General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Large worm-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Portal projection


Tunnel creation


Portal-Worm is the Sigmatrix's DNA sample of an unknown alien from an unknown planet.


Portal-Worm's appearance is that of..well..a worm. Portal-Worm is a large purple worm-like creature, with various areas covered by a black armor-like shell. He has two spikes on the end of his tail, and 3 on his chin. His nose also appears to be of the same material. His mouth also has the appearance of an orange portal, which is also where he shoots portals from, along with the end of his tail. His insides are visible below the Sigmatrix on his stomach, and at the middle of his tail. Along his tail, are black markings.

Powers and Abilities

Portal-Worm's powers and abilities will be elaborated upon at a later date.


Portal-Worm's weaknesses will be elaborated upon at a later date.


  • None yet
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