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The Plumbers are an intergalactic police force on Earth-19. They are headquarted at the Plumbers' Galactic-Command, but they also have Plumbers' Sub-Command, the Plumbers' Academy, many bases on Earth and other planets, and many prisons including Incarcecon.


Ranks are listed from highest to lowest. There be as many people at one position unless otherwise designated. Sub-positions are only listed if they have known characters with said positions. The ranks are based on military ranks, but the order has been changed.

  • Magister (24)
  • Asst. Magister (15)
  • Master Admiral (2)
  • Admiral (30)
  • Master Lieutenant (3)
  • Lieutenant (40)
  • Commander (50)
  • Sergeant (100)
  • 1st Officer (200)
  • 2nd Officer (500)
  • 3rd Officer (1000)
  • Captain
  • Recruit
    • SPECOPS Recruit

Known and Important Members

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