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Plumbers: The Movie is a upcoming movie based on the series Plumbers. It will probably premiere in September, and is currently being written.


After Kulta didn't pay the bills, the base is being closed down. When everyone takes spaceships back home, Peixes, Cibus, Sartan, Ledus, Decibel, Retrecir, Sakana and Thirio crash on Selva. When an asteroid hits the spaceship . They discover they are on the Espinan part of Selva, and are attacked by evil Espinan warriors. They meet a new character named Plante Rocher, who will guide them through the forests of Selva, to find a ancient temple that can help them get off the planet.


Coming soon...

If you want a sneak peek at the epic movie, go on chat and I will give you a sneak peek if I am there.