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Pokémon Light and Pokémon Dark are video games in Pokémon Sky.


Free The Off-the-ground with allies like Tu, Serif, and Trajan.


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On certain days, there will be festivals. They will be announced and held by Otto, but will occasionally be taken over by someone else.

  • Birthday - Player’s Birthday - Celebrate your birthday! Depending on how far you are in the game, you can get a certain amount of presents.
  • Women’s Day - March 8 - If you are a female, you can join an-all girls tournament.
  • Transgender Day of Visibility - March 31 - Bring a Gardevoir, Gallade, Glalie, Frosslass, or Hatrenne to the plaza to get a Dawn Stone. Derwin runs this event, and by talking to him, you can change your pronouns!
  • Autism Awareness Day - April 2 - Derwin runs this event. Fight and capture Tutroph!
  • Mother’s Day - May 20 - Thank Tu for all she does! She will join your team. If you’re half way through the game, Violet will be there, being pampered by Derwin.
  • Father’s Day - June 21 - Tony and Derwin have a bonding day! During the postgame, you can get Astroph to join you by reminding him he doesn’t completely suck 100% of the time.
  • Pride Month - July - Love Balls work on both genders now! Fight and capture Yami and Hikari!
  • Halloween - October 31 - Take a Ghost Pokémon to the plaza to get a Dusk Stone! Trick-or-treat! Fight and capture Koumori!
  • Men’s Day - November 5 - The males are partying, but they don’t account for a party crasher!
  • Winter Festivals - December - Partake in general winter holiday traditions! Light the Litwick! Get a gift from Delibird! Partake in general wintry spirit!


  • The festival system was inspired by Lily Orchard.
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