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This show is ded. No more episodes will be made for this show until further notice.

Plumbers is a comedy series by Omi.





2 planned


8 (18 planned)

Main Characters

Peixes, Cibus

Created by



A new Plumbers' base is opened, and many aliens go to learn there. The series focuses on Peixes and Cibus, two friends, living in room D42 along with Sartan and Ledus. They have many silly adventures because of Peixes' and Cibus' stupidity, and the rest of the crazy characters in the series.

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Main article: Characters in Plumbers

D42 roommates

D43 roommates

D97 roommates

  • Sakana: a female Baharian.
  • Meliza: a female Martian.
  • Dittie: a female Splixson. She was sent by Azmuth from the Ambura System (in Omni-World) to the Plumbers' base for training.
  • Anguis: a female Pharomarchian.
  • Thirio: a Beithioche. He is Sakana's pet.

D1 roommates

School staff

  • D'aois: a Negative Crystalsapien.
  • Kulta: a GoldFreak.
  • Magister Pupe: a Drillsaura.
  • Auge: an Opticoid.
  • Ms. Partikas: a Cibusian.
  • Daynjar: a Strahlung.
  • Periculo: a Heatstone.

Villains (not many)

  • Melvin: A Hypnoduck.
  • Sexiep: A Nairahab.
  • Sibuc: A Nadidrom.
  • Faul: A Pisces Volann.
  • Computer Geek: Half-human half- computer alien thing.

Other characters

  • Plante Rocher: A Pleiospilos Nelii. He is a new character made for Plumbers: The Movie.
  • Terlihat: A Usyligian. He is part of a spy organiazation called OOSAFEF.
  • Laghairt: A Merlinisapien. He is part of a spy organization called OOSAFEF.


For more info on every episode, go here.

Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Starvin'
  3. Rock Stars
  4. Anatidaephobia
  5. 3 Hours After Curfew
  6. Babyfied
  7. Get a Job
  8. Awake All Night
  9. Superzeroes
  10. The Lag Machine
  11. The Norrisening
  12. Rook Blue
  13. The Iron Fist
  14. Srebmulp
  15. Who Let The Dog Out?
  16. Spy Guys
  17. This Episode Has No Meaning
  18. $$$$
  19. Cibus the Genius
  20. Baby, Baby, Baby
  21. Subsitute Creature
  22. Intelligence of the Pyromaniac
  23. Grossbusters
  24. Oh Crud We're Getting Serious

Season 2

  1. The Doomsday Device
  2. Sartan's Strength
  3. Karma Switch
  4. Superzeroes 2: Return of EVIL
  5. Melvin's Return
  6. Time Tangled
  7. Cookie Creatures
  8. More Episodes Coming Soon





Video games

Ben 10 Fanfiction: Punch Time Explosion

Plumbers characters are confirmed to appear in the video game. The game hasn't started yet.

Plumbers: Possesion

A puzzle game for the series. One day, Peixes and Cibus wake up in the morning, and discover that the whole academy was possesed by mind spores and they are evil now. Peixes and Cibus must fight through their possesed friends and find out about who possesed the sstudents and defeat him. The player can switch between Peixes and Cibus, and their special abilities.

The Plumbers Academy

A MMORPG of the series, similar To Big Fat Awesome House Party of CN. The player can choose between 15 species related to the show, and can move it around the academy. The player must do missions around the academy, and he can fly to different planets to do missions.