PonyCycle is an alien from the Dylan 10 series.


PonyCycle is a humanoid unicorn with a pink/black horn and with pink hair. He has a large wheel where his legs are suppose to be. He has medieval shoulder padding and gauntlets. His chest is colored grey and black.

The Manatrix is on his stomach.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his wheel leg, he can go very fast(Top speed is 200MPH) and over many different kinds of terrains. He can shoot projectiles from his sharp horn that do different things such shoot nets, explode, sleep powder etc. He can also shoot a small missile. He wears armor, so he can take hits better. His wheel can transform to allow him to ride over water and fly.


Muddy terrains are trouble for him to get through. PonyCycle has a very hard time stopping. He must be careful where he aims his attacks as his aim isn't great.


  • Credit to TomE20Omnimaster for the picture.
  • His original name was Unitaur.
  • His to concept names were MotorPony, MotorHorse, and MotorCorn.
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