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The Plumbers
General Information
Leader Magistrata Latdu
Other Info
Notable Members Ben Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Kevin Levin
Relative Groups Alien Force
Plumbers' Helpers
Alpha Squad
Rooters (Splinter Faction)
Plumbiers (Earth predecessor)
Liberation (intergalactic predecessor)
Objectives To safeguard and promote the public well being throughout the galaxy
First Appearance Big Plans

The Plumbers are an intergalactic law-enforcement organization that makes use of many high-tech gadgets and weapons to protect the planets in the universe from various alien threats and attacks. The organization is an amalgamation of the Earth Plumbers, originally named the Plumbiers, and its intergalactic equivalent, Liberation.


Prior to Bonds

Many millennia ago, a species known as the Fulmini fought amongst themselves over the energy that their home planet Fulmas held, until the planet began to fall apart. United, the Fulmini began to wage war against the rest of the universe, using wormholes to travel to nearby planets in order to plunder their energy and use it to restore Fulmas to its former strength. In the process, many lives were lost. Dozens of other planets that had yet to be invaded by the Fulmini, including but not limited to Khoros and Petropia, banded together and fought the Fulmini head-on, eventually overpowering them and leaving them no choice but to call off their invasion, thus freeing the planets under their rule. Despite this, the planets that had already been invaded, as well as their respective inhabitants, were affected greatly. Some merely had to rebuild what had remained, while other species were forced to migrate, such as the Polymorphs. To prevent such a tragedy from happening again, the Galactic High Court approved the formation of an organization tasked with upholding intergalactic law and helping innocent beings, named Liberation.

Liberation's first order of business was to weaken the Fulmini empire substantially. The Fulmini who took part in the war were taken away from Fulmas. Since Incarcecon had yet to be built at that point, some Fulmini were imprisoned on the planets they invaded, while others were sent to the Null Void. The leader of the empire, the High Override, was put into a state of suspended animation and buried deep within Kylmyys.

At some point, the leader of Liberation, known as the Magistrata, realized that crime was too rampant to completely stop, so she created the Rooters, a black-ops group purely dedicated to off-the-books missions, the idea being that crime could never be stopped, only reduced. The Rooters were meant to deal with crime by getting into crime. As time passed, they came to have control over the galactic underworld, with nobody knowing about them secretly being Plumbers, partially because they hid their identities using technology such as ID masks. Over time, however, the Rooters' goals shifted from stopping crime discreetly to simply taking advantage of their power for personal gain.

The Plumbers, originally known as the Plumbiers, were first established by the Founding Fathers in the 1700's. George Washington was one of the first members. They were created to fix "leaks" in the normal everyday world like aliens, monsters and ghosts. Operating in secret, the Plumbiers took on anything too tough or weird for normal law enforcement to handle and set up secret bases in every state in America. Their main base was situated in Mt. Rushmore.

The Plumbiers changed their name to the Plumbers roughly a century after it was founded.

In the mid-20th century, some members of Liberation met the Plumbers during an unspecified event. This led to the two organizations becoming partners and Liberation officially renaming themselves to the Plumbers as well. From then on, they shared resources and exchanged information on occasion, but mostly remained separate. For example, members of each division wore different suits. The organizations being partners also led to the Rooters recruiting a few human members.

For a time, the Earth Plumbers set their sights on an alien warlord named Vilgax and fought him on several occasions, culminating in what was thought to be his permanent defeat at the hands of Max Tennyson and his partner Phil Billings in the 1970s.

The Earth Plumbers were briefly tasked with preventing the leakage of classified Earth-based, non-extraterrestrial information to the public during Richard Nixon's presidency.

After Vilgax's defeat, alien activity on Earth dried up, which led to the retirement of many Plumbers and the disbandment of the organization save for a few members who remained to keep things under control. The Earth Plumbers also began aiding the intergalactic Plumbers on missions in space when needed.


In Big Plans, the Mt. Rushmore base, though active, was shown to be relatively deserted due to many of its members having retired. All other bases in the country were shut down at this point.

Prior to Protector of the Omniverse

The Plumbers went through most of the same events as their canon equivalent as depicted in the original series and the first two seasons of Alien Force.

After Ben defeated Vilgax in Secret of the Omnitrix, the intergalactic and Earth branches of the Plumbers officially merged into one.

Known Plumbers

Honorary Members

  • Camille Mann-Tennyson
  • Xylene

Former Members


Casey-Kelly Accords

The Casey-Kelly Accords are a galactic legislation that are responsible for the ratification of the 'Galactic Code of Conduct'. The Code of Conduct, among other things, recognizes the authority of the Plumbers as the only law enforcement agency recognized by all signatories of the Milky Way Treaty.


  • In Protector of the Omniverse, Plumber badges resemble the Omniverse Omnitrix's faceplate, but they are circular and the green is replaced with red.
  • The Earth Plumbers preventing the leakage of classified information during Richard Nixon's presidency is a reference to the real-life White House Plumbers, which also inspired the name of the Plumbers in the canon Ben 10 franchise.
  • Plumbers built garbage trucks, station wagons, and a riding lawnmower with weapons and gadgets like the Rust Bucket.
  • There are Plumbers who don't battle or arrest; some of them are teachers, scientists, or technicians working to promote the public well being.
  • The Incurseans and most of the Anur System do not recognize the authority of the Plumbers.
  • The Plumbers are only allowed to arrest humans if they break interplanetary or intergalactic law. If a human breaks a law exclusive to Earth, they must be handed over to the local authorities.
  • The Plumbers' equivalent of Human Resources is called 'Inhuman Resources'.
  • Plumbers have the authority to take other Plumbers into custody.
  • Despite being a trusted advisor to the Plumbers, Azmuth had no authority over them.
  • The Plumbers work for intergalactic judges such as Judge Domstol.
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