Pol-R Bear is in Ren's Omnitrix as a Cyoting from the icy-planet, Polas. He appears in X.X:O.S.

Pol-R Bear
Pol-R Bear 3
General Information
Species Cyoting
Home World Polas
Body Humaniod Polar-Bear
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cryokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Pyro Immunity
Cryo Immunity
Cryo Absorption
Ice Projection
Ice Breath
First Appearance Thin Ice


Standing 10 feet tall, Pol-R Bear is a polar bear-like humaniod with a white stomach and on most of his mouth, resembling a regular bear. He has rounded ears and a cricle curved at the top, making his nose. He has really dark green eyes. Mostly, the rest is pratty much light gray an white fur exept for his underpants being a darker shade of gray. His hands a are plain, yet a bit sharp, yet this toes on his feet have claws, oddly. He has the X-Otrix Symbol on the upper section of his underpants.

Powers and Abilties

Pol-R Bear Ice Breath

Pol-R Bear's Concentrated Ice Breath

Pol-R Bear has the ability to manipulate ice, known as cyrokinesis, and water, known as hydrokinesis. He is infact   immune to fire and cool temperatures. He can concentrate the cold breath in his mouth to form a freezing lazer, cool enough to shatter metal if shot hard enough, Ice projection. He has Ice Breath, being able to lower enemy's temperature. He has enhanced Strength, Durability, an Agility. He can also absorb ice and water. Pol-R Bear can also use the claws and sharp fingers on his head as weapons towards enemies. He can jump at great distances, able to scale many buildings. He has great camoflauge in the snow, being able to turn his eyes from dark green to the same as his skin and his nose to his skin color. He can literally project snow, hail, sleet, water, including sharp ice formations as projectiles.


He is not very fast, as most male Tetramands might slightly be faster than them. Lava is one of the only heat sources that actually damage him, especially when hardening on him. He is not very smart, either.



  • none (yet)


  • As his name and appearance suggests, he is indeed based on polar bears.
  • He is the 1st Christmas alien in X.X:O.S.
  • His omnitrix is light green, yet his eyes are dark (get lighter when projecting ice beams)
  • His fingers are just slightly sharp, yet he has claws on his toes on his feet.
  • Pol-R Bear was named by Noah as a little nerdy joke.
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