Polyominus is a planet that is home to the Segmentasapiens.


The architecture of this planet is made of large red, blue, and yellow buildings. To the naked eye it is ghastly and abandoned, each city a ghost town. However this is not true, as the planet is actually fully populated...


Long ago, Polyominus was the subject of frequent invasions. Its advantageous position made it an ideal location to hold at the time. The conditions of constant warfare forced the native species to adapt to survive.

Polyominus boasts some of the most ancient architecture in the galaxy. The buildings resemble those of medieval times and each city is guarded by large walls.

Many consider it to be a ghost planet, long since abandoned as time moved on and factions stopped fighting over it. There has been no noticeable indigenous life on Polyominus for millennia at least.

A secret that few know of, is that the planet is far from empty. All of the buildings are alive; Segmentasapiens disguised as buildings after countless years of evolution lead them to hiding in plain sight.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species


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