then into the back room from there. As he enters, a figure drops down before the shattered glass window and peers into the dark and cleared building. In the back room, the blue masked robber grabs a nearby crowbar and readies himself. A moment passes as footsteps are heard approaching the door. The robber grips the crowbar steadily and prepares himself. The footsteps then stop and the room grows silent aside from the ragged breathing from the robber himself. The silence continues until a pulsing sound is heard. The robber starts to have unsure reactions judging from his body language as he steps slightly away from the door. However, the door before him soon blasts clear off of the hinges and the robber is thrown back to the ground from the sheer force of the blast. He looks ahead and tries getting up, hastily swinging the crowbar at the figure. However, they judge the attack and swing at the robber- slicing the crowbar in half with one swift cut. The robber looks at the sliced crowbar then slowly turns to the figure before him.

Robber with Blue Mask: W-What are you?! Some kind of Mutant?

The figure then kicks him back into a shelf. The robber lays there against the floor as the figure looks down at him.

Figure: Not exactly…

The figure then walks off with the scene cutting once more to the red masked robber. He has a money bag in his hand and stops in a clearing. He drops down to a knee and zips open the bag, looking inside to see wads of dollars stacked inside.

Robber with Red Mask: Soon enough, this will be all mine. (chuckles)

Voice: I can’t let you do that.

The robber stops and looks up, seeing a figure walking through the darkness- approaching him. The masked robber stands to his head, stifling a chuckle beneath his crimson mask.

Robber with Red Mask: Heh. You really think you can take me on? Do you know who I am?

Figure: No. Tell me.

Robber with Red Mask: People of the street call me Redd. Me and the Tone Troop. Have been hitting these banks for weeks with no one to stop us.

Figure: I know. You’ve been escaping with plenty of cash from these banks. It was impossible to steal that much money in such a short amount of time. Not even the police knew.

Robber with Red Mask: Why rob one bank when you can rob a whole buncha banks. All you need is a crew. Too bad you always work alone, Vigilante.

The robber draws out a gun and aims it at the figure in the dark. He fires but the bullet drops to the ground, crushed by the impact and sizzling ever so slightly. The robber backs up, presumingly surprised, as an energy shield lights up the darkness around the figure wielding it. The shield then drops and the figure steps ahead into the light in the clearing, showing himself to be Jake Lincoln in an updated version of his armor.

Jake Lincoln: Don’t worry. I’ve got my own crew.

Just the robber starts to back away even more, Fionna steps out in a new suit- throwing out of the orange robber into the clearing. Emmett soon joins in as well- in an updated version of his Leviathan armor- stepping into the clearing, carrying both the yellow and green masked robber over his shoulders. He drops them into the clearing as well. Danny, in a new and improved suit, also joins the others- speeding in, carrying the final blue masked robber with him and dropping him into the clearing as well. The four of them then stand together facing the red masked robber.

Robber with Red Mask: You’re not the Vigilante! Who are you?!

Jake: Haven’t you heard? We’re the Helpers.

The robber then turns off to run.

Fionna: (scoff) Looks like we’ve got another runner.

Speedster, excited: Do you want me to get ‘em?

Jake: No, it’s alright. I’ve got him.

Jake lifts his arm and fires off a low-charged shot, blasting the fleeing robber in the back. He then drops down and falls on his mask, shattering it.

Leviathan: Looks like that’s the end of the Tone Troop. What a gaudy name.

Jake: Good work, team. The city is safer with each of these missions.

Fionna: I’ll be honest. It wasn’t much of a fight...

Speedster: Still! It was pretty cool working out their method and pulling their own trick against them. Thinking one person was after them when it actually a whole team of crime fighters.

Leviathan: To think they actually thought we were the Vigilante.

Fionna: The Vigilante…

Jake glances over at Fionna then turns to the rest of the team.

Jake: Alright, let’s call it a night, guys. The police should be on their way to pick these robbers up. Let’s regroup at headquarters. The night might have more to offer us.

Speedster nods and starts to head off. Leviathan glances back at the two of them but follows Speedster.

Leviathan: So race you back?

Speedster: (laughs) Dream on. You know my whole thing is super speed, right?

Leviathan: I’m just saying- force equals speed and super strength is super force.

Speedster: This is why you’re in business rather than science, dude.

The two continue walking off while Fionna looks off to the side.

Jake: I know. You’re thinking about him too, aren’t you?

Fionna: It’s been nearly two years. I know we’re a team now. But… I don’t think we’ll ever feel complete without him.

Jake: He made his choice. All we can do now is respect it. Even if it hurts...

Fionna: I know. Thanks. I needed… that.

Jake: Can’t leave a team member feeling down now. Come on, let’s head on back. Who knows what kind of trouble those two will get into without us around.

Fionna: Heh. Yeah.

Jake walks ahead with Fionna following behind. Though, she stops for a moment and looks around. However, soon after, she looks ahead and follows after Jake once more. The Helpers can be seen leaving the scene from a rooftop in the distance. On that rooftop, a hooded figure watches from the shadows. That hooded figure being the Vigilante, himself; watching them from above, crouching as the sound of thunder erupts in the sky faintly with a still and veiled presence.

Title Sequence

The scene continues with a view of the city. The sky is now brighter as it is a new day with little clouds in the sky. Quite a lot of citizens are out attending to their own business with the streets bustling with activity. The view then escalates from the city streets to a high-up tower in the midst of Manhattan. It has a pointed base and curved side with two columns rising up- connected with a bridge with a curved glass window; one column taller than the other. The shorter column has a helipad on top with an H-printed against it. The taller column ends with a curved edge with a somewhat advanced satellite dish placed on its roof.

Helper Headquarters
April 16, 08:37 EDT

At the landing pad, a modified Jumpjet can be seen making its approach and soon touching down. The back doors then unfold and the team steps out from the hold and onto the landing pad. Jake adjusts some of the controls before exiting from the pilot seat and stepping into the hold in order to leave as well.

Jake: I have to say, these street crimes are getting a lot more bolder than I thought.

Speedster: These aren’t exactly the same kind of streets, Jake. The world got turned over and crime… well, that kinda got reinvented while you were, well, away.

Jake: Thanks but I was referring to the fact that it’s been nearly two years since the Xyrion Invasion. And yet… it feels like crime is escalating despite how much peaceful it’s been lately.

Fionna: Believe me, peace doesn’t last long. In this world, it’s all about survival. And in the city, it’s almost like the criminals are trying to survive by resorting to more crime.

Speedster: You really see a pattern in bank robberies? Come on, it can’t be anything major, right?

Leviathan: Those aren’t the only crimes happening. Aside from bank robberies, I’ve heard of several tech companies in the city claiming to have their assets stolen.

Fionna: What kind of assets?

Leviathan: Dangerous kinds if paired with the right kind of machinery in the wrong hands.

Jake: Well, I’m sure our technician has come across something while we were away.

The four of them enter the headquarters through a door across from the landing pad. Inside, a wide room that appears to be a lounging and meeting area can be seen. Adam can be seen typing against a laptop while seated at the couch. He looks up at the team with a glance then back at his laptop to continue typing. However, a realization comes over him suddenly and he looks up at the team, surprised.

Adam: Oh! You’re here.

Adam moves the laptop gently onto the couch as he hurries to his feet. Danny takes off his helmet and smiles.

Danny: What’s up, Adam? Working on any new designs?

Adam: Been busy. But it looks like you guys have been busier.

Jake: Series of robberies for the past week. Apparently, a few of them decided to have their fun on the same night. What about you? We were hoping you could give us some insight.

Adam: Oh I can give you that and then some. Lately, I got word of a bunch of tech circling around the city. I decided to look more into it and, well...

Adam types on his laptop and, with a quick swipe, he looks up at the screen before him.

Adam: You just might wanna see this for yourself.

The team also turns to that direction, now seeing images of weapons and machinery that look alien in origin.

Fionna, surprised: That’s…

Jake, sternly: Xyrion technology.

Adam: Yeah. It looks like those criminals you’ve been running into have been getting their hands on these and making weapons out of them by combining the resources they steal from tech companies in the city.

Jake: But we were there, at the clean up. It took months to get every scrap of Xyrion resources out of Manhattan.

Emmett: We can’t be too surprised. After all, It’s almost inevitable that some technology would escape our watch. We are only Human. Erm- Mutant. (beat) Well, mostly anyways…

Danny: Well, if something is missing from the clean up then it might be a good idea to go over what we know and figure something out.

Fionna: What do you mean by that?

Danny: I mean… I think we should talk to- y’know… him.

Fionna: R-Really? But why?

Danny: He was there with us. If anyone knows something that we don’t, it has to be him.

Jake: Danny, let it go.

Danny: But-

Jake: It’s been a while now. Drake is not coming back. We tried reaching out before. But he left this game a long time ago. We’re the only players left now.

Danny looks down, somewhat defeated, and silence fills the room. Emmett looks off to the side, in a more thoughtful expression.

Fionna: Either way… as much as I’d hate to agree with him, Danny’s right. If we can’t keep track of what went missing then someone else at the scene might.

Jake: Well… there was one other person we could talk to who was there for the clean up...

Adam looks over from his laptop at Jake with wide eyes. He then looks off to the side, with a slight sneer.

Adam: Kate...

The scene then cuts over to the city once more where the buildings remain, among them is an apartment building.

Palatial Valley Apartments
April 16, 09:35 EDT

Inside the apartment, the television is on and set to the news where Ryan Wilson is seated on the couch, watching ahead.

Reporter, on the TV: And that’s another crime that has been reportedly solved by the Mutant group known as, none other than, the Helpers. While they have only been operating within the city for about a year now, they’re already quite popular and helped to keep the city safe by helping to reduce crime rates; something that the police seem to have an issue with some may argue.

Ryan Wilson: We’re not the issue, buddy. It’s just that we lack the proper direction and dedication to get things done.

Across from the living room, in the corner of the apartment, Kate can be seen typing on her laptop- what looks like an article with a heading reading, “Infrastructure’s Inadequate Inquisition”. She then stops and lets out a sigh, turning her head and attention to the couch.

Kate: Dad, please-

Ryan: Oh, sorry, sweetheart. I was shouting again, wasn’t I?

Kate: No, you were fine. It’s just- can’t you watch something else?

Ryan: It’s just the news, sweetheart.

Kate: News about Mutants. You’ve been watching that a lot lately. They’re just promoting icons in order to boost ratings. It’s a classic trick when you’re involved with media disruption.

Ryan: I didn’t know my daughter had to rely on tricks in order to get somewhere.

Kate: She doesn’t. But it’s good to case to area before you charge into it.

Ryan: That’s my girl.

Kate: You going in today?

Ryan: Y-Yeah. Just later in the day. It’s not my shift yet.

Kate: Right.

Ryan: How about you? You’ve been home a lot.

Kate: Someone has to keep an eye on you.

Ryan: Come on, Kate. I’m old but I’m not that old. Besides, I’m the one who’s supposed to be worrying about you, young lady.

Kate: (sigh) I’m just- not writing the types of stories that are hot around this time, that’s all.

Ryan: You mean stories about Mutants? Kinda a surprise if you ask me.

Kate: I’m not involved in that life anymore. I would think you would understand.

Ryan: Yeah, well- things change… people change.

Kate: Yeah… I guess so. I should go.

Ryan: But I thought your job didn’t start yet.

Kate: Yeah but I still need to gather some more information for my story. I’ve been rewriting the same paragraph for the past hour now and I can’t keep asking for an extension.

She gets up and takes her leather jacket and throws it on, over her red shirt. She then takes her red satchel and places that on as well.

Ryan: Well, stay safe out there.

Kate: Don’t worry, I will.

Kate then reaches for the door and steps outside.

Ryan: I love-

The door then closes before Ryan can finish his sentence.

Ryan: (sigh)

He then turns his head off to the end of the couch and sees a standard police officer uniform with the badge on top as well as a hat. He looks at it for a moment, his eyes weighing heavier with just a glance alone before he has to look away- placing his face into her hands. He lets out a tired groan, muffled by his grasp. Kate continues down the stairs, checking her satchel. She then turns and step down another flight of stairs but- as she looks up- she stops with a slight surprise. Her slightly widen eyes then drop to a mildly impressed look. She takes a couple of steps down as a figure comes into view, leaning against the wall, watching her come down.

Kate: I have to say… I wasn’t expecting you to meet me here of all places.

She then makes it to the platform at the end of the stairs and looks at the person greeting her. The scene then shows that it’s Jake in a grey jacket over a dark green shirt.

Jake: Sorry. I didn’t mean to drop in unannounced.

Kate: Look, I don’t have much time so if you came here to say something-

Jake: I get it, alright. You’re done with Mutants. You’ve made that very clear. But I’m not a Mutant so… can you at least talk to me for a bit?

Kate: Alright. You’ve got a minute.

Jake: Thanks… We came across a series of robberies.

Kate: Like the bank robbery like night that involved an explosion.

Jake: Right. I guess you did your research.

Kate: I’m in journalism. Of course I did my research.

Jake: About that. What I’m about to tell you... needs to be off the record.

Kate: Come on. You can’t just come over to my apartment with information and then keep it from me when I decide to do my job.

Jake: As a reporter-in-training, right?

Kate: A full-on reporter, actually.

Jake: Huh.

Kate: And as a reporter, I have to right to get information from my sources and use it for my stories. So don’t keep this stuff from me.

Jake: Look, can you just work with me here? Please.

Kate: ...Fine. Off the record. But I’m free to investigate this lead and pull my own research from it.

Jake: (sigh) Fine. Okay, whatever. Look, we found out that what connects the robberies together is that they’re using Xyrion tech enhanced with stolen technology from companies in the city.

Kate: X-Xyrion technology?

Jake: Yeah… I’m sorry but I have to talk about it. That day… the day of the invasion. We lost a lot that day but apparently we also lost track of some of the technology. I just- I just wanted to run it by you… see if you remember anything about the clean up, that’s all.

Kate: What I remember about the clean up? That’s what you’re concerned about?

Jake: You know that’s not what I meant.

Kate: Yeah, well, it sure sounded like that to me.

Jake: Sorry. But I need to know. Otherwise, people could be getting hurt out there if we don’t get any leads to this robbery chain.

Kate: (scoff) ...All I know is that the MCA wasn’t the only organization involved in the clean up. There’s a record about that somewhere if you look hard enough.

Jake: Do you think we could get that record, Kate?

Kate: I don’t work with you guys anymore. I’m trying to live my own life here away from all of that. I can’t have you… or him bringing me back. It’s just not happening. That’s all the help I can offer you. You can enjoy the stairwell as much as you want… I’m sure you know the way out.

Kate walks past Jake and continues down the stairs, soon leaving the building entirely through the lobby entrance. Jake stands before the stairs and looks ahead.

Jake: (sigh) Well, it’s a start, at least…

The scene cuts over to the city once more, now showing some more higher up buildings including the Central News building, taking up most of the focus. The sky is now darker, as if most of the day had gone by. The sun is set low and the clouds have become more thicker and grey than before.

Central News Building
April 16, 19:43 EDT

Inside, the office is dark with not as many people working there. At one of the desks, a desk lamp is on contrasting with the ever-growing darkness. At the desk, Kate can be seen working on her article. Some footsteps can be heard approaching her.

Voice: Still working?

Kate: Have to keep those stories going somehow, boss.

CN Editor-in-Chief: Yeah, yeah. I hear you. It’s just- well, ever since that promotion, you’ve been hard at work. Harder than ever, actually. I worry about you sometimes.

Kate: This is what I wanted, Chief. To become a reporter. To hunt down the truth.

She stops typing and turns to face the Chief, a drawn smile on her face.

Kate: I finally got my dream.

CN Editor-in-Chief: But what did it cost?

Kate’s grin starts to diminish.

Kate: ...What do you mean?

CN Editor-in-Chief: You just don’t seem like yourself anymore, kid. All these late hours, and stories that you’re not even interested in. You have to have your heart into these things.

Kate: But I’m getting results, aren’t I? Isn’t that what’s important here?

CN Editor-in-Chief: As a business? Yes. That’s important.

Kate: Yes. Thank you.

CN Editor-in-Chief: But as a person. All of this can be taxing. Now you know I’m after your best interest at heart. But I can’t feel your heart’s direction, Kate. I don’t know how to help you.

Kate: I don’t need help, Chief. I’m fine. I have been ever since that day…

CN Editor-in-Chief: A lot of us lost something that day, Kate. It’s never too late to talk about i-

Kate: I said I’m fine, Chief!

A silence fills the area.

CN Editor-in-Chief: I see.

Kate: (sigh) Look, I- I think I’ll call it a night after all. I’m sorry I yelled. I’m just tired, Chief.

CN Editor-in-Chief: Get some rest, kid. And do me a favor. Drop this story.

Kate: W-What? But I’ve been working on this for the past month!

CN Editor-in-Chief: You’ve been working on the story for a month, yes. But we all know that the real reason you haven’t turned it in is because you can’t find anything to write about it. Take some advice, Kate: If you’re not passionate about something, then don’t suffer over it. You don’t deserve this pain you keep forcing on yourself. Find something that interests you and tell that story. That’s the Kate Wilson that needs to be a reporter.

Kate: I don’t know if that Kate Wilson is still around anymore.

CN Editor-in-Chief: Oh she’s around. I can feel it.

Kate: Feel what?

CN Editor-in-Chief: The direction of her heart.

Kate’s eyes lighten slightly as the Chief turns to his office.

CN Editor-in-Chief: Go on. Get out of here. Get your sleep, alright? I can’t have one of my reporters sleeping on the job.

Kate: ...Yes, Chief.

The sound of the office door closing is then heard. Kate turns to her desk and gently rubs her chin.

Kate: ...A new story.

Kate takes a moment to ponder on this before she grabs her belongings and packs them into her satchel. The Chief watches Kate pack with a quickened pace from the window on his door. His reflection is then seen in the glass, with a smile on its face. He then closes the blinds on the door and turns to head to his desk. Back with Kate, now that she’s done packing, she rushes over to the elevator and presses the button. As she waits, however, a faint rumbling noise is heard catching her attention. She turns her head to the window and soon sees a Jumpjet passing through. She watches carefully as the Jumpjet curves through the air and flies through the city. This Jumpjet appears darker and bulkier than the previous models. The scene appears to follow the Jumpjet as it continues to travel deeper into the city. On board, two MCA Officers can be seen piloting the Jumpjet- although, their armor appears more grey and armored than before.

MCA Pilot: Third fly-through of the city. Still no sign of the target, sir.

Voice, from the back of the Jumpjet: Keep searching! Leave no corner unturned.

The Other MCA Pilot: Yes, sir!

The first MCA Officer turns to the second and the second shakes his head subtly before turning ahead again. The view then pans towards the back of the Jumpjet where more MCA Officers can be seen seated. Among them, a man dressed in a black suit with a white shirt underneath can be seen accesses a tablet. His face not captured by the view, however. The tablet has its visual functions offline but an audio frequency is visible on the screen.

Man: Agent, come in. You can’t keep running from us.

A distorted voice plays over the tablet.

Distorted Voice: I’m not an agent.

Man: No. But you are MCA. And like it or not… I am acting director. Every time I feel like we’re making progress… some kind of headway, you decide to run off and decide to play hero.

Distorted Voice: I’m not a hero.

Man: Then who are you then? A Mutant?

Distorted Voice: I’m more than a Mutant… “Director”. Look, I’m busy. You can bother me when I’m not working.

Man: Hey! That’s not how this works. I’m the Director now. Harper may have set some ground rules before she left that not even I can get past but that does not mean you can actively ignore me. We’re wasting not only time but resources looking for you so just do the smart thing and turn yourself in already. We need you as an asset and if something happens to you out there, it’ll be a massive waste of your potential for the MCA.

The scene cuts over to a dark rooftop where a figure is crouched down, looking down into an alleyway. There appears to be a gathering of thuggish-looking individuals.

Figure, to himself: Looks like we’re getting somewhere after all...

Man, over comms: Did you even hear a word I said? I’m talking to you!

Figure: I have to go. I’ll call you when I’m ready.

Man, over comms: We are not done here! Answer me, Drake!

Figure: Drake isn’t here, Director.

The figure taps against his ear, turning off the comms. He then cracks his neck and adjusts his goggles. The scene then shows the Vigilante squatting against the edge of the rooftop, peering down at the criminals below.

Vigilante: Only the Vigilante…

The thugs below continue to gather.

Thug: You got the goods, man?

Tech Smuggler: You know it. The hottest merch on the market.

Thug: That alien mechanic stuff... That can really get our operations poppin’, Valek.

The other thug- a lean, tattooed criminal- steps ahead, hands stuffed in his coat.

Valek: Yeah, yeah. I hear ya. But before we talk cost, I wanna know if this is legit.

Tech Smuggler: Are you kidding? You wanna know the source? I know the guy personally. But he keeps his information on the down low so… you either take your chance or not. Either way, if you make this deal- we both walk away with something we want and- at the end of the day- that’s all we want, right? To leave here satisfied.

Valek: ...Alright. You got my attention.

The Vigilante then drops down into the alleyway and rolls across the ground, landing right up onto his feet. The thugs turn to face his direction.

Vigilante: And mine.

Tech Smuggler: The Vigilante! You set me up!

Thug: Me?! It’s you who got us!

Valek: Relax, both of you. We can take him on together. No problem.

The Vigilante stands from his kneeling position and looks directly at the other thug.

Vigilante: The way I see it. You need weapons. I am the weapon. There is no chance at stopping me.

Valek: You sure about that, tough guy?

The thug whistles with his fingers. Soon enough, more thugs and criminals step into the alleyway about ten more. The Vigilante watches them as they enter and ready themselves, surrounding him. Drake then turns to the one in the center once more.

Valek: You’re outnumbered. I suggest you give up. We ain’t looking for a fight.

Vigilante: But I am.

The Vigilante whips back, jabbing the thug behind him in the face with his elbow. In that same motion, he drives his fist forward and strikes another thug square in the face. They start to move in on him as he grabs the one before him. He then kicks back against another one behind him then finishes off the one he has in his grasp with a strong head butt. Three more come up behind him and he turns back quickly delivering a round-house kick, enough to knock two of them to the ground. The third one whips out a switchblade from his pocket and reveals the blade within, charging ahead for the hooded figure. The Vigilante readies himself but is grabbed from behind by another thug. He struggles for a moment before grabbing the man by his wrist and squeezing hard. He then throws the man off with one movement and into the thug with the switchblade, knocking them both to the ground. The Vigilante is then struck against the side of his head, causing him to stagger back. He stands there for a moment, something dripping from his face to the pavement below. He then looks up, an agitated expression growing on his face beneath his goggles while the reflection of thug across from him is seen on the lens. The Vigilante then starts to approach the thug who readies himself. He throws another heavy punch but the Vigilante ducks down and strikes the thug in the side. The thug swings over, trying to grab him but the Vigilante backs away- evading the grab. He then runs up to the thug and jumps up, kicking him in the chest and pushing off. He then kicks off of the brick wall besides him and wraps his legs around the man’s head. He then clamps his hands together and slams against the thug’s head repetitively until the thug drops to the ground. The Vigilante breathes heavily for a moment before standing from the thug’s body. He then turns and sees the thug that started this confrontation, wielding a gun.

Valek: That’s far enough.

The Vigilante: It isn’t. You’ve got blood on your hands. I think it’s time you found out what it’s like to know how your victims felt like.

The Vigilante charges ahead while the thug extends his arm out, firing the gun. As the bullet flies ahead, the Vigilante throws out his arms and forms the diamond claws from his hands- shredding the bullet into scraps in one motion. The thug backs up, surprised, and looks at his gun. He then holds up the gun again to fire only for the Vigilante to stab through it with his claw form. He then swipes the gun away and headbutts him hard. The thug falters back, stunned for the moment- giving the Vigilante the opportunity to kick at his knee. His leg bends slightly from the kick and he falls over from the pressure.

Valek: GAK!

Just as he falls down, the Vigilante finishes him off with another kick to the head- rendering him unconscious. The alleyway is then still- with all the thugs old cold or too wounded to move and the Vigilante standing square in the center of it all. Through the silence, the Vigilante breathes heavily once again. His claw form reforms and his hands return to normal. A moment passes until he catches his breath. The silence is heard once more with a faint sound of footsteps breaking through. The Vigilante then shifts over slightly and reaches his arm out as the Tech Seller starts to make a run for it; he grabs him by the face and- as he turns to face him- pushes the man down towards the pavement, slamming him against the ground.

Tech Smuggler: Gah! (groans)

The Vigilante takes a breath as he comes in roughly to kneel before the man before him. He then exhales with grunt as he bashes the tech seller with a strike followed by a jab then another jab. A few more punches then one more strike to his head comes after. The Tech Seller, barely conscious, reaches out- gasping for air. Almost like a reaction to this, the Vigilante flinches and grabs the seller’s arm, pulling him up from the ground and throwing him against the wall. The Seller tries to move away but the Vigilante grabs him by the throat- pressing him against the wall- and activates his claw form in the other hand. He brings the arm in for straight-on stab… but stops before doing so. The Seller gasps and cries as the Vigilante holds his arm before his face. The Vigilante’s breaths turn into raspy pants as his arm soon shakes. The Vigilante then forcefully lets go of the seller, causing him to drop to the floor- gasping for air; coughing even. The Vigilante then holds his arm and looks off to the side, for a brief moment. He then turns his attention back to the seller who holds his throat and storms over. He grabs him by the shoulder and turns him over so he can face him.

Vigilante: Who’s the supplier?

Tech Smuggler: I don’t know, man. I don’t-

Vigilante: Don’t lie to me! I heard you! You said you were close to him.

Tech Smuggler: I was lying, alright. It’s- It’s an act. An act to get the c-clients to fork over more cash, alright?!

The Vigilante approaches but the Seller holds up his hand.

Tech Smuggler: Wait, wait, wait! I know him. Just not personally. He never shows his face to these things, he has guys to come and do the work for him. There’s a system, y’know? They supply me with the tech and I distribute it across town. I get paid and hand the money over. I keep 25 percent of the profits and the boss gets the rest.

Vigilante: That doesn’t sound like a good strategy.

Tech Smuggler: Yeah, well, I don’t get to make the rules here. I’m just lucky I’m even getting a chance to work with these people. I may not get paid a lot but the pay is good. Whoever is hiring me for this- let me tell you… they have to be rich.

Vigilante: Where’s the pick up spot?

Tech Smuggler: By the docks, alright? They come around by 10 then leave within the hour. But they’re there to wait for me. If they see that I don’t show, they’re gonna assume a deal went bad and book it- reporting the news to their boss. And that’s going to cause a lot of trouble… for all of us.

Vigilante: That trouble is what I’m looking for.

The Vigilante then turns and starts to leave the alleyway.

Tech Smuggler: That’s it? You’re just gonna leave me here like this?!

The Vigilante stops then turns to the tech seller before approaching him. The seller leans against the wall for some support but starts to back away as the Vigilante approaches. The Vigilante then grabs the seller’s head and slams it against the brick wall, knocking him out cold. His unconscious body joins the others scattered across the space space.

Vigilante: I’m going to leave you like that.

The Vigilante turns around once more and starts to walk off once more. As he approaches the end of the alleyway, a figure drops down behind the Vigilante.

Voice: Well, that was excessive.

The Vigilante turns while the voice is mid-way through speaking and Leviathan steps from the shadows of the passage.

Vigilante: ...Leviathan.

Leviathan: Drake.

The Vigilante snarls then turns to look off to the side.

Vigilante: What do you want? I’m working.

Leviathan: Is that what you’re calling it? We got the reports, y’know. Despite the crime rate increasing for some reason, it always seemed to drop down somehow. The public thanks for us for it but it’s actually you messing around with the criminals down here.

Vigilante: All I’m doing is saving the city. It’s all I’ve ever done...

Leviathan: But not like this. You’re staying out later than usual, you’re running from the MCA, you’re hunting down any kind of crime in the area and you’re causing more harm than good. Do you have any idea how many people were carted off to hospitals with critical injuries due to an encounter with the Vigilante?

Vigilante: Not my problem. They’re criminals… they’re only getting what they deserve.

Leviathan: I’m just worried you’re going to take this too far. This mission of yours. It’s not yours alone. We’re trying to save the city just as much as you.

Vigilante: No… What I have to do, I do alone. You and everyone else would just get in my way.

Leviathan: I see… Now I’m just wondering if saving the city is really what you’re after. It looks like you’re trying to prove something here. Maybe to see how much more damage you can do out here.

Vigilante: Leviathan-

Leviathan: How many more injuries or wounds you wanna make, maybe?

Vigilante: Stop talking-

Leviathan: Or is hurting people just not enough anymore?!

The Vigilante remains still while Leviathan takes a breath. He then realizes something and attempts to retain himself.

Leviathan: Sorry- I might have spoken out just th-

Vigilante: I don’t know, Emmett. I don’t know if it is enough. But this is all I’ve got. And I won’t let you or anyone else take this from me.

Leviathan: Come on, Drake, you know that’s not true. You’ve got friends, people you can rely on.

The Vigilante shakes his head, turning away from Leviathan once more.

Vigilante: I don’t have friends… Not anymore.

Leviathan: Drake-

The Vigilante turns to Leviathan, stepping towards him with a frustrated haste.

Vigilante: No. You don’t get it, do you? My best friend died in that building! He died saving the city. He did that for us! All of us! A-And do you know what’s the last thing he asked me, Emmett? He asked me… he asked me to be the saver of this city. No- uh- savior… of this city. So I’m going to keep saving this city, for him. The city needs the Vigilante… not Drake.

Leviathan: And what do you need?

Vigilante: ...I need to find the source of these weapons. And do your job for you.

The Vigilante starts to turn to walk off but Leviathan’s voice stops him in his tracks.

Leviathan: I think you need someone to talk to. It’s been a while, man. We’re all- affected by the invasion in some way or another. But you haven’t said a single thing about it since then. You can’t keep all of those feelings locked inside, Drake… it’ll ruin you.

Vigilante: (sigh) You’re probably right… I should talk. But not with you.

The Vigilante steps ahead a couple of feet but a hand comes down on his shoulder. He turns his head- glancing back at the hand, which belongs to Leviathan.

Leviathan: Look. Despite what you say, we’re still here for you. You’ve been there for each of us throughout our own troubles so we’re not about to abandon you through yours. We're here for you. The team is here for you. And if you need any help, we can provide you with what you need. Just say the word.

Vigilante: ...What I need? (scoff) What I need is this city to be safe and my best friend with me. You might be trying to do one of those but you can’t do the other, Emmett.

The Vigilante shakes free of Leviathan’s grip and starts walking ahead.

Vigilante: No one can bring John back.

The Vigilante continues walking off before forming his Stealth Wing form and taking off before Leviathan, who remains in the alleyway. He takes a few steps forward and looks up.

Leviathan: (sigh) I just hope you don’t anything too reckless, buddy…

The scene then fades to a park where people are riding their bikes through.

Brooklyn Bridge Park
April 16, 21:28 EST

Emma can be seen ordering a hot dog from a vendor and giving money in exchange for it. The scene then continues with Emma leaving the park and consuming the hot dog on her way out. The Vigilante watches her from above. She continues off to a side area of the park with telescopes and high trees. She leans against the railing then gives off a light sigh.

Emma: I know you’re there. You can… come out. No one’s here. I checked...

The Vigilante grunts to himself, staying within the shadows. Emma continues standing there, eyes closed, before the Vigilante drops down behind her. She then looks ahead then turns back to face him. The Vigilante rises up and gazes forwards, at her.

Vigilante: How did you know I was there?

Emma: Who else would it be? You’ve been watching me for a while. Sometimes your focus would slip when you watch the environment and it was then when I would notice you in the dark.

Vigilante: So why say something now?

Emma: I don’t know. I guess… I guess I just wanted to talk to you. To understand… why you’re doing this.

Vigilante: Doing what?

Emma: Protecting me. I know I had… my mutation and there was the kidnapping with those aliens but I’m safe now. Really. I’m fine.

Vigilante: ...Are you?

Emma: …I’m trying to be. It gets hard sometimes but I have to remember that I was given another chance at living my life in order to do something with it. My brother… he worked with you, he wanted to help others so I want to do the same.

Vigilante: Your brother… John. John Reed…

Emma: Yeah…

Vigilante: You know what happened, right? At that building, John… he-

Emma: He sacrificed himself. I know. I realize there are dangers out there but I can’t just sit back and let this city crumble apart after he gave his life saving it. So thank you for helping me and him… but you can’t stop me. Either way, you can’t do this on your own. Let me help you instead of babysitting me. I just… I need to do something. Anything to help!

Vigilante: Emma… you don’t have powers anymore. Please, just stay safe here.

Emma: You don’t need powers to save a city. John proved that.

Vigilante: ...He did. (sigh) I- erm…

Emma: Yeah... I miss him too.

They stand there in silence for a brief moment as the Vigilante turns to look out at the city.

Vigilante: What time is it?

Emma, checking her watch: 9:32, why?

Vigilante: I have something to do.

The Vigilante walks to the ledge and hops on with Emma taking a step forward.

Emma: What are you going to do?

Vigilante, looking ahead: What I always do.

The Vigilante then dives from the ledge with Emma rushing over. She looks down, not seeing a trace of him. Emma looks around for a brief moment before turning back. The view then moves to the rooftops close by, where Drake can be seen scaling one of the buildings and climbing up onto the roof. He then glances back, seeing Emma walk off in the park. He then grunts slightly before turning back, using his Acidic Thorn form to reach the next rooftop. As he swings ahead, the scene cuts over to the streets of the city where a crime scene seems to be set up before an establishment. A couple of cars pass through while officers maintain the crime scene.

Rouleau and Co. Dynamics
April 16, 21:43 EDT

Across the street, Kate can be seen crossing over and approaching the crime scene. An officer patrolling the yellow tape steps forwards and extends a hand as Kate comes closer.

Officer: Not so fast, Miss. This a crime scene. No civilians allowed inside.

Kate: I’m Kate Wilson, a reporter with Central News.

Officer: And you think that’s going to get me to allow you access?

Kate: No but I am the daughter Ryan Wilson.

Officer: Ryan Wilson? The detective?

Kate: ...Former detective.

Officer: Look, he might have been pushing out cases more so than a lot of other detectives on the force but he was always so persistent with the Mutants in this city. Then, as you know, he goes against orders and gets himself well…

Kate: Reduced to a patrol officer? You make it sound so bad.

Officer: Hey, it’s a step up for most of us. Although, I guess your father may consider it a step down.

Kate: I’m sure we all would. But right now, I just need to look around- just for a couple of minutes.

Officer: I’m sorry but I can’t. Rules are rules. There is no demotion for a patrol officer. It’s either you follow the rules or get kicked off the force. Now I suggest you get out of here and track down some other story before you get me into any trouble.

Kate: ...Fine.

Kate turns to walk off with the officer crossing his arms, watching her leave. Just then, another officer approaches the initial one.

Second Officer: Hey, Powell. We got a call in for ya.

Officer Powell: What is it, Winslow?

Officer Winslow: It’s one of the detectives. Says he’ll be coming in soon.

Officer Powell: Didn’t we call an hour ago. Lemme speak to him. Is he still talking about wife?

Powell walks over to the side with Winslow, leaving the entrance to the crime scene open. Kate glances back, notices this and looks over at the officers who appear distracted. She then hurries over carefully to the yellow tape and ducks underneath, entering the crime scene. Powell turns his head to the entrance, not seeing anyone there. He then turns back, taking a radio from the other officer. Inside, the place appears to be ransacked with shattered glass and wrecked casings. Even displays are left empty with only pieces and scraps of technology laid out on the floor. Kate kneels down and examines one of the said pieces. A clunking noise is then heard from behind, grabbing her attention. She turns over and looks- seeing a shadow move. She gets up and moves over to that portion of the facility. Through the doorway, Kate sees some men in jumpsuits conversing with men in dark-toned business suits. She kneels down behind a crate of scraps and peeks over the edge, listening in on their conversation.

Worker: What you’re proposing is unethical.

Man in Suit: Perhaps… but it’s in our superior’s best interest if you comply with our demands. And I believe it’s in your best interest as well.

The Other Man in Suit: Think about it. Your assets have just been stolen from you, setting you back by months- if not years. You’ll go out of business before you can put your third order in.

Second Worker: We’ll find a way around this. We always have before.

The Other Man in Suit: Not like this. Besides, even if you maneuver around the system to get what you want, who is to say that they won’t come back and seize more of your products?

Man in Suit: We are offering you a position that’ll provide you with technological components to replace the ones stolen from your company. All we ask in return is your cooperation.

Second Worker: Cooperate? For what exactly?

Man in Suit: You’ll see in time. It’ll mostly be your direct input in economic and political matters involving our company’s direction. Not to mention, the procurement of your workforce.

Worker: You want us to work for you?!

Man in Suit: No. You want to work for us. That’s how this arrangement works. We can’t give you want you need to survive without an exchange worth our time.

The Other Man in Suit: The choice is yours, of course.

Second Worker: There is no choice here. (sigh) We’ll accept your offer.

The worker looks towards his supposed superior in surprise while the man in the suit smirks.

Man in Suit: Excellent. I’ll send my superior your regards. You should expect our partnership to be enacted immediately. We’ll be expecting results soon.

The Other Man in Suit: And let’s keep little agreement between ourselves. We don’t want to the police or any other interested parties to bother our superior with meaningless questions.

The men in suits then turn to leave the facility. The workers then move off to the side, heading inside of an office. Kate looks around, cautiously, and heads out- following after the men in suits at a safe distance. The two men then step outside on the other side of the facility, staying close to the shadows as a police cruiser passes by.

Man in Suit: Another asset obtained. We should reach our goal soon enough.

The Other Man in Suit: It’s nearly 10. We should reconvene with the others and head back to the site.

Man in Suit: Right…

Kate peeks out from the side of the wall she’s hiding behind. She then turns back, reaching into her red satchel and retrieves a notepad. She then starts to jot down notes quickly, glancing back from the notepad to the men in suits every now and then.

Kate, quietly to herself: Obtaining assets… mysterious superior… threatening tech companies after robberies… Site. Base of operations? I need to get closer…

As the two men continue talking, Kate leans closer, shifting her feet carefully- however, unaware of the pipe leaning against the wall as well.

Man in Suit: Do you believe in the boss’ plans? His latest experiment?

The Other Man in Suit: Are you doubting him?

Man in Suit: No. Of course not. But I’m curious.

The Other Man in Suit: We aren’t paid to be curious. The boss didn’t tell us about the experiment because we don’t need to know about it. Let’s just head back. With this latest acquirement, we’ll be sure to be granted the praise and reward we deserve.

Kate then leans in closer, knocking over the pipe which clangs against the floor. The men in suits then turn behind them while Kate backs further away, out of sight.

Man in Suit: Who’s there?!

The Other Man in Suit: Just what we needed…

Man in Suit: Don’t worry about it. We’ll get them.

The man in the suit walks forward, drawing out a pistol. He then raises it before him as he steps back inside of the facility through the opening. However, as he enters, he turns into the corner- only to be greeted with the pipe that fell over. A quick strike against his head, drops him to the floor. Kate makes a run for it but a shot is fired before her. She then stops, raising her hands up slowly. The second man in the suit then approaches her with his own pistol drawn.

The Other Man in Suit: Don’t even think about it.

Kate: (sigh) Crap…

The Other Man in Suit: You alright, man?

Man in Suit: Gah! She hit me!

The Other Man in Suit: Yeah… I saw that.

Man in Suit: I’m gonna kill her!

The man scrambles to his feet, grabbing his pistol and pointing it over at her. The second man in the suit stands between her and the initial man.

The Other Man in Suit: Calm yourself. We drop a body here while the police are investigating and that just leaves behind more clues to trace her back to us.

Kate: You think I’m scared of you just because you have a gun? It’s you two who are scared of getting caught.

The Other Man in Suit: A feisty one. She’ll be perfect for the boss’ plans. You think they still need volunteers?

The first man in the suit then smiles and chuckles to himself.

Man in Suit: Oh definitely.

Kate starts to look worried as the second man in the suit grabs her and moves her out of the establishment and into the open.

Other Man in Suit: C’mon! Let’s get going.

Kate: H-Hey!

They toss her in the back of a black truck then close the door behind her. Soon enough, they get into the truck and drive off, leaving the facility as the view zooms out from the facility. The view pans up to the night sky before panning downwards again, transitioning to a different location; the docks.

April 16, 22:00 EDT

At the docks, there are several large boats with the purpose of shipping heavy cargo. On board one of the ships, two men in suits stand there, waiting. One of them checks his watch and turns the other with a shake of his head. In the distance, the Vigilante watches as the two step further onto the deck- out of sight. His hunches down slightly, as if leaner in a bit closer; watching the spot they just left. Soon enough, the spot is illuminated softly with the light source getting closer and closer. A semi-truck with no trailer then drives out with its headlights on, soon driving off of the boat and driving away from the docks. The Vigilante reels back in surprise, following them with a gaze. He then rises up from his squatting position and steps back on the perch he’s positioned on. He then runs up the perch and kicks off, diving through the air. He then forms his wing form and hovers over the truck- sticking to its blind spots, before dropping onto the back port. The truck shakes slightly, altering the men inside.

Man in Suit, driving: What was that? Check it out, will you?

The second man looks through the back window and sees nothing there but the trailer port. He then turns back.

Second Man in Suit: It’s nothing. Probably just hit a rock or something. What should we do about that smuggler?

Man in Suit, driving: Nothing. Nobody showed up so that means he didn’t tell anyone about our position. Even if he did, they’re too late. They’ll be after the boat unaware that we left on the truck on our way to the site.

Second Man in Suit: Makes sense. Don’t forget to pick up the trailer on the way there. It’s a long drive ahead.

Man in Suit: Yeah, yeah. The boss’ plan will finally get the light he’s been wanting.

The view then moves from inside of the truck to the outside where the Vigilante is concealed within his own form with the invisible wings wrapped around him- rendering him unsighted. The truck continues driving off into the evening. The scene then transitions to later on with the truck pulling off to the side. One of the men steps out of the truck and walks off to the side of the road, in a clearing. He then pulls off the tarp from a square object, showing off the trailer cargo underneath. The semi then pulls over to the trailer with the man outside connecting it. As he does, the Vigilante climbs up on the hold to avoid getting pinned between the truck and the trailer. Once the semi-trailer is connected to the truck, the man in the suit gets back inside and the truck continues on its route, towards the MCA barrier in the distance. The Vigilante notices the barrier and turns to the newly-attached semi-trailer. He then places his hand on the top-side hatch and hacks against it until the door unlocks. He then opens the hatch and climbs inside, closing the hatch behind him. He then drops down and looks around the dark semi-trailer, seeing only capsules and smaller forms of technology. The trailer then stops with muffled voices on the outside. The Vigilante carefully moves off to the side and presses his head against it, hearing the muffled voices more clearly.

Muffled Voice: Would you mind if we examine the cargo? MCA policy.

Other Muffled Voice: Actually, yes. The components in the back are delicate. We have an issued statement from our superior that says we should be fine to pass without a check.

Muffled Voice: Let me see that.

The muffled voices cease for a moment.

Muffled Voice: I see… carry on then. Sorry to bother you.

The truck then starts up again, with the Vigilante stepping back from the side.

Vigilante, quietly, to himself: The MCA let them go… but why?

He turns to the capsules.

Vigilante, quietly, to himself: What are they carrying?

The scene cuts once more to a facility of some kind set in an open area. There is a tall, circular fence surrounding the complex.

Outskirts of the City
Unknown Research Facility
April 16, 23:45 EDT

The semi-truck can be seen entering through the gateway. A couple of smaller black trucks enter afterwards as well, with the gateway sealing itself once they pass through. The truck then pulls up to the side of the facility in a loading area. An armed and suited man approaches, waving the truck down as it closes in on the port.

Armed Man: Line it up here. We’ll unload in a second.

The truck then lines up with the semi-trailer becoming engaged by some sort of mechanism which loads it inside the facility. The black truck then parks close by with the two men in suits pulling Kate out of the truck.

Kate: Let go of me!

Man in Suit: Shut it!

Kate: Where are you even taking me?

Other Man in Suit: You’ll see soon enough.

They then lead her inside of the facility. Kate turns her head, seeing the mechanism finishing loading the cargo inside before being shoved from behind.

Kate: Hey!

Man in Suit: Keep moving! We’re nearly there.

The two men continue leading her ahead. The scene then cuts to the semi-trailer cargo door opening with a light bathing the inside from the facility’s interior. Two armed men step inside and look around, examining the capsules.

Armed Man: Looks like the content is secure and all accounted for.

Other Armed Man: Keep checking around. I heard they had issues on the way here.

The two armed men continue searching the cargo hold while the Vigilante watches them from above. The Vigilante then drops down, slamming his Electro-Icer form against one of the armed men’s heads. As the man drops down, the other turns- raising his weapon. The Vigilante then swings the frozen mace at the weapon, knocking it from his hands. He then charges ahead, pinning the form against the man’s chest and releasing a wave of electricity that shocks him.

Armed Man: GAAHH!

The Vigilante then lets go and the armed man drops down, unconscious. He then turns sharply to the opening with a slight grunt and rushes outside into the facility.

Voice, in short distance: Did something happen? What was that?

The Vigilante grunts once more and runs in the opposite direction. Another armed guard arrives at the opening and looks inside with surprise. He then activate his communicator.

Armed Guard: Sir, we have an issue. Looks like someone managed to breach the facility and knock out two fellow armed persons.

The man waits for a response then reacts accordingly.

Armed Guard: The pods? No, sir, they’re still-

He waits once more.

Armed Guard: Of course, sir. I’ll have someone move them into position right away, sir. And the intruder?

A figure is then seen, using a communicator of his own- however, it looks a lot more advanced than the others.

Figure: Don’t worry. If anything, he’ll be heading straight for me. Just as expected.

The figure then cancels the communication and smirks to himself. Elsewhere, in the facility, the Vigilante lurks around in the halls, dodging security by sticking close to walls and such. He then looks around the corner, seeing an open room with a figure in a lab coat standing over a mechanism. The Vigilante grunts once more and moves up ahead.

Armed Guard: Sir, there’s still no sign of the intruder.

Another Armed Guard: We also have reporters of a spy, some kind of journalist.

Figure: Interesting. Keep her with the others as soon as the pods unload into their proper places. The intruder will soon be dealt with but, never-the-less, keep searching.

Both Guards: Yes, sir!

The two of them head outside only for a Thunk! noise to be heard. The two guards then drop down and the figure in the lab coat stops working as footsteps approach from behind. He turns slightly as if to glance to the side which still obscures his head.

Figure: So you finally made it. I was wondering whether you would show up, Vigilante.

The Vigilante steps over the bodies of the armed guards and looks up ahead at the figure in the lab coat.

Vigilante: You knew I would come.

Figure: Yes. I very much planned on it.

Vigilante: You’re the one selling weapons to criminals on the street. You’re putting the city in danger!

Figure: Yes. A danger that you could not ignore.

Vigilante: ...So that was your plan? To make crime in order to get me to come here?

Figure: You don’t exactly have a signal in the sky, you know. You just don’t seem to realize how important you are to my operation… or should I say- my experiment.

Vigilante: I’ve been experimented on before. I don’t plan on having that happen again.

Figure: Oh, I know. I was there… during the Xyrion Invasion. Or have you not pieced it all together yet.

Vigilante gasps in surprise then grunts.

Vigilante: I should have known…

The figure turns around, showing himself off to be none other than Anton Reeves.

Vigilante: Reeves…

Anton Reeves: But of course.

Vigilante, readying himself: I thought you were in prison for working with the Xyrions.

Anton Reeves: I was. Then the court realized their mistake and could no longer press charges against me. I’m a free man.

Vigilante: But not an innocent one.

Anton Reeves: You’re too harsh with me, Vigilante. I spent the past year and a half planning out my solution to the city’s crisis and you throw accusations? Tsk, tsk, tsk. So uncivilized.

Vigilante: You don’t want to help the city. You only care about yourself.

Anton Reeves: That’s not true. I only care about myself and my assets. I am a businessman, after all. I thought I was nothing without my company when it was taken from me but then I realized I have other resources at my disposal. Mercenaries, partnerships with other companies and allegiances to powers you’ve barely witnessed. A man is not true to himself if he doesn’t use his resources accordingly. Those are the words my father has passed down to me through many… rigorous beatings but then he passed down his company to me with he, well, passed away.

Vigilante: Why are you telling me this?

Anton Reeves: I suppose what I’m trying to say is: nothing is without sacrifice, Vigilante. And yours… (chuckle) will be tremendously valued by the future I have planned for this city.

Reeves activates the mechanism he was standing by which scans the area around the Vigilante. He looks around, aggressively, then pounces ahead at Reeves. However, a vibrational force emits from the scanners which knocks the Vigilante down to the floor. He tries to move away but the force intensifies until he’s fixated in a standing position.

Vigilante: Mrrghahh! (straining) What… are you doing to me?!

Anton Reeves: Constructed from Xyrion technology. It scans your genetic structure and releases a vibrational force that resonates with the frequency distributed by your Nanogenes. Basically, in simpler terms, it forces your Nanogenes to fixate in place… restricting your movements. Allowing me to easily draw samples from your being.

Reeves acquires a syringe and takes a sample from the fixated Vigilante.

Anton Reeves: With this, I should have enough residual Nanogenes from your core in order to recreate the conditions for my experiment.

Vigilante: What experiment?!

Anton Reeves: The same experiment that gave you your abilities in the first place. I’m going to recreate the Incident that brought forth Mutation.

The Vigilante looks at Reeves in a dumbfounded expression.

Vigilante: No… you- you can’t. You just can’t do that!

Anton Reeves: I am Anton Reeves, billionaire and CEO of R-Corp. I can do whatever I please. This world has been nothing but a playground for Mutants but now it’s my turn to play around.

Reeves inserts the sample into a console which processes the genetic sample.

Anton Reeves: In a few moments, my reactor will be fed your processed Nanogenes and use them to replicate the conditions of that fateful day. Only this time, it’ll be controlled. I will have the power to decide who becomes a Mutant now.

Vigilante: But you hate Mutants.

Anton Reeves: I did. You pests ruined the world then you started to think for yourselves; ruining my plans every step of the way. Well, that’s when I figured something out. If Mutants are powerful enough to stop me then maybe I need some Mutants of my own volition! With this reactor, I will be able to choose who becomes a powerful Mutant and have them... work for me! And I have you- the Vigilante, savior of the city- to thank for this contribution.

The Vigilante then looks out at Reeves in contempt as he continues with his procedure. The scene then cuts to the pods being loaded into a specific section of the facility with armed guards securing the pods to their mechanisms. A series of tubing and cords connect the pod to power cells attached to the ceiling of the room. The two men in suits continue moving Kate over to the area.

Kate: What is this place?

Man in Suit: This is where the volunteers go. You’ll be joining them.

Kate: Volunteers? This is about that experiment, yeah?

Other Man in Suit: Clever girl. But it doesn’t matter. Soon, you’ll be working for us. Don’t worry, you’ll be better than you ever were before.

Kate: No. Stop! You can’t!

Man in Suit: Oh, I’m going to seriously enjoy this.

He smirks as the other man in the suit proceeds to move Kate into the chamber despite her struggles. Back in the main control room, Reeves continues the experiment and pulls down a lever. An energetic hum is then heard throughout the facility.

Anton Reeves: Yes! It’s starting, Vigilante. The Second Incident will soon be underway. And there is not a thing you can do about it.

Vigilante: Reeves, don’t do this! Reeves! I was there at the first incident. If you do this, it’ll change everything!

Anton Reeves: Oh, I intend for it to. (chuckles)

He reaches for the activation switch.

Vigilante, struggling against the force: NO!

Just as Reeves grabs the switch, the facility shakes and the power fluctuates. Reeves then looks around, clearly shaken and alert.

Anton Reeves: What- What was that?! Some kind of tremor?

Reeves releases the switch and moves off to the side as some explosion-like shakes are heard muffled by the distance. He then looks out of the window with widened eyes before quickly reaching for his communicator.

Anton Reeves: Report to your stations! Immediately! We need all feet on the ground. This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!

Reeves rushes to the other side of the room with the Vigilante looking over in slight confusion. He then turns his head to window, struggling to even turn his head.

Anton Reeves: We are under attack! The facility is under attack! You need to protect the reactor at all costs! Do you hear me?! MOVE!

Some flashes and explosions can be seen reflected off of the window that the Vigilante looks through. As his confusion turns to irritation.

Vigilante: Oh, you’re kidding me.

Outside, the outer fence has a fiery hole in it as Fionna in her large, fiery form marches through- parading into the facility. She then swings her arm out with a roar, releasing a wave of fire in her wake. The heat and flames keep back an onslaught of armed R-Corp guards. She then throws her arm down onto the ground and shifts her form into that arm, reducing in size and returning back to her regular form while also spreading enough flames back to create an opening. She then flings some fireballs at some armed guards, knocking them over. She then turns around to do the same to some guards coming up on her other side- unaware of the armed guard aiming his weapon behind her. However, Leviathan drops down from above, knocking down the armed guard. He then strikes the guard coming up on his right side and grabs the one on his left- tossing him over at three more incoming guards. He then bends his knees and leaps up with a blue blur speeding past where he once stood. The blur then materializes into Speedster as she shoves over one armed guard at rapid speeds, sending him flying across the yard. He then speeds over to the next guard, striking him down, then runs off to the next one over, punching him rapidly until he stands there. Speedster then taps him once, causing him to fall over. As he does this however, an armed guard shouts at him from behind as he aims to shoot Speedster. However, he runs around him quickly- taking his weapon and disengaging his armor, causing it to fall off. The guard covers himself then turns to see Speedster aiming the weapon back at him. The guard raises his arms but Speedster chuckles, tossing the weapon behind him. He then kicks the guard square in the chest then runs up to roundhouse kick the next guard before speeding off to the other side of the field. As speeds by, Jake in his armor flies on down- blasting a few guards with a laser from his alien device. One of the guards throws up a rocket launcher, aiming it at him. When he fires, Jake turns to see the rocket heading straight for him so he throws up an energy shield, reducing the impact of the blast. He then blasts the ground before the guard, sending debris from the ground to knock him over. Jake turns to the roof of the facility and throws out three energy spikes to sabotage the turrets, causing them to explode on contact. Jake then reaches for his ear, activating his comms.

Jake: Just took out the turrets. Any news on the inside?

Leviathan punches down one of the armed guards then reaches for his ear as well.

Leviathan: Nothing, really. This site is off the books which explains why Adam couldn’t grab the schematics. But these are definitely R-Corp men which means Reeves is behind this, I bet.

Jake, over the comms: Well, someone needs to get inside to get control of the situation. We stay out here and we’ll get outmatched real soon.

Speedster, over the comms: We took on an entire invasion. We can handle these guys.

Fionna: I’ll go. Reeves will pay for what he’s done.

Jake turns his head and sees the reactor, housed within the center of the facility.

Jake: Hold the phone, guys. I’m seeing some kind of- I don’t know, reactor? Adam, what can you tell me?

Adam, over the comms: From what I’m seeing, that isn’t good. This type of structure… it almost matches with old research based around original Nanogene projects. Whatever is happening over there, you need to stop it. Make sure that reactor does not go online- let alone critical.

Jake: You heard him. We need to stop that reactor from going off. I’ll cover the reactor. Fionna, you’re one of our strongest- we need you on the field. Emmett, stick with her. And Danny, try to see if you can find an opening.

Speedster, over the comms: On my way.

Jake then proceeds ahead, striking down more of the facility’s defenses. The facility shakes once more, with the armed men holding Kate- looking around.

Man in Suit: What are we going to do?

Other Man in Suit: He said all hands on deck. We have to go.

Man in Suit: Just drop her in there.

Kate then activates the door and shoves the man into the opening, catching them both by surprise. As the initial man in the suit reaches for his gun, Kate runs up to him and grabs him by the collar. She then uses all her strength to toss him onto her shoulder as he rolls over onto the other side and onto the floor. He hits his head against the floor, dazing him slightly. The door opens again as the other man in the suit climbs out only for Kate to knock the gun out of his hand with her satchel strap. She then grabs the entire bag and whacks him against the head with it. The man drops to the ground as Kate lowers her bag. She checks inside and removes her now-bent laptop.

Kate: Really?

She places it back inside her bag and looks to the floor, seeing one of their pistols laying there. She takes it in her hand and points it at the initial man as he tries to get up.

Kate: Don’t even move.

Man in Suit: Heh. You don’t know how to use th-

Kate fires off at the side then turns the gun back at him.

Kate: I’m losing my patience.

Man in Suit: A-Alright, alright.

Kate: What is this place? Some kind of research facility?

Man in Suit: Yes… owned by R-Corp.

Kate: ...Anton Reeves. So he’s behind this then.

Man in Suit: Yeah… Look, that’s all I know.

Kate: Obviously not. Where is he?

Man in Suit: You want to talk to Reeves?

Kate: No. I want answers and he’s the only one who can give it to me.

Man in Suit: He’s in the main control room with the intruder. But you won’t make it… they’ll have re-captured in no ti-

Kate: What intruder?

Man in Suit: (groan) The Vigilante.

Kate’s eyes widen slightly as she looks off to the side. The man in the suit then reaches for his gun slowly as Kate turns back, still sort of dazed. As her eyes dart around, she catches the man reaching for his weapon. She then strengthens her resolve and aims the gun back at him, causing him to freeze on the spot.

Kate: (huff) Thank you… for your input. We’re done here.

Kate then slams the gun against the side of his head, rendering him unconscious. She then packs the gun into her satchel and hurries off as the facility shakes again. Back in the main control room, the Vigilante continues to struggle against the vibration force keeping him suspended while Reeves primes the controls once more.

Anton Reeves: Those fools! They’ve shortened out the controls with their attacks. The reactor is primed but now I have to re-stabilize the mechanism in order to activate it.

Vigilante: You can still stop this, Reeves!

Anton Reeves: The only thing I’m stopping is your crusade. The world won’t need a Vigilante anymore when I can make my own.

Vigilante: You can’t handle this power. No one can.

Anton Reeves: Watch me.

Reeves starts his work on the controls as Kate sneaks off to the side of the room. The Vigilante glances back then looks again to see Kate standing there.

Vigilante: K-Kate?

Kate, quietly: Sh! Quiet, he’ll hear you.

Vigilante, quietly: What are you doing here?!

Kate, quietly: Saving you, apparently...

Kate then moves ahead into the room.

Vigilante, quietly: Kate. Kate! (grunt)

The Vigilante struggles once more while Kate approaches a panel. She then turns to the Vigilante, giving him a questionable look. The Vigilante then stops struggling as he sees Kate looking back at him. She then points to the panel next to her to which he shakes his head. Kate then moves over to the next one while Reeves continues tinkering with the controls over at his side. The Vigilante shakes his head again. He then tilts his head to right, pushing against the force. Kate turns her head, seeing the panel for the mechanism that Reeves used earlier. She then approaches it as a figure steps before her. She looks up, seeing Reeves before her. Startled, she jumps back, landing on her bottom.

Anton Reeves: What’s this? Another intruder? Young people these days just don’t understand what it means to run a business nowadays!

He grabs her by the hand and pulls her to her feet.

Kate: Ow! Hey!

Vigilante: Let her go!

Anton Reeves: Or what? You’re powerless to stop me, remember?

Kate: Is that what you think?

Kate kicks back, jamming the circuit for the mechanism behind her. A spark flies out and the scanners disengage- releasing the Vigilante as he drops to his knees. Reeves steps back as the Vigilante raises his head and bears his teeth in anger. He then dashes for Reeves, tackling him into the controls behind him. The Vigilante then forms the Stone Slicer and raises his arm high- ready to plunge down on Reeves. Kate watches in horror and raises her hand.

Kate: What are you doing?!

The Vigilante then turns sharply to her- breathing hard through his teeth. Rage still on his face. Her soft yet scared expression, however, becomes more obvious now and that anger soon settles. Reeves reaches for the controls reaching for the activation switch. But it’s those small movements that snap the Vigilante’s attention back to Reeves. He plunges the blade down into the controls as Reeves ducks out of the way. The energy from the blade then spreads throughout the controls. It’s enough energy sparking throughout that it sends Drake flying back towards Kate who just barely moves out of the way. Reeves then pulls down the activation switch despite the control panel sparking up and the energetic hum echoing throughout the entire facility soon turns to a roaring pulse. The Vigilante holds his sizzled arm as it reverts back to its original form while Kate goes over to him to support him.

Kate: Hey, are you alright? What- What happened?

Vigilante: Reeves… what have done?

Anton Reeves: This is my first step towards controlling the city, Vigilante. It had to be done. Now watch as I rise to power!

He opens his arms as Jake looks ahead at the power fluctuation at the reactor. His eyes widen as the power spreads.

Jake, reaching for the comms quickly: Everyone grab some cover!

He, as quick as he can, throws up an energy shield, as the reactor overloads- releasing a shock wave of powerful energy outwards. The energy continues to ripple through the facility- tearing it apart and causing it to crumble down on itself. The sound waves don’t stop there, as they spread across the courtyard and even beyond that as it reaches from the outskirts of the city to over the city itself. Just beyond the edge of the city and its neighboring boroughs, the shock waves fade out and the second incident comes to an end.


The scene then returns to the R-Corp Research Facility which is now devastated and practically caved in. The view continues to gently zoom in before fading off to the inside where Drake is seen laying across some debris, unconscious- clearly injured and bruised. However, some water splashes on his face- causing him to stir awake. He looks up and reaches off to the side, grabbing a ledge. He uses the ledge of pull himself up only to find himself a different location entirely. He looks around, finding him on a wooden boat out on the ocean. The sky is a distinct orange with a white ripple across it.

Pacific Ocean
10 Years Ago

Thunder is heard echoing around as Drake looks around, startled and confused.

Voice: Well, this is new.

Drake stops upon recognizing the voice then turns his head to look before him, stunned. Before him, John sits across from him on the boat.

John: Hey, Drake. It’s been a while.

Drake: ...John?

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The second Incident has occurred, affecting the nearby area as well as the city
  • The Research Facility collapses with Drake, Kate and Reeves still inside

Minor Events

  • Drake, Kate and the Helpers discover the R-Corp Research Facility
  • Drake’s genetic sample is taken in order to recreate the Nanogenes used in the Incident
  • Mysterious pods are taken and installed within the facility
  • Kate overpowers her guards and takes one of their guns



  • Anton Reeves
  • Alleyway Thugs (First Appearance)
    • Kalek (First Appearance)
  • Tech Smuggler (First Appearance)
  • Redd (First Appearance)
    • Tone Troop (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Crystal Claws
  • Stealth Wings (x2)
  • Acidic Thorns
  • Electro-Icer
  • Stone Slicer


  • Rouleau and Co. Dynamics is a reference to Man of Action, a creator group which includes writer/artist, Duncan Rouleau.
  • Officer Powell and Officer Winslow are references to two of Reginald VelJohnson’s roles: Officer Al Powell from Die Hard and Officer Carl Winslow from Family Matters.


  • The title of the episode- Postbellum- is in reference to the time after a war, particularly the time after the Xyrion Invasion of New York.
  • The scene with the Helpers coming to Drake’s rescue was inspired by a scene from a DC fan film/edit as well as the opening battle from Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • This episode references a few moments as well as the final episode from the spin-off series, Ryder.
  • The scene where the Helpers show up at the facility was played out differently than anticipated. The original scene was supposed to show off different moves and combos performed by the teammates working together as well as showing off their new-found friendships by how well they work together after a practical two year gap. However, this was cut due to time constraints but may be implicated in a later episode down the line.
  • This is the first episode to have new production changes implied to the layout.