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Kungrate Fudo

Protection Granted

You may want to harm this alien.
This alien is protected by Kungrate Fudo. Come near this alien and KF will make you the alien's slave for 100 bajillion months. HOO-HA!

Platypus Omega Scree
Platypus Omega Scree
General Information
Species Duckbilled Yeer Screamer
Home World Zoehnoidd
Body Platypus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Platypus Scree-ing
First Appearance WHAHGNSFH

Platypus Omega Scree is a Duckbilled Yeer Screamer from the planet Zoehnoidd in no series. You can use him if you use Omega Scree.


Platypus Omega Scree looks like his devolved form with a platypus head, mouth, and tail.


  • Sonic chitters
  • Yelling "PLOTEGPA SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE" to annoy people
  • Shooting a brown confusion beam from his mouth
  • Shooting a blue beam to turn anything into a platypus from his mouth
  • Controlling platypi
  • Attacking with his tail
  • Sonic chitters can summon platypi


Still "omegle scream." But it has to be louder. And he can get cured if a platypus chitters.