The Polytrix is a Omnitrix-like device in Simien 10: Polyverse


Zynon and Zyrokks created the Polytrix together, though not much is known about it's creation.


The Polytrix can turn it's user into anyone one of the 20 alien forms in it. There are 60 aliens in the Polytrix, but only 20 are unlocked at the beginning.

The Polytrix looks almost identical to AF's Omnitrix, including the holograms and buttons.


  • Simien (current)

Simien is the current weilder of the Polytrix. Due to a glitch with the DNA latches, Simien cannot take it off his wrist.

  • Vorkus (mentioned)

In The Polytrix, Part 2 , Zynon mentioned Vorkus has enjoyed being a Mordidan (Megabite's species), meaning that sometime during it's testing Vorkus has tried it on.

Alien DNA

Alien Names Species Home Planet DNA Sample Unlocked?
Acidrain Derreteir Fundirse Unknown Yes
Forestfire Xylopyron Incendiebois Unknown Yes
Magnetosphere Imonian Acqua Succhaire Unknown Yes
Brainfreeze Cervellon Glace Cerveaun Unknown


Bonecrusher Esqueletan Espiritu Unknown Yes
Megabite Mordidan Selva Cibus   Yes
Absorbat Assorbono Kuyeyusha Unknown  Yes
Dragonfly Libelulan Demoiselle Unknown Yes
Airspeed Baharian Espacio Enorme Unknown Yes
Soundwave Aguasonidan Acqua Succhaire Unknown Yes
Drillbit Terrageonian Geon B'hed Yes
Dark Hole Calabozon Buconeron Unknown Yes
Whirlwind Escrocker Aimsir Unknown Yes
Spikeback Espinan Selva Unknown Yes
Tongue Twister Lucertolan Selva Unknown Yes
Arachnophobia Aranan  Araignee Unknown Yes
Weatherize Tormentan Aimsir Unknown Yes
Eruption Vilkanon Alpha Solaranlage Unknown Yes
Flashback Dejavian Dejavia Unknown Yes
Crushtacean Cangrejon Espacio Enorme Sartan Yes
Steampunk Ferron Barzell Unknown No
NML Beithioche Animhithe Unknown No
Klepto Voler Furtum Unknown No
Chainsaw Troconneuse


Kalo Rompot No
Gas Planet Astrocollosan Astrocollosus Unknown No
Atomizer Quark Chembe Unknown No
Blackout Apagon Tenebris Unknown No
Greasemonkey Mecanicon Mecano Unknown No
Yinyang Opueston Kagetohi Unknown No
Toxic Strahlong Uran Unknown No
Lightyear Solanian Alpha Solaranlage Unknown No
Electronewt Ilektriko Savras Mecano Unknown No
Clockwise Vremyan Buconeron Unknown No
Sandstone Peschanik Ammopetra Unknown No
Voodude Vountoun Vaudou Unknown No
Superglue Cyanocrylatian Colle Unknown No
Sideways Schwerian Tyazhesti Unknown No
Bombastic Vomvan Zhadan  Unknown No
Shrinktech Encoger Klein Retrecir No
Sleepwalk Lishonian Dormir Unknown No
Big Chill Necrofriggian Kylmyys Ic No
Brainstorm Cerebrocrustacean Encephalonus IV Zynon No
Upchuck Murk Gourmand Peptos XII Vorkus No
Humungousaur Vaxasaurian Terradino Anuke No
Sandwraps Thep Khufan Anur Khufos Set No
Goop Polymorph Viscosia Omnimorph No
Wildvine Flourana Flors Verdance Chlorox No
Upgrade Galvanic Mechomorph Galvan B Unknown No
Destructopus Pulpon Espacio Enorme Unknown No
Hivemind  Alveare Sciame Unknown No
Metalloid Kadurian Ferrosphere Unknown No
Glassworks Vetronian Garasun Unknown No
Steeljaws Ferropiscian Metallmeer Unknown No
Claycreep Plastillian Argil Unknown No
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No
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