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Poison Dart
Poison Dart.png
General Information

Hilo-Hilo Maka

Home Planet:

Hilo Pagpatay


Humanoid Bug

Alternate Counterparts Poison Dart (Earth-1799.A)
Other Info

Poisonous Exoskeleton
Poison Projectiles
Venomous Bite
Venomous Claws


Stubby Limbs

First Appearance:


Poison Dart is the DNA sample of a Hilo-Hilo Maka from Hilo Pagpatay. He is a free use alien.


Poison Dart is a large, humanoid bug-like creature. His entire body is covered in a dark teal exoskeleton. He has light teal pores lining his back and shoulders, most of which have purple pores inside them. He has rather oddly shaped green eyes with black pupils. He wears the Omnitrix on his forehead. In The Alan 10 Adventures, the Simplicitrix's Poison Dart is a dark magenta, with bright purple pores that have dark blue pores within them, along with red eyes.


  • Poison Dart's entire exoskeleton is covered in a thin poison, which can be thickened by secreting more of it through the colorful pores on his body.
  • Poison Dart can launch poisonous projectiles from his mouth and pores, hence his name.
  • Poison Dart has a venomous bite and venomous claws.


  • Poison Dart's limbs are stubby, making it hard for him to run fast or reach things up high.




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The Alan 10 Adventures



  • Poison Dart's species name is a play on the Cebuano word "makahilo," meaning toxic.
  • Poison Dart's planet name is a play on the Cebuano words "hilo," meaning venom, and "pagpatay," meaning carnage. This is both in reference to his powers and the state of his homeworld, and also is a reference to the Marvel symbiote characters, Venom and Carnage.



  • Like most aliens I make, he was made by repurposing a design from a background character in Ben 10: Omniverse.
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