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Polo (nickname)

First Appearance: Indignant

  Polonium is a main antagonist in the series Mack 10. He is an Appoplexian from the planet Appoplexia. Though overall more of an antihero, he is considered a antagonist for majority of the series, due to the decisions he makes. 


Polonium is a buff Appoplexian. He always wears a full body black armored suit for a currently unknown reason. He painted the letters Po in a orange square on it's chest, resembling a Periodic Table box. His visor and some other parts of his armor are white, but it's main colors are black and grey.



Polonium was a child when his home planet was raided and savaged by Albedo and the Lewodans. His parents along with many other Appoplexians were killed but Polonium managed to escape in a pod. He chose random coordinates and ended up on a dump planet, his main residence for many years.

During Show

Polonium is a main antagonist. He trains on his own on the dump planet for a while, but is approached by Plasma after getting in a fight with a smoke monster. Plasma strikes a deal with Polonium. Polonium agrees to help Plasma conquer Earth in exchange for the whereabouts of the Omnitrix user. Due to the vagueness in Plasma's speaking, Polonium believes that the Omnitrix user he is being led to is Ben Tennyson.



Though Polonium is an overall joking and kind person, he will take whatever means necessary to avenge his parents and kill who he believes is Ben Tennyson. This has led to Polonium making some over all bad choices.


  • In the early drafts of the series, Polonium was originally a human.
  • Polonium is 23 in the first season, but is planned to age throughout the series like all other characters.
    • As of the 6th episode of season 1, Polonium is 24.
  • Polonium is confirmed to have alternate forms, such as a future form, different timeline/dimension forms, etc.
  • The official Polonium picture is a edited unpixel of a Halo soldier, made by Rob.
  • Polonium responds to either his full name or the nickname Polo.
  • Polonium was born in the year 2039, and turned 23 (his age in the first season) in the year 2062, which is when the first season takes place.
    • His exact birthdate is March 22, 2039.
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