Chris X Plasma
General Information
Species Enerjieron
Home World Enerjyne
DNA source TBA
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Energy Emission
Energy Construction
Fourth Wall Awareness
Equipment None
Voice Actor Will Friedle

 Plasma is an Enerjiron from the planet Enerjyne in Chris X: The Series.


He has a humanoid shape with a long neck. He has a silver mask with 5 holes for him to breathe. He has a black body with blue energy releasing from it. He is about 7 feet tall and has two blue circles for eyes. He has markings on his face that are from his energy.


When Chris turns into Plasma, his personality changes a bit. Plasma is a wild dude and has an unexpecting personality. He makes many jokes and thinks of himself as funny, even though others just think of him as annoying.

Powers and Abilities

Plasma has a variety of abilities. He can fly, albeit not that fast. He can also emit energy from his body, using it in a variety of ways. He can construct the energy he makes to any shape he wants it to be. He is very durable and can absorb energy. He also knows that he is just a character in a series that is based on his creator's imagination (AKA Fourth Wall Awareness).


Plasma's consecutive talking is a weakness as enemies could easily take a shot at him and he hurt him. He is also very weak to devices and aliens that could absorb energy. He also has pretty short-term memory, which could be a critical aspect during battle.



  • Plasma is based on Deadpool, and he is also aware of that.
  • Plasma loves lizards, long walks on the beach, and seeing the annihilation of certain stuff just because he feels like it.
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