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Prisonor 775's Return

This is the second episode of Ben 10: Superverse season 1

Air Date[]

March 3, 2012


This episode starts off with a plumber sneaking into a dark room where Prisoner 775 is inside a tube. He breaks it open and sets Prisoner 775 free breaks out of the base with him. The screen then jumps to Ben drinking a smoothie while Kevin and Gwen drive away. Just then Prisoner 775 comes to Earth with Plumber 390 surprisingly to defeat Ben but Rook protects him. Prisoner 775 turns invisible and grabs Ben and then pulls him away while Rook is fighting Plumber 390. Ben dials up an alien but get knocked out and set against a wall. Prisoner 775 then sneaks up behind Rook with a plan and knocks him out too and they both go up to Ben and take him into Plumber 390's ship and fly into space. Rook wakes up and jetpacks towards them. He breaks into the ship and fights Prisoner 775 and Plumber 390. Ben wakes up and is still dizzy and walks over to Rook to help him but can't make it so he lays down. Just then another plumber's ship comes and a plumber named Fizzigar comes out and boards Plumber 390's ship. He arrests Plumber 390 and Prisoner 775 sneaks off but Ben notcies him. He gets up and turns into Wildmutt and follows him. He bites Prisoner 775 and throws him against the wall and turns into Shocksquatch to fight him. He shocks Prisoner 775 to death and he falls out of the ship. Plumber Fizzigar takes Plumber 390 to jail and thanks Ben and Rook and flies away.



  • Plumber 390
  • Prisoner 775

Aliens Used[]


  • Prisonor 775 returns since Ultimate Alien.
  • Prisoner 775 dies in this episode.
  • Ben turns into Shocksqautch for the first time.
  • This episode's information was released on February 28, 2012.
  • Wildmutt makes his first re-appaerence since Ultimate Alien.
  • Gwen and Kevin make their first appearences since Ultimate Alien.

Next Episode[]

Fear of a Monkey

Previous Episode[]

The Super Beginning