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Plumbers and the Gang
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date 31/3/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
Episode Guide
Ahmad 15 returns
The secret of Ben Tennyson

Plumbers and the Gang is the second episode in Ahmad 15's second season.


Scene is a park: Forever knights and other Vilgax drones attack! Ahmad tried to slam his Ultimatrix but with no luck. A drone snatched the Ultimatrix making Ahmad Big Chill!

Big Chill: (gets hit) Ouch no you don't! (freezes the drone)

Suddenly, a swarm of Plumbers attacked the knights and drones.

Big Chill: Who are you? (reverts to Ahmad)

Plumber: We are the Plumbers! (unmasks revealing he is Max)

Theme Song!

Max: We are the Plumbers! I am Max Tennyson. Nice to meet you. (shakes hands with Oussama)

Ahmad: Nice to meet you again Mr. Max. Oussama this is Max, my teacher at the Plumber academy. He tought me the secret of Chromastone. He tought me the secrets of Everything!

Oussama: Who's Chromastone?

Ahmad: Want to see him? (becomes Chromastone) Chromastone! (send a beem to the sky.)

Knight: Hmm, wheren't we fighting? (gets hit by Chromastone)

Chromastone switches to Eon.

Eon shot five balls on some knights killing them.

He turned around and aged Enoch to death.

Forever knights: No! Shoot him back! (shoots Eon!)

Eon gathered his power and switched to NRG. He heated them.

Max: Good Job... I see you have really learned Much... You were always my favorite Student. We are making some kind of Camp you can participate in..

Ahmad: Maybe my parents won't agree. But... Yes! I'd try that.

Max: Oh! Yes. The Master Plumber sent me to make you officially... a Plumber! (hands him two badge) And the other is for your friend.

Ahmad: Ok, fine. I need to return home now. (transforms to Spidermonkey and Jumps)




Aliens Used[]


  • Ahmad and Oussama became official Plumbers.
  • This is the continuation of Ahmad 15 returns.
  • Spidermonkey, Eon, Chromastone, and NRG first appear.
  • It is revealed that Ahmad will participate in the Plumber's Camp.
  • It is revealed that Ahmad knew Max before.
  • Ahmad unlocks four aliens.