General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Nomad
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spatiokinesis
Portal Manipulation
Super Human Strength
Equipment Exoskeleton Armor
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest
Portal is an alien transformation from the series, Brandon 10.


Portal is a humanoid alien with a green exoskeleton with black lines imprinted into it and small craters emitting energy on his arms. Portal has blue skin, three fingers and a sort of hunch on his back. He also has purple gloves.

Portal's appearance is similar to the appearance of Nomad.

Transformation Sequence


Powers and Abilities

Similar to Nomad, Portal has the ability to open a portal anywhere in the same dimension. The larger the portals, the further they reach. Portal can also concentrate his cosmic energy into cosmic blasts or beams. Portal also possesses Super Human strength which allows him to pick up big and heavy objects like a truck.


Portal, unlike Nomad, doesn't expand in size when leaving the atmosphere which might count as a neutral feature rather a weakness if that didn't increase his strength and durability. Portal's concentrated energy is also not as strong as Nomad's which means he doesn't have the power to destroy life force, let alone planets, within a single blast, despite the fact that it goes against everything he stands for. Because of his armor, Portal isn't so fast on his feet and, when within an area without any cosmic energy, Portal is practically powerless.


In Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest, Portal was unlocked when Nomad's cosmic energy affected the Ultimatrix. Brandon then used Portal to defeat Nomad's army and send Nomad into another dimension.

In A Hero's Future, Portal opened a portal into the Bellwood Museum

In To The Extreme, Portal teleported the team back into the city

In Trial by Ordeal, Portal teleported the team into the Fracture Corporation building

In Conspiracy, Portal teleported away with the Conspirator from a squadron of police officers


Ultimate Hero



  • Portal is the first teleporting/portal creating alien in Brandon 10
  • Portal is the third alien to be unlocked in a live-action film; the first being Tempus in Alternate Chaos and the second being Hackoid in Aliens Among Us.
    • He is also the second alien to appear in the series from a special. The first being Hackoid.


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