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Pokémon Sky (Show) has been cancelled by Grounder due to it not working with what I've found to be my writing style. It has been removed from the canon.

Pokémon Sky



Pokémon Sky is a show based on the Pokémon Sky series.


Violet has opened up the dimensions with the Eggxit and has made a webshow of it.


Pokémon Sky (Show)/Episode Guide

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  • As it was the main source of non-Pokémon or Ben 10 stuff in it, and it is now non-canon, most of that stuff is also non-canon, such as Moodswing.
Pokémon Sky
Main Characters

Player - Tu - Serif - Trajan - Tony - Violet - King Astroph - Derwin - Otto Maton - Ben

Minor Characters

Rotom Dex - Incineroar - Royal Guards - Tutroph - Skylar - Michael - Tu’s Kids - Hikari - Yami - Koumori - Dai - Team Fighters - Stephanie - Miguel - Kelsey - Derwin 13


N - Xanthous P - Fighty Fox - Rizarira - Gamexra - Fushigibara - Hawk Moth - Wolfman - Warwolf - Somnambula - Mother Brain - Yveltal - Mortumiasma - Otto Maton x100 (Super) - Baiqueen Wu Zetian - Groudon Shi Wuangdi


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