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Species: Pokemon Citrakayah Body: Humanoid

Poke-Fast Track is the Pokemon version of Fast Track.


His appearance is similar to Fast Track's, but his chest and head are yellow, his arms, torso, legs, and around his eyes are red, his hands are grey, and his feet are gold-yellow. He has a black belt-like object on his waist. He has tan eyes.

He wears a tan Dominatrix copy on his chest.


His enhanced strength abilities are increased through fighting type Pokemon like Blaziken and Throh.

His speed abilities are increased by Ninjask, although you cannot see him in Poke-Fast Track's appearance.


He was unable to avoid NRG's energy blasts, also showing Fast Track may have a weakness to fire.


  • Like all Poke-Aliens, his powers were increased by Pokemon of the same elements.
  • He was hurt by NRG's energy blasts, although he should have been immune to them because of Blaziken.